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i wish we had a shot of the very second james's face breaks to match thomas's desperate little laugh. like.... that approach to thomas james holds himself so tight and he's unbalanced and he gets close but then waits for thomas. and even from behind u see his shoulders drop a bit when thomas laughs and then they go for the hug at the same time . ... but GOD. he's crying when it shows his face on thomas's shoulder but. can u imagine... the actual. moment. that he lets go

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Are there any shows/comics/etc. you can recommend besides the ones you have fanart of on you blog (Danny Phantom, Blood Blockade Battlefront, Teen Titans, Ben 10 etc)? Something like Gravity Falls, Steven Universe, Homestuck or Hetalia.

These are the ones that I can rewatch 500 times and never get tired of it (no specific order) Some may be anime because those really impacted me as a person;;; These are all I can remem at the moment aha.


  • Generator Rex (cartoon)
  • Secret Saturdays (cartoon)
  • American dragon: Jake long
  • Martin Mystery
  • Storm Hawks
  • Static shock
  • ATLA 
  • TMNT 2003


  • Seirei no Moribito 
  • The Ancient Magnus Bride ** Read Manga too**
  • 12 Kingdoms 
  • Kamichu!
  • Natsume book of friends 
  • The Beast Player Erin
  • Space Brothers
  • My hero Academia
  • One punch man

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Leela oh my god I know you're taking a small break and I hope your birthday was amazing but if there's any chance you watched dan's live show CAN YOU PLEASE TALK ABOUT IT???? I FEEL LIKE SO MUCH HAPPENED

yes i did, yes i can, and holy shit i’m WITH YOU. this live show was so substantively different from dan’s usual, i was just sort of sitting there clutching my face and cooing every five minutes and genuinely laughing out loud. here’s the thing.. dan is very dominated by his perfectionist tendencies and his fear of criticism and rejection–that means that he is constantly aware of who is watching him, how they might be perceiving him, and the possible re-interpretations or decontextualization of his actions and words. we’ve discussed to death that the past month has been about dan and phil relaxing their on-camera boundaries and ~personas~ a bit. for dan and phil collaborations that has meant more openly fond moments, more eye contact (lol @ dan calling that out by name today), more physical touching, more domestic anecdotes and palpable love. for phil individually we’ve noticed that the lowered boundaries have translated into a more confident, cheeky, mature, and somewhat dominant role in their videos. he’s been super aware of his innuendos. he’s openly been teasing and mocking dan in the same way dan has been doing to him for years in their collabs. he’s been altogether captivating. 

i think this live show demonstrates beautifully what can happen when dan lets down his own individual boundaries, the ones that aren’t related to phil at all:

1. he expressed opinions, and not only that, he expressed them loudly, passionately, with flailing and choked up expressions and with little regard for whether the subject matter would be too niche for his audience. i loved when he was talking about star wars and his obsession w anakin and he literally snorted. i loved when he was talking about pokemon and he could’ve ended it at like one minute but he kept going for nearly five and by the end i legit thought he was close to tears bc of how emotional the characters make him. i loved that he was so unabashed in his opinions on the walking dead and sassed out the blogger whose think piece he read (“you think you have a career lol”) bc it was savage and a bit rude but most importantly it was unfiltered, honest dan. i loved that he talked about kanye and was open about his confusions as a kanye stan because same. he didn’t try to turn it into a joke about ~branding~ or any dumb cop out like that, he honestly voiced his feelings about kanye’s role and the apparently stark shift in personality that he’s undergone in the past couple of years. in short, he was open about so much. he freely voiced so many genuine opinions without pausing to think about whether they were perfectly phrased or mainstream enough. 

2. his physical boundaries were lower, which sounds weird but hear me out. it’s like,,,, a thing to me that dan firstly felt comfortable doing the live show in the lounge rather than his bedroom and, secondly, felt comfortable enough midway through to start lounging on his side and show us various other angles of the lounge-at one point turning it to show the tree and pausing on the bookshelf and the mantle while he went. idk, something that has characterized dan so intensely for me this year is that even though live shows are very chill overall and fun and relaxed (esp. in comparison to videos), for him they have still been kind of restricted in a way that they weren’t always in years past. before 2015 he used to be okay changing up location every now and then, he was fine if phil passed through the shot, he sometimes even switched locations halfway through and walked from bedroom to office or bedroom to kitchen to lounge. he didn’t care too much about laying on his side on his bed or the sofa. i think in the past year to two years he settled on a quite rigid layout/formula for live shows that he didn’t really switch up too much, so seeing him okay with a different backdrop, feeling comfortable to recline and get really close to the camera at various points (wtf was that mandela effect rant like, my god) just made me so happy. it’s just… so different from his usual. 

3. he let slip a few personal details that maybe he wouldn’t’ve done ordinarily. i think the best one was that gamingmas has been “just what he needed.” because. let’s just think about that. it was phil’s idea to do gamingmas. for a while a lot of us were afraid that dan felt resentful that he had so much extra work from these daily uploads and that there may be tension brewing bc of that. but something that hasn’t been addressed enough is dan’s tendency to overthink and overstress for dinof, mixed with his tendency to go into existential crisis when one of their big projects ends. at this point, all of their big projects have ended and to me it seems very likely that phil knew dan would need something time-consuming but fun to keep his mind off of the emptiness of the tour and books being over. and dan acknowledged this. he said these silly, dorky videos have been just what he needed and i take that to mean that hanging out with phil, being more of themselves than ever before, and laughing every single day together, has been exactly what he needed. i wanted to cry honestly, because i took that little mention as an expression of gratitude for phil and how well he knows dan, how happy he makes him. dan also casually mentioned buying a new piano next year which… makes it seem like they could be moving…. to be honest. and so did the hesitance to commit to travel plans. and i think in explicitly stating there are “no career goals” for 2017, he left the field wide open for personal goals and personal growth as opposed to professional, and that is the most exciting fucking thing he could’ve said. 

the live show made me so excited for next year. i’m so so excited to see more of this relaxed dan, more happy and mature phil, more of the love they share being conveyed so clearly in their content. i’m so happy that dan’s so excited too. dan was so lovely today and so open with us and i’m just ,,, so emotional that he feels this comfortable. we’re so lucky to have him honestly. 

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This was one of the best shows I wasn't even there for lol. The livestream was amazing and the whole show seemed like such a blast, I'm so happy for you!! Harry seemed larger than life and also super silly and goofy at the same time, which is why he's the best 😋

Yeah a friend told me the same thing last night!! I obvs wasn’t at the other ones but I def watched through livestreams and last night’s crowd was so hype it was amazing! I honestly still can’t process the fact that I was there even tho I’ve rewatched my videos like 500 times lmao. When the curtain fell this girl standing next to me looked at me and was like “HOLY SHIT HE’S REAL” qijdks and I was like MOOD. He’s honestly such an amazing performer, he blew me away and succeeded every fucking expectation. Standing in the rain, waiting for 14 hours, sitting in the ground till u could feel your ass asking for a break…it was all so fucking worth it, I would do it again no questions asked 💛