rewatched tonight

  • viktor: i bought us matching silver rings yuuri!!
  • yuuri: wow that's so sweet!
  • viktor: i melted down the pole you danced on during the banquet and made them
  • yuuri:
  • viktor: let me explain-

Guys, yes, Jaime is being (to candidly quote Tyrion) a “fucking idiot” of late HOWEVER

The showrunners seem to be doing a really interesting thing this season of drawing our focus to certain characters reactions and response to situations that are triggering to them - highlighting their previous traumas. 

In 7x02 we had Theon and Yara being attacked by Euron, and the camera panning between Theon and men being mutilated and tortured - and then it focussed on Theon again, with Theon making the (seemingly rash) decision to run and fling himself off the boat. The focus on mutilation was to remind us that Theon is still suffering from PTSD due to his experiences as “Reek”. 

In 7x04, they did a similar thing with Jaime. The camera panned around to show Jaime surrounded by fire, zooming in on Jaime’s horrified expression, then panning back to showing men burning alive, men turning to ash. The camera then panned to Jaime physically shaking and rushing forwards towards Drogon with a lance, trying to kill the dragon responsible for this. 

Just as how Theon’s scene was not done accidentally, the decision to show Jaime so affected by this was not accidental either. Just as Theon’s decision to fling himself overboard seemed rash but wasn’t when you think about it, so was Jaime’s decision to run at Drogon with a lance. 

Jaime became “the Kingslayer” because he killed Aerys - a King who ordered Jaime to burn the entire city down, and kill every inhabitant of King’s Landing. Jaime had seen Aerys burn men, women, children alive. To Jaime, fire=cruelty. (Yes, I’m aware that this means his decision to still be with Cersei at this point is hugely flawed, but hey, I’m not defending that decision. That just is downright stupid and the showrunners - as per - are not being consistent there in the slightest.)

In his essence, Jaime is a knight who wants to defend people, and Brienne helped him on this huge arc of re-realising that that truly is who he not only can be, but who he is. So yeah, charging at a full grown fire-breathing dragon seems like the action of a “fucking idiot”. But Jaime’s reaction to situations is not to flee. It’s to fight. Add in his past experiences with fire, and the way the camera moved around him in that scene, and we shouldn’t actually be surprised that that was his reaction. 


“If I’m King, where’s my power? Can I form a government? Can I levy a tax, declare a war? No! And yet I am the seat of all authority. Why? Because the nation believes that when I speak, I speak for them. But I can’t speak.”

You know what keeps killing me?

Growing up watching Aaron, who he used to be and how difficult his life has been, it was difficult to think he’d want or enjoy being a husband and being married. He was always so dismissive of the idea and obviously we all knew why - his internalised homophobia, his lack of belief in love, the hurt he’d experienced before, seeing his family being terrible at love…

But when he found Robert, it was like that was it. Robert was his person despite all the crap they did to each other. He realised he could fall in love and pretty quickly too but I still didn’t really think he’d ever want to be someone’s husband

Then watching them properly and reasonably stably fall in love and gradually develop into sharing this insane connection and love for each other, making them both better people and so much happier than we’ve ever seen them… well, that changed him and I couldn’t believe that HE clearly was thinking about marriage before Robert!

Then we had the engagement and I still sometimes thought it’d be weird seeing Aaron Dingle as a husband until we started to see him talk about he wedding and his excitement over Vegas. He was clearly keen - they both were - but there was this part of him you could start to see that needed that clarity and commitment.

Then this week happened. At no point did Aaron saying the word “husband” feel weird and it was because the enormous smile is caused every single time, even today during what is possibly one of the hardest days of his life. You can see he cherishes that commitment and the promise they have with each other. It obviously brings him a lot of comfort and happiness and that’s why it hurts so badly.

Aaron never ever felt like someone who would wish for a husband or be into all of that but you can see how much of his actual desires he buried all these years. It took meeting the person he found that connection with to turn it all into something so significant, so comforting and so important to him that the mere presence of his wedding ring and the word ‘husband’ calms him and makes him so happy.

That’s why this all hurts so much because never has Aaron ever EVER seemed more settled and comfortable and at ease with himself.


How come I never realized Jjong played “Beautiful Tonight” for us on his One Fine Day self cam TWO YEARS before releasing it as a bonus song on his first solo album Base???

we literally know nothing yet, but what if that part in the teaser where that wax figurine (or whatever that was) is burning, is from a flashback scene of shaolin’s past? i mean, we know that losing his record collection in part 1 wasn’t the first time a fire stole something (or someone?) important to him … because in episode three of part 1 he tells zeke that that fire brought back some memories “some bad ones”