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I really wanted to try these on since I saw simsimi’s amazing Adidas top ts3 version!! (here) unfortunately, I only have sims4 =( , so I made it for myself !!! zipper could be squashed if your sim’s breasts are big  (if it’s squashed, simply just reduce breasts’ size) 

skirt (xx) by marigold

15 swatches

  1. do not re upload other sites.
  2. do not re-edit include Mesh without my permission.
  3. Feel free to recolor without mesh included.

I made leggings for this jersey (xx)


Look 1.

hair @leahlillith
choker @pralinesims
bodysuit&jeans @tajsiwel
shoes @theslyd
hair @adedarma
top @serenity-cc
jeans @tajsiwel
shoes @xscapesims

Look 2.

hair&bangs @blahberry-pancake
choker @pralinesims
top @spectacledchic-sims4
jeans @elliesimple
shoes @citrontart
hair @adedarma
choker by Salem_C
top @hallowsimss 
jeans @citrontart
shoes @theslyd

Look 3.

hair @hallowsimss
shirt dress @sentate
shoes @madlensims
hair @blahberry-pancake
dress @serenity-cc
shoes @madlensims

S4- 80′s style (inspired) high waisted jeans 

Hi everyone!

I have done something completely different today that I have never done before and it’s truly unique from all my other creations made another pair of jeans for you to download - you know you need them! These jeans are really high waisted and have that 80′s style wash effect. 

  • 30 colors (including black, gray, red and some greens)
  • CAS thumbnail
  • Handdrawn textures by me

Enjoy! Use #cleotopia in your pictures to tag me! :)



Science now performs miracles like the Gods of old. Creating life from blood cells, or bacteria, or a spark of metal. But they’re perfect creatures. And in that way, they couldn’t be less human. There are things machines will never do. They can not possess faith. They can not commune with God. They cannot appreciate beauty. They cannot create art. If they ever learn these things, they won’t have to destroy us. They’ll be us

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Happy Simming! xx

I just realized I passed the 1 year mark! And at a whopping 68,654 words! It’s been a long one, and I’m so grateful to everyone who has reviewed and let me know they are enjoying it. Every time I go back and reread it to get my head into the flow I’m pretty astounded at how much better the writing gets. That first chapter continues to be a source of contention for me and I hope to go back and fix it.

I realize the last 2 chapters moved away from style (which I am also anxious to return to) and have turned to the overarching plot. Yes, I know. Tweek’s chapters are not just gratuitous attempts to shove weird ships at you, though to be fair I didn’t expect them planning the story. But they came up, plugged (heh) some plot holes (heh) I was going to have to deal with later, and grew a life if their own. Regardless Stan and Kyle are endgame and I thank you for those who have offered support!

Anyways, thank you guys for everything, with an extra thanks to @ceranovis and @skyheartstar13 for being so supportive. And @pervertcinnamonroll for yelling at ppl to read it bc I can only do it so many time before I get annoying. ILU!!

If you had told me 2 years ago that the big thing I would set my sights on finishing was an Omegaverse South Park High Fantasy AU I would have laughed at you. Now I’m crying because I’m not even not at the halfway mark.

Also please when you read the last chapter let me know what you think because stuff is happening and the Tweek chapters haven’t gotten a lot of feedback and my creative drive is completely fueled by other people’s validation.

you can read it here if you are interested

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