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This is a zero-sum game. Calculate all the outcomes.
If you don’t pull off this ridiculous miracle and odds are, you won’t,
you die, and so does Shayla. That much we know.
But assume for a second that you do pull this off, bust Vera out of prison.
Who’s to say he doesn’t kill you, Shayla, Darlene?
It would be in his own best interest to do that.
Either way, you all end up dead. It’s the only way Vera wins.
Zero-sum, Elliot.”


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I sometimes watch you on your webcam. You cry sometimes… just like me.
Because you’re lonely.
I don’t just hack you, Krista. I hack everyone… my friends, coworkers.
But I’ve helped a lot of people.
I want… a way out of loneliness… just like you.”


I’ll just throw this out there bc I just can’t get this thought outta my head. 

I’ve been rewatching S01, and in episode 3, we learned how big the Ghost River Triangle is, and other places in it that revenants could roam around to, including this city…

“…it cuts through the big city, contains thousands of square miles of forests, foothills, prairie, the Badlands. And all of it… cursed.”

So, if the Triangle covers the area including the big city, I’m wondering if there’s a chance that there are revenants out there, posing as a company employee, a cab driver, or whatever. We all know that once the Earp heir dies, revenants resurrect IN Purgatory, but that doesn’t mean they can’t leave the town. It’s all good so long as they stay within the Triangle, and the city here is inside the Triangle. I’m thinking that there are revenants who just want to go on with their lives, hide from the heir, and avoid being killed (like Earl from 2x02).

Now, IF, just if, this big city, that’s inside the Triangle, is the same as the city where Nicole is from (based on her talk w/ Nedley in 2x03), this leads me to the idea/theory that Nicole could possibly be the human-revenant hybrid.

I originally theorized that Waverly is the hybrid, but, idk, this whole ‘Nicole could be the hybrid’ thought just wouldn’t leave me, especially when :

  • I’m still not completely convinced that Bobo is Waverly’s dad (we do know why he never actually tried to harm her tho)
  • we haven’t seen Nicole’s back story yet
  • and the interview of Kat, wherein they were asked which moment in S2 surprised them the most. Her answer was:

The comment from Kat could be about anything, but I think being a revenant is the most shocking thing that could happen to her character. 

I’ll admit tho, I think the ‘Waverly could be the hybrid’ theory is more plausible, and it’s actually what I wanna happen, bc I want Nicole to remain human. I want her to be that kind of character who’s not supernatural and doesn’t really have any super powers, but still cool and badass, not to mention she’s super smart.

This whole theory is far-fetched, and I know I’m over thinking, but I just try to think of all possible, crazy scenarios so I don’t get too mind fucked when something happens in the next 4 eps. But, who am I kidding? I’m sure Emily Andras will find a way to shock us senseless no matter what we expect. It’s scary.

Anyway, I’m sorry for wasting your time with this idea. Bye.


Legend of the Seeker Rewatch  ↯  Puppeteer {s01.e09.Jan.17th.2009}
‘’Darken Rahl is sending a message. 4 words. I will find you’’

Ao No Exorcist

Half way watching S02 Ao No Exorcist p, and now I know why people talked S02 is much more better that S01. Seriously I can’t remember the ending of S01. Rewatching S01 till episode 17 and jump into S02 without finishing S01, cause can’t wait to see what the hype on S02. Totally worth it! Okumura Rin, you officially are one of my favorite anime’s character! Wohooo. I got like 5 more episodes for S02. The gif below is one of my favorite scene in S02. My deserted soul is screaming.

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Every day,” he said, “we change the world,” which is a nice thought
until I think about how many days and lifetimes I would need
to bring a shoe full of sand home until there is no beach,
until it made a difference to anyone.
Every day, we change the world, but to change the world in a way that means anything,
that takes more time than most people have. It never happens all at once.
It’s slow. It’s methodical. It’s exhausting.
We don’t all have the stomach for it.