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Hii! I'm rewatching S01 and there's this scene at a busstop called "Briskeby" and i was wondering if you know if this has something to do with the Balloons Squad's youtube name?

Briskeby is a place in Oslo, and it’s where Elias and Sana live :)


Mr. Robot rewatcheps1.4_3xpl0its.wmv

Every day,” he said, “we change the world,” which is a nice thought
until I think about how many days and lifetimes I would need
to bring a shoe full of sand home until there is no beach,
until it made a difference to anyone.
Every day, we change the world, but to change the world in a way that means anything,
that takes more time than most people have. It never happens all at once.
It’s slow. It’s methodical. It’s exhausting.
We don’t all have the stomach for it.


Legend of the Seeker Rewatch  ↯  Puppeteer {s01.e09.Jan.17th.2009}
‘’Darken Rahl is sending a message. 4 words. I will find you’’