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when i fell in love with each vm member
  • scanlan: and i go invisible??!??!?
  • keyleth: oh hillohh
  • vex: i'll take on this bear
  • vax: i would like to buy every dwarf in here a round!
  • grog: my money's on ballsack
  • percy: we're making comment cards. i cannot stress the importance of this enough
  • tiberius: i'm tiberius kraghammer
  • pike: hey guys! it's me, pike!
  • tary: doty, take this down

Ellen Sings Womanizer in the Bathroom with Fall Out Boy!

So this is old. But it’s also great and it would a crying shame to not share it with you guys.


I’m a little late to the party, but I loved Mark’s Outlast 2 play-thru and no one requested anything so here you go. Hopefully I will be able to post more stuff more regularly now that school is done. I’ve got quite a few markiplier videos to go through too so there will be more like this soon. Im warning you though, I’m a little out of practice haha


Jasper & Monty | You Are A Memory

“Every memory I have, there’s Jasper.”

Oh my god I am watching the cockles panel because it finally downloaded (and now I can make screencaps for edits and gifs yay!) and Jensen is so t h i r s t y it is ridiculous. Like, Misha has been trying to tell the same story for 3 minutes and every time Jensen interjects with doing a. this thing with his tongue or b. making a dick joke.

The Love Affair episode rewatch + trashy commentary

Illya waits at the airport for a Dr Margaret Armindell, who is rushed off the plane after having a heart attack. The stewardess is so overcome by Illya’s adorableness that she lets him walk off with Dr Armindell’s stuff, but who can blame her, really.

Agent Sarah Johnson is sent to investigate the revivalist Brother Love based on a card found in Dr Armindell’s purse, and Napoleon is sent to cover her. Napoleon cheerfully hijacks Sarah’s assignment once he sees a pretty girl sitting in Dr Armindell’s seat. Sarah makes her feelings about this known with Illya-worthy levels of passive-aggressiveness. I bet Sarah and Illya get along.

Napoleon instructs Sarah to run a background check on the seat-hijacker.
“I’ll have it in about two hours,” says Sarah. “Can you keep her interested that long?” she adds snidely. Somewhere, Illya is giggling.

Mr. Waverly directs Napoleon to head to Brother Love’s next destination, to “do something you do rather well - create a fuss!” Illya is terribly amused by this.

Napoleon is less amused. He’d rather stay home and have Illya soothe his poor aching head. *pets him*

Napoleon: Pretty expensive party, I’d say.
Illya: Suddenly, I feel very Russian.
Napoleon: That’s just your proletarian blood.
Illya: Well, there’s no difference between those people and me.
Napoleon: That depends on whether you’re speaking physically, financially or psychologically.
Illya: And what makes you so superior? You don’t rate exactly yourself with Dun and Bradstreet.
Napoleon: Yes, but I have that decadent air of elegance.
Illya: ……….

Illya: Well, let’s not keep the blue-bloods waiting.
Napoleon: Alright, if I’m not out in half an hour, start a revolution.
Illya: *bloodthirsty grin* That would be a pleasure.

Ahaha, oh my god, these two idiots are so adorable.

Napoleon gets kidnapped by Brother Love. Illya follows them, but Brother Love spots his car and tosses a grenade out the window, and Illya crashes the car. 

“Bulls-eye,” gloats Brother Love. Poor Napoleon is devastated. :(

There’s some interim plot of Napoleon rescuing the innocent and the scientist who’s been forced to work for Brother Love, and using the explosives hidden in his heel to burn off the ropes that he’s been bound with (and also burning his wrists in the process, poor bby!). Oh, and he also cheerfully kills Brother Love for hurting his Illya

But mainly I am shallow and am just enjoying watching Napoleon walking around sans suit.

But let’s face it, the only thing that really makes this episode worth watching is the sheer joy on Napoleon’s face…

…when he sees Illya waiting for him at the airport, very much alive and (mostly) well.

I mean, we all know why this episode is called ‘The Love Affair’, and it has nothing to do with the weird creepy cult.