rewatch & rewatch

have started my critical role rewatch! so here are my thoughts on episode 1. in general, there will be spoilers for the whole campaign in these posts.

i’m watching on alpha for two reasons: one, i have it so i was curious what it was like, and two, dear god, i don’t have to see the chat anymore. like i love you guys but why the hell did you show the chat on the screen for so long. good god. also now i don’t have to fast-forward through the break. all in all, a good experience.

anyway, it’s very interesting what character traits are evident from the first episode, and what things are totally different. some things that stand out:

  • vex haggles right from the start (like, within the first twenty minutes)
  • keyleth gets a 2 on a persuasion roll
  • “how about we pose as brother and sister, creepy?” :’) vex is already ragging on vax
  • trinket. just. trinket. lmao everything until they get the necklace is so fucking hilarious. i can’t believe they spent SO MUCH TIME without it
  • and keyleth turns into a bear to take trinket’s place which i totally forgot about, this whole fight is fantastic
  • “He is drunk, you are offering him ale, and he’s been laughing at a bear for two minutes. Make a persuasion check with advantage.”
  • the comment cards, oh my god.
  • “My name is Tiberius Kraghammer.” 😂😂😂
  • scanlan turning invisible and sneaking into the greyspine house for no real reason is just hysterical (travis suggests that he poop in there, which is hilarious given it is not a thing yet)
  • oh my god i forgot not everyone has an earring
  • “My name is Percival Fredrickstein Von Musel Klossowski de Rolo III–” everyone, chorusing: “You can call him Percy.”
  • “Fellows. I don’t like goblins. I don’t. Like. Goblins. They all die. Don’t spare any of them.”
  • like the fact that this is the only time goblins show up and it is the establishing moment in scanlan’s backstory im just 😭
  • BAD NEEEEEWS tbh i think this moment might have been what completely sold me on the show, like the fact that there was a guy with a goddamn sniper rifle was just too cool to pass up
  • ALSO, THE HAND-DRAWN MAPS!!! i love the maps they have today, but there’s something so charming about these.
  • laura forgetting hunter’s mark and the chatroom reminding her :’)
  • the naga thing in the first episode is so creepy and honestly it’s just a precursor to all the weird shit this campaign has in store
  • “I turn into an eagle and……. I fly away.”
  • “Can I inspire myself?” “…Because you’re Scanlan, I’ll say yes.”
  • and then sam gets his first HDYWTDT!
  • which honestly is so poetic, if you think about it
  • “Just promise me you’ll tell Pike about this? Because it was really cool!

ah, man, just watching the first ep again reminds me of how hard i fell for this show. it was so easy for me to get invested in critical role, because it was obvious that the players had settled into their characters and their relationships were well established, so they all felt genuine. and then i watched the entire show (which was then 65 episodes) in the span of 3 weeks. this isn’t my first time rewatching it, because i have a Problem, but i’m really looking forward to seeing it all again from the start.