Also something else I didn’t realize my first time watching but now while re-watching it actually means something

When Yuuri learns his video has gone viral, they show a few reactions of different people watching the video (like that announcer guy, and Yurio, and of course Victor). One of the reactions was this shot, of someone looking at the video on his phone, laughing a cheerful “Yuuri!” 

And it’s Phichit

It’s so obvious now, but when I first watched this episode, I didn’t know who Phichit was. Anyone watching the first episode for the first time with no knowledge of other characters wouldn’t know Phichit. I may have seen his character info card thing, but I didn’t know he’d be such a close friend of Yuuri’s. I thought this character from the cap was just some random guy, a fan of Yuuri’s maybe (then the episode progressed and I totally forgot about this 2 second moment) but nope, it’s his old rink mate and best friend. This is definitely a show that you need to re-watch to catch little things like this. 

Up to this point we were always thinking that Yuri was living the dream right? Getting his idol to drop his career and be his coach just by dancing his program? and then getting engaged to said man??? i mean, GOALS right?

but now we know that Victor is the one actually living THE dream!! he ran off to a foreign country to the man he fell in love with, made him agree to be his coach and LIVE with him, and then he got that man to LIKE IT AND PUT A RING ON IT LIKE GODDAMN!! HE WENT THERE AND GOT HIS MAN!!! FOUR FOR YOU VICTOR NIKIFOROV!!