rewarding failure

This is the most Jack song ever, especially for Season 5. 

I see a mountain at my gates
I see it more and more each day
What I give, it takes away
Whether I go or when I stay


Through lanes and stone rows
Black granite, wind blows
Fire lake and far flame
Go now but come again
Dark clouds gather ‘round
Will I run or stand my ground?

Oh, when I come to climb
Show me the mountain so far behind
Yeah, it’s farther away
Its shadow gets smaller day after day

5 Times You Should Quit Working On Your Goal And Walk Away

Quitting doesn’t mean you’re a loser. In fact, it often takes incredible mental strength to walk away from a goal you’ve set for yourself. Here are five signs you should give yourself permission to quit working on your goal:

1. Your Goals Have Changed

2. The Process Doesn’t Align With Your Values

3. The Reward isn’t Worth It

4. You’ve Dug Yourself Into a Hole

5. The Risks Outweigh the Benefit

Giving up on today's goal could actually be a stepping stone to your future success. Here’s how to make the decision.

“I saw this bumper sticker in the parking lot of “The Morning Answer” today at KRLA 870 today. It demonstrates once again that America’s moral and educational system are completely bankrupt. Bernie Sanders is a self-professed democratic socialist who believes that we should be allowed one type of deodorant. Here is one of his followers driving a 2006 car that still sells used for nearly $20,000 depending on mileage.

We have been blessed in the United States to benefit from the system implemented by our forerunners. That system – capitalism – has brought us prosperity and wealth beyond the world’s imagining. Not redistribution of wealth. Not class warfare. Not leveling achievement and rewarding failure.

Only two types of people embrace Bernie Sanders in the United States: the never successful, and the children of people who benefitted from America’s non-socialist system. The latter grew up in privilege because of all the policies they reject. They’re like architects who marvel at ancient structures, then immediately begin chipping away at the foundations because they want to build new stories on top. They’re destined to implode the very system that gives them the freedom and luxury to be this stupid.”

-Ben Shapiro

The general lesson is that if some part of government fails in its function, it will most likely be given greater funding and power.  Of course, the purpose of this is not to reward failure; the thinking would be that more money and power will enable the agency to solve the problem.  But the effect is that government grows when social problems grow, and thus it is not in the government’s interests to solve society’s problems.
—  Michael Huemer, The Problem with Political Authority
What kinds of reward can failure offer us? Perhaps most obviously, failure allows us to escape the punishing norms that discipline behavior and manage human development with the goal of delivering us from unruly childhoods to orderly and predictable adulthoods. Failure preserves some of the wondrous anarchy of childhood and disturbs the supposedly clean boundaries between adults and children, winners and losers.
—  J. Halberstam, The Queer Art of Failure (3)

Birds of Prey sentence starters - episode 2
  • "It's hard for me to come here."
  • "I don't trust people."
  • "You don't have to come back unless you want to."
  • "I know you think that you can't trust anyone, but I'd like to help you. If you'd let me."
  • "All I wanted from him was revenge."
  • "Rely on no one but yourself."
  • "I'm talking about real money here."
  • "I don't reward failure."
  • "Calm down baby! Nobody has to lose any body parts here!"
  • "Quite a nice throw, actually."
  • "Greetings, super-friends!"
  • "Yeah, and I used to lie to you all the time. Only I was better at it."
  • "Emergencies in the baking world?"
  • "All my relationships come with an expiration date."
  • "You said I should dress better."
  • "There will be absolutely no use of superpowers to settle domestic disagreements."
  • "You think she could be evil?"
  • "Never turn away someone with the hunger to become what we are."
  • "That man was your role model, not mine."
  • "Great, a weird thing."
  • "I need some lung tissue."
  • "What's a weekend without some lung tissue?"
  • "Do you think it's possible that you might actually leave for your date anytime soon?"
  • "You don't want me here, do you?"
  • "Sounds to me like you spend way too much time on work."
  • "What about your heart?"
  • "I came here to be like you."
  • "I'm suddenly realizing I'm still worried."
  • "That's not bad work for an amateur."
  • "Don't fail me again."
  • "I'm just trying to contribute."
  • "What kind of idiot says no to 30 million dollars?"
  • "Mind if I get my clothes?"
  • "Do you have a better explanation?"
  • "Is there actually a worse one?"
  • "Is he still in there?"
  • "Aren't you worried that I might tell somebody?"
  • "They're familiar with tight situations."
  • "You're actually chasing the madness."
  • "Right now you're asking for more than I can give."
  • "You saved my life, and I'm grateful. But gratitude is not the same as trust."
  • "Trust is a gift."
  • "You were there for me when it mattered."
  • "I believe in you, whatever your name is."
  • "They taught me to be ashamed of what I was, never to tell anyone. To hide it."
  • "Being here with you, it's the only place I've ever felt at home in my entire life."
  • "Who has time for a real relationship anyway?"