How to Develop Willpower

1. Make a list of those situations where you find it really hard to have willpower.

2. Brainstorm for ways that you can start to feel more positive about demonstrating will power. For example, plan to reward yourself every time you do something you really didn’t want to do.

3. Break bigger, more challenging, tasks down into much smaller, and more achievable, tasks. Acknowledge each step in the right direction. Recognise that you’re making progress.

4. Decide to challenge any tendency towards procrastination. Decide that you can change if you take it slowly. Set daily, realistic goals for yourself. Decide to follow through with them – no matter what! If it helps, have someone you can be accountable to at the end of each day (or week).

5. Push yourself to keep taking the small steps. In time, making an effort will become a habit. Hang in there until it does.

6. Focus on the long term benefits of achieving your goal. Imagine what it will be like – how your life will be, and how you will feel when you reach your goal. Try to visualise it in detail.

Staying Motivated for Success

After the initial moment of realisation (realising that it is time for a money makeover) it is fairly easy to set the balls in motion for change. But something I think we often forget is to put into place some strategies that will help keep us motivated to continue the journey over the long haul.

This can be said for many facets of our life - starting a new diet, exercising, new study, quitting smoking - pretty much any big task we decide to take on that is going to require time, energy, a change in habits and an ongoing commitment. So I’ve conducted some “googling” to find ideas for staying motivated.

  1. Always start with SMART goals: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely goals. When you set yourself small, reachable goals, then see yourself achieving those goals, you will naturally feel motivated to continue.
  2. Reward yourself: When I have paid off our first debt (the credit card) I am going to reward our family with something special. A meal out or a night away - but first I will have the cash to pay for it, and not add the reward to my debt.
  3. Help motivate others: By helping others stay motivated with their goals, you in turn help keep yourself on track. Help your children, friends, family set effective goals and achieve their personal dreams - and you may help yourself achieve your own.
  4. Draw inspiration from the success of others: Read the success stories of those around you, especially when their success is similar to your own goals. The library is filled with books of ordinary men and women who have done extraordinary things.
  5. Create a vision board: This is an interesting one, and one I plan to write about in further detail at a later date. For some visual reminders are the best form of motivation.

We all have different ways to keep us motivated, pumped, driven. For some of us it is simply a matter of finding out what works best - and keeping at it. Be motivated to stay motivated.

Buy yourself a present today

Buy yourself a present today

You reward your staff. You reward your most loyal customers. Do you reward yourself? Exhibit 1 – My work notebook was a mess, my to-do list was unorganized, so I bought a new Moleskine and a new set of pens. Makes it more fun to write and be organized. Exhibit 2 – I’m not a morning person, but east coast humidity makes it necessary for me to get up before 6am to do my marathon training. If my…

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5 Podcasts You Should Start Listening To.

Are you tired of listening to the same playlists over and over again? Why not try something new and listen to a podcast for a change?  Podcasts are getting more and more popular and in contrast to what you may think  -  they are far from boring. Just download the episodes and you can listen to them whenever you want – while running, cleaning, cooking or on the commute!

There are a lot of great free Podcasts out there and for a start here are 5 recommendations:

1. Serial
If you have not heard about it yet, well know is the time. Serial tells the true story of a murder case from 1999 over the course of 12 episodes. Hae Min Lee got murdered and her ex-boyfriend was convicted for the crime. 14 years later the host of the podcasts is investigating the case to find out if he is really guilty or not. The investigation develops from episode to episode and it is highly addictive!

2. Freakonomics Podcasts
You may have heard about the book or the movie and don´t be frightened by the statistics and economics. The podcast continues where the book left of. It turns what you think you know about a topic on its head. With 5 million downloads per months one of the most popular podcasts out there.

3. Criminal
Each episode explores a different true crime story – from well known to almost unknown crimes. This is what you should listen to if you already went through the first season of Serial.

4. TED Radio Hour
We all know the great TED talks. NPR adapts the talks to a podcast format and explores the topic of a talk during one episode. Perfect if you want to get inspired but can´t watch a video clip – just listen to it. 

5. Mark Kermode and Simon Mayo’s Film Reviews
In this podcast Mark Kermode and Simon Mayo from BBC Radio 5 review the latest movies and are often joined by famous actors like the recent Oscar winners Eddie Redmayne, Julianne Moore or Meryl Streep.

So get started, download an episode and be entertained or learn something new!

Cheers, Your Motivation.

For more inspiration to explore something new in your free time click here.

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This Weight Loss Advice Will Help You Reach Your Goals

There are many things that go into weight loss. To start, you need goals such as a target weight you’d like to be. You will need to start monitoring calories and planning workouts. You can go about this in a variety of ways. Continue to read and you will learn the best methods.
When dieting and

Reward yourself

I think every once in awhile we need to reward ourselves for accomplishing a goal. It could be something small such as passing the quiz you studied for, being able to get to school everyday on time, continuing to go to the gym, and so on. Rewarding yourself usually motivates you to strive more and set up more goals for yourself to accomplish. I know that when I do good in something I thought I wouldnt I go buy myself a smoothie or maybe even take a trip to the mall to buy a new shirt. It doesn’t have to expensive just a little something different to show that I am prod of myself and I did a good job. 

Little things like that helps you enjoy life. So when is the last time you rewarding yourself? Maybe you should think of something you want to accomplish and give yourself a treat as you hard towards reaching your goals.