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A Peek Into the Future | L. H. | Part Three

Summary: You and Luke babysit your 6 month old and 9 year old nieces, and your 2 and 7 year old nephews.

A/N: Hope you guys are liking this. Please leave constructive criticism so I can make my writing better :) Thank you guys for reading and I love y’all! 

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Outside in the backyard you set up Scarlett with all of her toys around her bouncy chair. Usually she stays in their for about a half hour, so that will give you time with the other kids and Luke before bringing her in the water. The two oldest jump in right away, and Luke is helping Ethan by holding him on his back and walking down the stairs. You cant be more proud of him, you know he is nervous, but he’s doing such an amazing job being so gentle and kind with them.

You watch them all swim close to each other and you see your opportunity, so you strip out of your clothes to your black bikini and canon ball right by them splashing them. When you come up for air all the kids shout ‘HEY’ and Luke comes up beside you with Ethan, “You are so lucky I have a two year old on my back right now,” he whispers in your ear and you turn to smirk at him sticking out your tongue, “Oh we are gonna play it that way are we,” he smirk and walks over to where the inflatables are grabbing Ethan’s tube that he can sit in that doesn’t tip over and puts him in it, “Alright. Jacob…Ruby who wants to get (Y/N) back with me?”

Jacob yells, “PAYBACK!” 

Ruby grins, “Oh yeah,” and Ethan chants, “Get her, get her, get her!”

While Ruby and Jacob were distracting you by the constant splashing Luke tackled you under the water where he wrapped you up in his arms and gave you a gentle kiss on the lips which you couldn’t help but smile against his lips. Luke quickly resurfaced and spun you around in his arms so that your back is to his chest crossing your arms and grabbing your hands so that you cant move, “Alright guys I got her captured. What should we do?”

They all look around thinking and Jacob gets out of the pool to the chest of their toys grabbing water guns. You start to squirm in Luke’s arms, “Oh no you don’t love,” he says pressing his lips against your ear. You can’t help but laugh, “Luke stop that tickles,” he smirks against your ear, “I forgot to say you look absolutely beautiful in that bikini babe,” he bites your earlobe and then looks up at the kids, “Are the weapons ready?”

The kids jump back in the pool with their water guns and Luke laughs, “Ready…Aim…FIRE!” 

Luke hid behind you burying his face in drying hair. When both kids are out of water Luke finally lets go of you, and after about 15 min the kids are starting to get a little tired and hungry, “Ruby and Jacob why don’t you guys go take showers and put on some comfy clothes. We will watch a movie and have a picnic inside, yeah?”

The older kids head in and you grab Scarlett as Ethan continued to play in his tube with Luke. You hold Scarlett close as you go into the water with her to cool her off slightly before going inside. As Ethan plays with a noodle Luke swims over to you, “Thank you for being a good sport baby,” you smile, “Of course and I like being held captive by you,” you lean in and gently kiss his lips and Scarlett taps his cheek, “Awe looks like Scarlett wants some Luke love.”

Luke takes her and kisses her cheek making her giggle, “You are doing so well with them,” you say as you run you fingers though his flat wet hair, “I love you,” he blushes, “I love you too.”

You both decide its time to get out of the pool, and you both quickly give a bath to Ethan and Scarlett changing them into some comfy clothes. Luke helps the kids with a fort in the living room as you make some sandwiches in the kitchen. When you come back out Luke is snuggled up with Ruby and Jacob on each side of him and Ethan on his lap. You are kind of upset you don’t get to snuggle with Luke, but you are happy that your sisters kids are liking him so much. “Can I get a picture of you guys?” 

They all smile for you and you snap the picture, “Now for taking such a great picture you get rewarded with sandwiches!”

Everyone eats and when you are finished with yours you feed Scarlett a bottle again, and while you are feeding her you decide to post that picture of Luke and the kids to Instagram saying ‘Luke is going to make such a good daddy :)’. When Scarlett is done with her bottle you decide to lay her down for a nap. Holding her close to your body you cover both of you in a blanket, and before you know it you fall asleep with Scarlett in your arms.

Luke looks over at both of you and grins from ear to ear quickly taking out his phone, and takes a picture of you and Scarlett. When he was about to post it he noticed your post, and thats when Luke decided to caption it ‘But she’s going to make a better mommy :)’ 

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Because I cannot NOT write an open letter to Agents of Shield after what they did today.

Dear AoS writers,

You sneaky worms. You sneaky, sneaky worms.

Don’t you know that I have a real life? A real job? Real friends? Real flesh and blood people who are not scripted, fictional or Scottish. I have a life. I am trying to adult. And then you go and pull this stunt. 

Fitz and Simmons. Simmons and Fitz. FitzSimmons plastered all over the dash I have put off checking all day as some kind of promotional photo for a Nicholas Sparks novel. And you know what? I lost it. 

I screamed. I jumped. I clapped. I cried. I collapsed on the floor in front of my roommate’s door (a fellow AoS fan - though not as crazy as me). I dragged her into my room (while dancing and crying). Then I danced some more. 

And the worst part? I had to go back to doing work. I had to go back to real life and wanted nothing more than to be dragged down the rabbit hole and live in the sweet bliss of gifs and fan theories. 

Oh, you sly minxes. You lowered our expectations last year. You gave us angst on top of angst and rewarded us with a sandwich. A SANDWICH. 

Now I am not so naive to believe that all this happiness will not come at a cost. As we have discussed in this letter, I know you. I don’t trust you. You are the cafeteria lady handing me an oatmeal raisin cookie telling me it’s the last chocolate chip.  

So here I sit attempting to adult in the midst of trying to unravel your intentions. This is what you have made of me. So I’ll be here both blissfully happy and waiting for the other shoe to drop. Because FitzSimmons has a hell of a lot of shoes. 


A strung-out AoS fan