“I rode a very early ride yesterday with my Revolights. At about 6 am I stopped for some water and a number of the truck drivers came up to look at them. They were all talking about them over their radios and confirmed that they could see me very far away. One even comments "Anyone that says they do not see you is lying.” I love these lights and everyone is giving me extra room when I have them on.“ - Peter Kaleda

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Photo by @BLinscott


December #revosighting

This is such an honor, @rei is hooking us up with some serious signage and placement! It shows how much faith they have in our mission of making cycling safer by putting us center stage in all 137 stores.
It’s been quite a journey and we want to thank you all for the support and dealing with our growing pains from design revisions, the highs and lows of @kickstarter to hearing our story on @sharktankabc and countless other random things we’ve done. You all have played a huge part in making this little idea into a reality so thank you and we look forward to having you along for the ride for many years to come! Good night, safe ride.
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