revolve around the team just loving up on each other

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just.... both of them being dumb and sad and self loathing and thinking the other could never ever love them 0bc theyre not worthy or w/e while the avengers are like "these dumb fuckers omg"

Sure thing pal

I’ve Been Careless With a Delicate Man by Paraxdisepink

Steve lets SHIELD think he and Bucky were boyfriends so they’ll let him see the Winter Soldier in medical.

Rhythm to the Fray by hitlikehammers

It’s not a mark or a thread that distinguishes a soulmate; instead, it’s a physical sensation, a bio-resonant connection—a rhythm to your breath, a cadence in your blood, the echo of an extra pulse inside your chest that proves your heart’s not quite beating by itself, anymore; that it was always waiting for a matching set of notes to make a melody, and now it’s singing, now it’s soaring. Now you’re whole.

But when what you’ve got is a pair of tricky lungs, faulty blood, and a bum ticker, it doesn’t matter how strong your soul is: the harmony will barely rise above a whisper, the resonance will almost always strike too weak. So it’s no one’s fault, really, if a person misses the fact that his soulmate’s standing right in front of him.

It’s no one’s fault if it takes the better part of a century to finally see.

Slow Work by lorata

It’s 2011, men are allowed to marry, and Bucky is dead.
The future isn’t all that’s strange. Together in peacetime for the first time since before Steve took the serum, Steve and Bucky struggle to find their place – and each other – in the middle of a new millennium, new bodies, and new dynamics.
Or, just because you wake up in a century where everything you’ve repressed is magically okay, that doesn’t make it easy.

Took my Love, Took it Down by LaughsAtThunder

The problem, Bucky thinks now that he has most of his memories back, is that his whole entire world has always revolved around Steve Rogers. Steve has been always been half of Bucky’s identity. Bucky Barnes, Steve Roger’s best friend. Bucky Barnes, Steve Roger’s wing-man. Bucky Barnes, Steve Roger’s team-mate. And now, well, now Steve had other people to fill those positions. And of course, of course he’d always been a little bit in love with Steve. So when he overhears Steve telling Natasha that he’s finally found someone he’d like to date, someone with similar life experience, Bucky clings blindly to the hope that maybe, just maybe, Steve is talking about him.