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Andy Biersack from Black Veil Brides performing at Warped Tour 2013.
This guy, no doubt is one of the biggest style icons we currently have in the rock scene. I have been influenced myself by him, he made me want to buy a leather jacket and the open singlet (AKA side boob tank tops) and rip up my jeans.I also like the short hair he had in 2013 but then again I do really love the “Set the World on Fire” look from 2011. Mostly, I like how their style changes over time and with each album, it’s true because personal style will consistently evolve. Although I don’t listen to the band much anymore, I still love Biersack’s style and I think he’s a unique person and artist. 
Image sourced from Revolver Mag. 

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Without hesitation, his thumb jerked upward, clicking the safe-off before assertively pulling the trigger of a 6” barreled Colt Python .357 mag. revolver just over the skull of the fragile blonde female standing about three yards away from his shooting angle, the blast rebounded, pulsing through his eardrums. The drop of the corpse behind the woman was hard and damp, splattering all over the cement.  “ Miss! Are you okay? What’s your name? “ The man yelled in worry for the woman he had stumbled upon.

“ My name is Rick Grimes, I can help you. “ Assuring her in just the simple tone in his calming voice, just by the looks of him he had that aura, not of a madman but of someone who could help the cause when he was just a simple man trying to make it himself like her.

I can help. “

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