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hajime/utsutsu v_v;;;

the personification of a sunbeam enters a gloomy princess’s life and sets off a spark that allows said princess to find joy and comfort in life and in the people around her, what is there to say about that isn’t nice

i really love it. utsutsu and hajime’s relationship is one of the sweetest parts in a really sweet anime. i love Utsutsu blushing and trying to scrunch out of sight when Hajime sees her folding an origami frog. i love Hajime cutting up her skirt to make bows for Utsutsu. i love that in one of the very, very rare moments where Hajime was unsure and vunerable, it was Utsutsu who reached out to hold her hand. Hajime/Utsutsu. wow
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There are always problems to face after the end of something, and for Utsutsu, it’s figuring out how to balance what she has given with what she is asked to take.

~2,000 word Hajime/Utsutsu story based off this post. Kinda angsty on the surface but it’s happy at the core.

i think it’s deffo easier to find white dude characters that are relateable because their stories are given much more time, energy, and insight, and taken seriously both within and without their stories 

but you can’t frame this as somehow progressive. no one is making you stop caring about white dudes. hell plenty of us have white dudes we care about. it’s just that they are like. junk food. junk food that a lot of people are allergic to or can’t digest. in this metaphor the point is not to tell people it’s okay to eat dessert that not everyone can stomach, the point is that if you’re going to be having a huge public dessert buffet and you’re inviting a lot of gluten free or lactose intolerant people, maybe try providing more accessible desserts as like. the big ticket items on your platter. rather than feeling guilty and defensive about your cheesecake. or even if you don’t feel guilty about your cheesecake. we don’t give a shit if you eat cheesecake as long as we have a selection that isn’t “some shitty vegan cookies and a pint of lemon sorbet”

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I’ll say this here, because while I’m sure I told Vec, I can’t remember who else knows.

Vanpires is about transforming vehicle vampires that drink petrol. They have ‘clever’ names, like “Cardaver” and “Axle” - but the main baddy is called “Tracula”.

This always confused me, because it seemed much more in keeping with the car theme to go with “Truckula”, especially because the character is…well, a truck, that doesn’t have tracks.

Fast forward to a couple of years after we bought and watched the god awful first DVD, and I’m ruminating on why it’s Tracula and not Truckula, and suddenly it hits me like a truck(-ula).

While Dracula has Alucard, if they use Tracula, it means they can have Alucart, and keep the car theme.

And blow me down when I look on the wiki and it tells me that’s exactly what they do.

What a shitty show