revolutionaryjo replied to your post “How old r u? I love your jacket btw”

This information makes me feel less weird about being in TRC fandom and 34. Thank you. *clinks vodka aunt glasses with you*

I am here for you. Also, there are others. We should form a drinking circle to deal with these feelings.

Actually, 90% of my local friends (mid-twenties to early thirties) have read these books and THEY were the ones who made me read them in the first place. I was stubbornly being Not Interested until Lisa finally wore me down. Once I did read them I was just the one of us who took to the fandom like fat birds to phone lines. (Because I over-identify with Adam and Ronan to wild degrees.) But you know, the friends and I have parties where we drink and shout about these books  and they make me intervention banners. It’s a thing.

And in general most of my real life friends (as separated from people I only know over the internet) are mid-twenties to mid-thirties and also mainly fandom people to varying degrees at this point. Some of them lurk and some of them have stupidly successful podcasts, but we’re all in this hand basket together. I mean, it’s not like you get to a certain age and then just stop liking things. And for those of us who have grown with fandoms and made lasting friends in fandoms it feels natural for us to still be here. It was really weird joining this fandom and suddenly being asked how old I was. No one has ever asked that before. No one in any other fandom has ever cared. I understand why they ask, because this is the youngest skewing fandom I’m involved in by far, it’s just strange on this end.

But fandom is a self-selecting group, like how most of my friends are also queer. We just sort of gravitate to those with shared experiences and world views. I’m lucky any part of this fandom puts up with my nonsense honestly, and that goes double for my friends.


sixth day of a seven day binge: podfics that make me happy - for some reason

revolutionaryjos (x) podfic of wordstrings “A Thousand Threads of What-Might-Have-Beens“ does make me happy, the sort of tears-in-my-eyes-happy.
it is beautiful.
the calmly floating narration, the music. revolutionaryjo doesn`t do voices yet gives them perfect voices. she gets the simple line “three to five hours of sex” across as hours and hours of making love - not as “seven times a night at baker street”…
this podfic is like last wednesday to my ears.

So, as embarrassing as this might be to admit, since a few people I know in real life follow me on here, I have just discovered the joys of audio fanfiction and I really feel the need to fangirl like a bitch for a moment. It really is just fucking brilliant. Especially since, whoever revolutionaryjo is, she has an incredibly hot voice. If I could have her narrating all of my daily activities, I would be in a constant state of bliss, with the need for regular changes in underpants as an unfortunate side effect. Laundry/water bills and what not aside, I think the only other person I’ve ever wanted purely on voice alone is Alan Rickman and while my new infatuation does not quite reach his level of oh-dear-god-I-never-really-thought-multiply-orgasm’s-existed-and-certainly-not-from-what-is-basically-the-descriptions-of-mundane-tasks, her voice is still definitely something to sinfully enjoy. Anyway, I’ll stop waxing poetic. With my luck she’s probably fifteen and I’ll just end up never being able to live down the feeling of being an unintentional pedophile. 


Yeah, so, that’s all I got.  

GUYS! Promise I’m not tooting my own horn about the fic, but really, revolutionaryjo’s podfic of The Lodestar of My Life is MAJORLY excellent. Go give her kudos on AO3, and listen in if you can! It’s so, so well done. 

(Incidental music, guys. She uses incidental music and makes her own covers and everything. We Are Not Worthy.)

4 Minute Window (podfic)

Written by: Speranza | @cesperanza

Read by: @revolutionaryjoy

Rating: explicit

Content Note | Warning: surveillance, part 1 of the “4 Minute Window”-series

Additional pairings: Clint Barton/Natasha Romanov


“Look, if they catch me,” Bucky muttered, “they’re either going to kill me or they’re going to put me in a box with a little window and—Steve, I can’t.”

Written Work: 4 Minute Window

Podfic Post: [podfic] 4 Minute Window

Additional Comments: “4 Minute Window” is a fandom classic, easily one of the best known and well loved fics in Stucky fandom. It’s an amazing fic, incredibly well written and ingeniously plotted. (My flailing rec here.) The podfic does it more than just justice. RevolutionaryJo reads it with such honesty and emotion – there is always a bit of hesitancy in her voice; listening to the podfic it feels as if until the ending neither Steve nor Bucky can believe that they will really be together again. The music used in the podfic – Snow Patrol’s New York – is perfect. It adds another emotional dimension to an already incredibly touching fic and reading. I’ve listened to this podfic for literally months, and it never loses its impact. 

This podfic was suggested for archiving​ by several people. Thank you all! :)

I was tagged by @revolutionaryjo - here are 15 things which make me happy! In no particular order…

  1. Pretty much anything composed by Bach.
  2. Getting a comment on my fics. The excitement of seeing I have an email from AO3 has never gone away.
  3. Cuddling my goober cat.
  4. Cuddling my goober Boy.
  5. A toasted meatball sub.
  6. Ewan McGregor’s stupid beardy face.
  7. Having something I wrote make @agarthanguide go inarticulate. It’s fucking hilarious. Also awesome.
  8. Come to think of it, @agarthanguide‘s art. All of it.
  9. Frantic excited fandom flailing with y’all on the T.
  10. Higgins Beach in Scarborough, Maine.
  11. Goalkeepers. Especially this one.
  12. Cooking for friends and family.
  13. The satisfaction of finishing things.
  14. Dazzler sundaes from Haagen-Dazs.
  15. Literally any video of the New Zealand All-Blacks performing their Kapa O Pango haka. That one’s a doozy. (Seriously when I was in high school I watched this every morning to wake myself up.)

And I tag: @dyingsighs, @kenobrea, @crabsandlobsters, @baihu13, @crackedverbosity, @godoflaundrybaskets, @hippity-hoppity-brigade, @poisonouschicken, @tehriz, and @werebearbearbar!

If you haven’t listened to the Hiatus Slash Report on Free! then you are really, really missing something. Aside from the glorious discussion on all things free! especially about how it has no right to be as good as it is, which OMG SPEAK ABOUT MY FEELINGS WHY DON’T YOU(and talk about the swimming accuracy which is one of my favourite things!) it has the most accurate description of Free of all time:

“A show about swimming, feelings and aggressive shirt removal

which, congratulation on your everything

[Podfic] The Fourth Fool Me

read it on the AO3 at

by RevolutionaryJo

Podfic of Speranza’s The Fourth Fool Me.

CLOSED FOR THANKSGIVING WEEK, she wrote in big block letters, and that was reasonable, she thought, with the holiday coming up.

Words: 38, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

Series: Part 9 of 4 Minute Window [Podfic]

read it on the AO3 at