revolutionary confessions

What I really love about Utena is that despite her courage, her coolness  and her kindness she does have such human flaws, she gets jealous she is naive she can be stunborn she can be mean she has sex with the wrong guy she has lust despite that she still has a noble and kind heart I wish more magical girls were like that but I get the feeling that Japan believes main characters must remain pure and innocent

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While I really enjoyed Frozen, I don’t find it progressive. When you compare it to Princess and the Frog or even Snow White, Frozen really isn’t all that new or revolutionary. I don’t really think it ‘changed the game’ as people put. I also don’t find it feminist. I just see it as a simple, fun movie

I feel that Kanae Ohtori was once a winner of the duals. But unlike Utena, Kanae choose to become a princess in the end. In this way, she shows what could have happened. the Apple scene would be killing her off because Utena replaces her. Also, this would explain why she did not need to have a scene where she removed a sword from someone close to her, why she lost so quickly, why she has a flower related to her other than a rose (she gave up the prince tile).

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