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Ameo Powerbreather - A Revolutionary Snorkel

Ameo Powerbreather is developed using a special and innovative ventilation technology that will keep the water from getting inside. This is achieved with having two completely separated channels, so you can breathe just as naturally as you usually do, with always getting fresh air.

Who has two thumbs and is somewhat obsessed with everyone’s favorite revolutionary boyfriends? This person!

Historic(-ish) Alexander Hamilton and John Laurens, based on @ciceroprofacto‘s take of them in their beautiful, wonderful, mindbogglingly good Lams fanfic Song of Alexander, which everyone should read, because it’s just. So. Good. 

I’m not saying their lovedrunk stumbling ripped the flag from the post but here we are.

anonymous asked:

Hello yes I heard you were handing out free e/r head cannons, I would like some please and thanks

Yes yes yes thank you!! 

I would like to share with the world my vast collection of e/R headcanons

  • Modern au headcanon where Enjolras likes to “forget” his car keys just so he can call R and ride on his motorcycle. He loves the way his shoulder fits perfectly into the crook of R’s neck and wrapping his arms around Grantaire’s torso and feeling protected by his super badass motorcycle tension. Also the way he gets to smell Grantaire’s shampoo as the wind blows his hair into his face uwu. Grantaire also immensely enjoys the feeling of E’s arms wrapped around him and the feel of Enjolras’ curls falling messily down his back.
  • Surfer au! Enjolras is infinitely inferior to Grantaire when it comes to the big surf. But it’s okay because it means he can get closer to Grantaire when he asks for help. Enjolras creating a sand barricade on the beach, and Grantaire trying his best to help by creating a moat. Grantaire and Enjolras playing beach volleyball, but neither side can win, so they just end up making out in the sand instead.
  • Grantaire who always harrasses E into taking a selfie with him. All of their selfies consist of R being happy and aloof and Enjolras just giving Grantaire a look, as if to say “I disapprove of this selfie.” But Enjolras secretly loves it.
  • Enjolras who pretends to not care too much about R but is actually super clingy. As soon as Grantaire starts talking to other people and ignoring him, he’ll try to make it a coincidence that he’s standing right next to him 90% of the time to get R to notice him.
  • Hair salon au where Enjolras owns a high end salon (one of those really cool ones that are super expensive, ones that do bridal hair and stuff) and Grantaire is his most regular customer. Grantaire is actually perfectly capable of doing his hair by himself, but he goes to this salon anyway just to see Enjolras. Seeing Grantaire is also the highlight of E’s day - it’s painfully obvious, even though he always puts in the extra effort to retain his professional and some may say ‘snooty’ demeanour around his customers. He gets super jealous when a different employee does R’s hair and tries to get there first as often as possible.

Ugh this pairing will be the end of me. Stupid revolutionary boyfriends ^.^.

These were so fun to write!!

single dad!R who takes his kid to the park and tries to take a photo of them on the swings and then gets kicked in the face

single dad!R who is helped up by the blonde stranger walking past 

single dad!R who won’t let enjolras come over to his flat because it’s a wreck as his kid is the messiest child in existence 

single dad!R who introduces his child to enjolras properly for the first time and they just hide behind R’s legs because they’re shy

single dad!R putting up a crayon drawing on the fridge that his kid drew of themselves, R and enjolras together 

single dad!R (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧