I don’t think think I posted this here but like a while back when I went to the store with my mom I snuck out to the electronics section and changed the backgrounds to my hetalia otps just to see what some people would do, and just like i assumed someone came up to use one of the electronics and they turned on the last one looking at it for a couple of seconds then slowly backed away from it looking quite confused as to why that picture would be there. After I was done laughing I was called by my mom saying that we were leaving so I left happily thinking about others expressions.

When America proposed to England, he wanted to do it in grand style and planned everything perfect, but America got extremely nervous and when England asked him what they will do on their date, he tried to lie casually but accidentally said in a very casual way that he will propose to him. It took America a while to realise why exactly England stood dead in tracks and looked at him with wide eyes.


Anthy just writes her name on the damn wall, clearly doesn’t give a shit even as she’s scrubbing the whole room from wall to wall, floor to ceiling. 

Someday, someone has a hell of a time trying to get the ink off the wall, but it just won’t budge. Mr. Clean Magic Erasers, bleach, nothing can get this shit to go away. Any paint they try to put over it just crackles and falls away upon drying, always leaving the name Himemiya Anthy upon the wall of the East Dorm. The building can’t be sold for its full value, and the sale of the school’s grounds is already drawing in a paltry sum (apparently not everyone appreciates some of the more… unique architectural choices). The former chairman sighs in frustration and takes the check for an amount far below his asking price. He knows he has fallen victim to…


!!! human au where mr. jones and mr. kirkland join forces and conspire, forcing their little sons into matching batman and robin costumes for halloween. and while alfred is ecstatic, arthur despises being cooed at at every house they trick or treat, and directs his annoyance onto alfred, who insists that they do matching costumes from then onwards

(ensue childhood frenemies and halloween wars and “oh are you doing couples costumes? that’s so cute!"s between neighbours till everybody on the street puts in bets on when they’d bang already)

What if in meetings Alfred communicates with Matthew through paper planes and he just compliments England in like 50% of them, and one day England gets angry only to snatch it out of thin air and read it only to blush and promptly sit down and it’s embarrassing for every party involved. Bonus points of Alfred just curls up in a flustered heap because he is an A** nerd

The Affirmations Kickstarter is half-way funded! Thanks to all who have helped get it this far!!

In response to requests, I’ve added Kickstarter reward categories for multiple copies to share with friends and family. A $60 pledge gets 5 copies (you save $40), and a $110 pledge gets 10 (you save $90). Those who have already pledged can change to these, if you so desire.