Politicizing Science Is Nothing New: It Happened To Ben Franklin

“But the “point effect” is more subtle. When there’s an electric field gradient, charges pool at the edge of a conductor. At a point, the charges reach a higher density than under any other conditions. More than perhaps two inches (5 cm) away from the tip of such a rod, the electric field around the top of the building becomes more dissipated. As a result, if there are many tall buildings around with lightning rods on them, lightning will be more likely to strike the ones without a pointed tip. The rod itself is more protection for a building if it does get struck by lightning, but the tip makes it less likely the building will be struck if there’s a better source around.”

You’ll often hear charges that science has become too politicized, but it’s the other way around. Science is our best way of drawing conclusions about the natural world, including how natural and human-caused phenomena work and interact together. When politics, biases, agendas or predispositions get in the way, however, they can derail actual knowledge and cause us to live in an inferior fashion. This isn’t new to modern times, but goes back at least hundreds of years, to Ben Franklin. Franklin, who invented the lightning rod, came up with the design that would save countless buildings from fire once that rod was applied. Yet the inability of many dogmatic people – including King George III of England – to accept the reality of the science led to a huge number of disasters and fires, many of which revisionist historians still try and cover up today.

The science doesn’t lie, and the safety and efficacy of modern, properly-implemented lightning rods is proof of that. But the story of how science was politicized way back in the 1700s is something we can all learn from.

At the End of the Dance

For ax1kaiser who requested Omegaverse. 

Arthur is taking part in the annual Spring Dance, in which he’ll receive a mate. Now, he’ll have to hope he ends up with the right alpha by the end of the dance.. Usuk. Small mention of Prucan.

Arthur pulled at the collar of his white and blue suit, looking around at the decorated brick courtyard. He was nineteen, which meant he was officially old enough for the Spring Dance.

He’d been dreading this day, but, the dance had been tradition for as long as anyone could remember. There had been some slight changes, but the principle remained the same. Alphas and omegas lined up across from each other, and when the music began they would dance with the person in front of them. They would switch partners, and whoever they were with at the end of the dance would be their mate.

The dance could last for hours, or for a few minutes, it was never the same. And dreadfully boring, if you didn’t like any of your dance partners. Even if you did like one or two of them, there was no guarantee you’d end up with them.

Arthur looked down the line of alphas in front of him. They were all dressed in black and gold suits and gowns, in contrast to the light blues and whites of the omegas.

The alpha in front of him had stark white hair, and his eyes were a mixture of red and blue. He was leaning forwards, peering up and down the row as he seemed to look for someone in particular. Well, for his sake, Arthur hoped he found him. At least Arthur could cross him off the list. He’d avoid him as much as possible, anyway.

A violin played, a signal that the dance was going to begin. Arthur straightened his back, and as the music started to play, stepped forwards and took the hand of the alpha.

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  • Britain: *from a distance* You’re stupid!
  • Britain: *up close* You’re stupid!
  • Britain: *on snapchat* You’re stupid!
  • Britain: *slips America a note that says ‘you’re stupid!’*
  • America:
  • Britain:
  • America: 'Aight.

“Utena!!! on Ice” and “Revolutionary Boy Yuri” for you all ^^ Yuri on ice is so similar to Utena in how it handles queer relationships. Utena was WAY before its time so it wasn’t as overt as YOI managed to be. Both these couples deserve a huge round of applause.

I was originally only going to draw Utena but I could’t resist drawing Victor pretending to swoon in Yuri’s arms lol 

modern au revolutionary set headcanons

Alexander Hamilton
● puts his hair up in a messy bun while working and forgets that he stuck his pen in there
● really loves star wars and had a crush on both luke&leia
● once wrote a trashy novel which he doesn’t talk about. EVER.
● is actually very good at cooking but can only rarely be persuaded to do it
● cut his hair bc he knew everyone was going to lose their shit
● really needs glasses but never wears them
● constantly walks into stuff bc of that

● sometimes pretends not to understand english at all to get out of parking tickets or awkward situations
● is actually too smooth to ever get into awkward situations
● has three plants which all have names
● one of them is dead but he refuses to acknowledge it
● he read John the first Harry Potter book because lil Jacky was forbidden from reading them as a child bc religious parents
● he did the voices
● buys homeless people lunch
● actually flosses

Hercules Mulligan
● best dressed at all times
● looks like he will drink you under the table and then beat you up with it but is actually a straight edge vegetarian who gives his tired drunk friends piggyback-rides home from the bar so that they don’t drive
● the dad friend. obviously.
● he plays the guitar but no one knows?
● has never lost a game of mario kart (or so he claims)
● gives the best hugs

John Laurens
● isn’t that into turtles but people still send him pictures and videos of them all the time? (other people have an embarrassing emo-phase that they never get to live down and he…well he had a turtle-phase)
● the worst at cooking
● doesn’t even have a kitchen, only orders in or is given food by concerned friends (hercules)
● likes space - both outer and personal
● only owns two pair of shoes
● is really into video games and claims to have beaten Herc in Mario Kart
● the issue is not settled