it really is astounding when you havent read the book and only see les mis the musical and like BEFORE THE FIRST ACT IS EVEN OVER we jump like 10 something years in the future and the plot is like “ok you care about the french revolution now thanks” and youre like “what” and a girl next to you whispers “i bet enjolras wants to fuck graintaire” and youre like “WHO?????”

Parks and Revolution
  • Hamilton: From now on, we will be using code names. You can address me as Eagle One. Laurens, code name--Been There, Done That. Eliza is--Currently Doing That. Hercules Mulligan is--It Happened Once in a Dream. Lafayette, code name--If I had to Pick a Frenchman. Washington is...Eagle Two.
  • Washington: Oh thank God.
Ways to Attract a Bisexual Part 3: Return of the Jed-Bi

- That title (probably)
- Give them plenty of water and sunlight
- But also lots of darkness and junk food
- Tell them their hair looks nice
- Tell them the revolution is now
- Dogs
- Money
- Take them on a trip to their home planet
- Or maybe just to the movies
- Understand that their sexuality has nothing to do with the number of people they’ve been with
- Understand that they are an important part of the LGBT+ community
- Understand why they lay eggs every 5-7 weeks


French Crown Jewels, the Coronation Crown of King Louis XV bejeweled with hundreds of diamonds and other precious gems from the royal collection. This is the only surviving French Royal Crown from the Ancien-Regime (before the French Revolution). Now in the Apollo Gallery in Louvre Museum, Paris.

Vive-la-france 🇫🇷

I mean…. Mickie isn’t lying. WWE acts like the women who came before Sasha, Charlotte, Becky, etc. don’t even exist.

WWE wants us to pretend that this is just the start of the women’s revolution when Beth Phoenix, Michelle McCool, Layla, Chyna, Lita, Trish, Jazz, Mickie, etc. they been started the women’s revolution.

What’s going on now is just a continuation of that.


Today, once again heard the standard grumbling that “someone paler than snow” and that “even aristocrats in the 19th century were more tanned”. In this regard, appeared another idea, that it would be really funny if all Heinous hatred to Marco would be based not on the fact that he made a revolution and etc. but that he forced her to leave her castle and go outside…

Just imagine — you’re sitting quietly in your castle in the far corner of the universe and silently doing your favorite things: drinking tea, reading books, watching the rain outside the window, wrapping up in a blanket, periodically brainwashing princesses, and etc. And then KABOOM! Revolution! And now you have to go out into the world and there you need “to see people and do things”. Brrr! XD  What a terrible fate!

… although, I think in such case, Heinous would have had a special sign.

When you’re on spring break but legit every single one of your teachers assigns homework because of all the “free time” you’ll have: