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“Ride around on my bodyguard back like Prince in the club”


Last year we finished installation at the new Kinzua Bridge State Park visitor center in Pennsylvania! The two-story steam-era inspired exhibit explains the region’s unique history, nature, and legends surrounding one of the largest man-made steel structures of it’s time!

September 4th, 1968: The Beatles filmed promotional films for Hey Jude and Revolution at Twickenham Film Studios.

“Beautiful. Absolute poetry. Welcome back to part three, as you can see, with the greatest tea-room orchestra in the world. Right? Beautiful, beautiful. Absolutely, beautiful. As you can see, making their first audience appearance for over a year, ladies and gentlemen, The Beatles!” - David Frost


commission dump~!! thank you to everyone who commissioned me! ^//^

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(the last one was a usuk art trade thingy w/ @starryeddo from a while ago, i just didnt have a reason to post it until now haha)

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