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A true Venus is beautiful at any size. ‪#‎BodyRevolution‬ Don’t allow Society to tell you what beauty is. back when they first made painting and sculptors of the goddess she was represented as a round and fertile woman. It was in style to be thicker because food was a sign of money. eat up children. Life is too short!
—  Lady Gaga

Return Revival Reunion Restart Reborn Resurrection Redemption Rebirth Response Reply Revenge Recreation Remembrance Recollection Reloaded Restart Rebellion Revolution Recorded Recovery Revelation Regeneration Reminiscence Restoration Retaliation Resumption Recommencement Readmission Renewal Rehabilitation Replacement Resurgence Reawakening Reincarnation Reevaluation

Fuck hating your body. Let’s have 2015 be the year we promote self love. Love your pudgy tummy. Love your dimply butt. Love your thick thighs. Love your long thin fingers. Love your stretch marks, acne and scars. Love every inch of that beautiful body. Love your hair and cellulite and weird curves and pointy bones. Let’s start a fucking revolution.

Baby if you could would you go back to the start?

So I made a gif and I’m proud of it okay?

Building You: on recovery and revolution

For all my comrades going through tough stuff, remember that recovery is a lot like revolution: it’s permanent, ongoing, and there’s going to be setbacks and false starts and lots of adversity. It’s not like liberal modernist discourses on “progress” and “healing” that promote a linear tale of “getting better forever”.