revolution nothing less

Art isn’t going to change shit

Art isn’t going to change shit. Seriously, you can preach the truth all you want, you can be revolutionary in your lyrics and you can write about the problems that are going on in your community but it’s not going to do anything on its own. A lot of people are fully aware what’s going on in their communities. It’s gotta be more than just getting the message out.

Look, this is liberalism at the core. Why? because to overthrow a violent system you need to use violence, and art that wants to serve the revolution has to be revolutionary, it’s gotta be in the service of revolutionary violence. Art and ideas alone aren’t gonna overthrow Babylon, only violence can do that. So your art needs to be a fucking weapon. It’s gotta help organizations that create the conditions for the revolutionary war to be waged. Ultimately revolutionary art needs to serve the revolutionary Communist Party.

Am I trying to say art is useless? No, actually its essential, but I mean that it’s political, just like everything else. I’m coming out with this because I’ve been listening to a lot of leftist music and I can tell there’s something missing here. You can’t just drop the word “revolution” every now and then and say your music is revolutionary, your music is not going to start a revolution unless it is communist and led by a communist party. And furthermore, you can’t find the peace you want, the light you want, the ability to express your curiosity in the world and change it meaningfully and really *be whole* through art alone. You can’t *just* follow your passion, whatever it is, and find satisfaction in that alone. The only true satisfaction we can have, I mean for our heart of hearts, you can call it the soul, whatever—and I really believe this—will come from revolution and communism, nothing less.