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Aquarius Uranus song

Mind Your Manners by Chiddy Bang [link]

Manners, take a second look and you’ll see
(Hell we’re pretty much amazing)
There is no one like me (Yeah)
There is no one like me, like me
(Mind your manners)
There is no one like

And all the people should be raising they glasses
Flow crazy, celebrating the madness
I never thought I would deliver no classics
Then I hooked up with them and then delivered mo classics
I be keeping it true, hotel good long as I can peep on the view
Like like, damn how high are we?
They gotta gamble in this life, Charles Barkley

This is a generation that insists on being unique while belonging to a group of like-minded individuals.

Mind Your Manners is really interesting because it sounds like the vocals (in the chorus) are sung by multiple people, yet they all insist “there is no one like me.” It’s a paradox, but one that embodies the pure Aquarian energy of uranus in its native sign.

After all, people must unite to start a revolution. It’s a form of rebellion, and the individuals within the revolution are different from the majority of the population, but still sing the chorus together.

Sending out some feelers on this before bed. But.

I’m debating on making a separate verse (with a different FC) where gaston is trans.


Let’s face it, the Automation Armageddon is upon us. For years, we assumed that the robot revolution would come in the form of an evil supercomputer that short-circuits when you ask it how to love. But nope, it was the self-checkout line. And it’s only getting worse. Thus, you’re going to have to make yourself useful to the industries that still need brain flesh to function. Luckily, you can pick up some automation-proof tech skills with five of our handy online training courses. 

If there is one thing that unites humanity, it’s being lazy. Things that once demanded in-person interaction, like shopping for clothes or dating, can now be taken care of with a click or a swipe. And in our opinion, the world is better for it. To help realize a future in which you can order pizza with a single grunt, take a look at these two Amazon Alexa coding courses. You’ll learn to make Alexa the ultimate personal assistant, so you can focus on the important things, like what blanket configuration provides optimal comfort as you watch Netflix in bed. Grab this bundle for just $19.

5 Ways To Safeguard Your Future (From The Robot Overlords)

We all know that Kevin is a grade A History nerd, but what part of history? Does he know all the names of the roman emperors? Can he tell all the mesoamerican pyramids apart and say which culture build them? Did he learn french just so he could read reports of the french revolution in their original form? Is he going to write a thesis on the history of sport and trace exy back to the ancient greek? I just need to know which specific kind of nerd he is!!


 Okay, due to request. My recap of the Depeche Mode gig in Cologne.  :D

Where to begin?

This trip was so enjoyable! The journey started from my hometown in the southwest of NL, to Amsterdam, where I boarded a train (WITH FREE WIFI thank god) to Cologne. The journey was 430 Kilometers, and pretty comfortable, just avoid the train bathrooms… FFS, The portaloos at gigs and festivals over them ANYTIME.

I arrived a day in front of the gig, around the afternoon. Cologne is super busy, 
but I had some time to do some sightseeing so I learned this:

Germany… specifically Cologne and the Netherlands have one thing in common: which is the river Rijn! See the little map I map I made. The Rijn flows through several countries and it was fun to know that I was looking at the same river that I saw in Rotterdam once but now in Cologne. 
Maybe next time I can go by boat :).

I was going to meet fellow Tumblr-er, Edgebro, and person-with-great-taste-in-music  @cinnapurrevans​ in Cologne the next day!  We met through mutual friends and I was honestly a little bit nervous which I think is normal, since you never know how you will get along. But the worries where for nothing!

On showday we knew we wanted to get a decent spot since we are both super tall.  (Am I convincing you?) We appointed to meet at Rheinenergie Stadium  and line up at a reasonable time in the morning.  
We explored venue grounds , got down in line as numbers 20 and  21. 

It gave us a great spot along the catwalk. 1 row back from the rail. There where people let in early but all the people around us where amazing, friendly, in for a chat, and they obviously loved the band. 

Before showtime, everyone already started clapping along to the beats that the PA system where playing. The atmosphere started to build, which is something that hardly ever happens in Dutch or Belgian gigs. The following for Depeche Mode in Germany is amazing, bigger and more passionate. 
And you could literally feel the good vibe hanging inside the stadium.

It turned out to be a great gig.  Big up to the sound engineers for the fantastic audio mixing.  I much prefered the GLobal Spirit Tour setlist to the Delta Machine tour.   The band opened with Going Backwards, Dave sporting dark tinted aviator shades and parading around on a risen platform/ screen hybrid. 
Which inmediately made me thing of the Devotional and U2′s ZOOTV tour images. He strutted and pranced around like only a great frontman like Dave could.  His voice is so on point.. He seems to be in perfect control and works so hard. All my respect to him. 

Andy is so thin in his face these days?!  I like how he always looks around in the crowd and clearly enjoys playing.  Mart was what further away and difficult to see for me since we where at the catwalk, but I knew he later on would pay a visit to the catwalk anyway :D Which was GREAT. 

So Much Love was second and the crowd was really getting into that, singing back and forth to the band, and its great to hear Dave’s nasty sneers during that song. I love how politically charged this Depeche Mode record is, which is a first for them. Martin said he couldn’t ignore what was happening in the world and it bleeds through the whole album.

Next up, DM warhorses : Barrel Of a Gun, which I still enjoy,  A Pain That I’m Used to in the remix version they played since last tour, whit Peter Gordeno rocking the Bass guitar for a change up. An excellent live pleaser. 

Corrupt !!! That was fucking dope. In the exact version I was hoping for..
In Your Room , Dave proving his voice is still in top shape.
followed by  World in My Eyes , which is just a fun and sexy song. 

Throughout all these songs, I just have to give a shout out to the FUN they where having, both Dave and Mart where all smiles, Fletch was animated and mostly connecting with the crowd in his own Fletch way. NO BANANA’s where spotted. 
Christian Eigner is a fucking beast and I DO NOT understand how this man doesn’t die from lack of oxygen, the way he drums and the amount of times he drums high intensity songs is amazing.  Peter and him deserve so much credit and honestly I can’t write enough about them. 

Cover me is by far the best song of the new record, and confirms its strength live. Goosebumps hearing this live. Hairs being raised on the back of your neck. 

A Question of Lust and Home where the Martin solo songs of the night. during Home , Mart came around and had some fun challenging and winning over the crowd for a singalong which lasted long, the band joined in and basically its a lovely part where the band and the audience have a small jam together. Its always a fun part in their live set.  

Poison Heart, Where’s The Revolution and personal highlight form me: WRONG! This song got me into actually KNOWING DM.. and got me into pretty hard fan mode. So finally hearing that live was SO PLEASING. Oh my god I can not even describe. 

More warhorses: Stripped, Enjoy The Silence, and Never Let Me Down again,
the latter is of course the absolute winner out of these, and one of the dopest songs they ever wrote.    These songs where just a totalrave TBH .  All the people around where dancing and we where too.  :D 

The Encore consisted of Mart performing Somebody which I’m sorry , is a snoozefest for me. I like the lyrics but I can’t get into the rest of the song. 
So I used that song try and make some panorama’s. :’)  one of them turned out pretty cool .

Walking in My shoes, followed by a nice cover of David Bowie <3 Who I miss dearly. I almost cried, because I just thought of David constantly.  But fuck. that was nice. The people also organised a “sign flashmob” during this song.  Which was very nice. 

I feel you and Personal Jesus as uptempo closing songs. (AGAIN CHRISTIAN EIGNER HOW DO YOU KEEP UP DRUMMING LIKE THIS, TELL ME YOUR SECRET) Made for a predictable closer. 
Anyway.. The crowd A+ , the weather was scorching HOT,  The band was in top shape and most important it was fantastic seeing them have fun! I felt like Dave had an “easy” gig as he hardly had to make effort to get the crowd along, they just did most of the work for him which made him shine even more. He totally wen’t above and beyond and he is fitter than any other human being on this planet. He works so hard, and @cinnapurrevans has a wonderful video where it shows that so well.

The venue was okay once we where in. The staff where all fucking clueless :’). I can’t keep track of the times we where given contradicting info about anything we’d ask for. And we even ended up walking in forbidden area’s twice. 

Once more: was a blast meeting you @cinnapurrevans . And We’ll see each other next time. 

THE END and sorry for my terrible writing. But I had fun none the less. :’) HOPE THIS IS GOOD ENOUGH.  

If you want a clue to the DNC’s electoral strategy under Tom Perez’s leadership, just look at the recent special elections in Kansas and Georgia, and here’s a hint it’s not the “50 States Strategy”

In Kansas an outsider Progressive named James Thompson unexpectedly won the primary vs a centrist candidate and was supported by Our Revolution, the group that formed out of Bernie Sanders’s campaign. In the General, it seemed hopeless as the district he was running in deep red Kansas.

He finished only 6 points behind the Republican in a district Trump won by +27 and he had literally zero funding

In Georgia a centrist corporate Democrat named John Ossoff and the DNC and DCCC drenched him in money and he might actually win.

Just wait, the DNC is going to turn around and say that progressives don’t win and people want centrists so that’s how they’ll “RESIST.”

Just wait. It’s going to happen.

International Working Women’s Day

The history of the working-class is in reality the history of working women. Under the dual koshes of class oppression and patriarchal discrimination, women have been consistently the motor of revolutions: in 1789, they marched on Versailles and brought King Louis back to Paris; their demonstration in Petrograd on this day in 1917 sparked the entrance of the masses into the Russian Revolution; in 1936 they formed the backbone of the Spanish democratic peasant economy; in 2016 they spearhead the columns protecting Rojava and Kobane’s fledgling republic from ISIS.

In many countries, women make up the majority of trade union members, and the majority of strike days are taken by women. They glue society together with one hand, and fight for a bright new dawn with the other.

Here’s to the women - truly kicking ass for the working-class.

Sun Signs: Memorable Moments

Aries: Red cheeks and panting as you wrestle. Triumphant screaming, hands pinned down before slipping away. Constant challenge, and hard kisses that take you off guard. Playful shoves and dirty fingernails, accidental bruises from showing off. High-pitched giggling and dead weight, sounds of frustration and rough, sexual gropes. Unsteady hands, and hair pulling, mouths open wide with bright white teeth. You lovingly fight your perfect adversary.

Taurus: The rich, heady smells of food and perfume. Seductive laughter and bedroom eyes; flirtatious, intimate games where you stand on the precipice. Falling into bed with each other, deep kisses, feeding each other strawberries. Contentedness and stability, being cherished for your predictability. Fully loving yourself and your partner, experiencing small surprises everyday, without breaking your routine. You sleep easily, and live fully.

Gemini: The head rush you get from dopamine after discovering a new way of thinking. Sharp laughter and witty conversation with multiple people in the room. Always being on your toes, socially included and intellectually respected by your peers. Watching people and waiting for their reaction, delighted when things don’t get emotionally out of hand. You are free to express yourself without any inhibitions, and people want to converse with you. You see the world from a million points of view.

Cancer: Cool summer days spent with a blanket and a hand to hold. Breathing in the way they smell, being so close that you can feel their heart beating. Slow, steady breathing as you wrap yourselves up in sheets of silver. Not having to pretend, but still playing coy just too make them smile. Blushing until you’re both pink; light kisses and rhythmic movements. Laying in bed for hours just staring at each other. Ticklish spots and hiding your face under the blanket out of shyness. Kisses on the nose and terrible jokes. You’ve finally found home. 

Leo: Your lover, dressed in the color gold as you dance together. The sun, hot and bright as it shines down upon the two of you, sweat streaking down your foreheads. Uncontrollable laughter and blatant innuendos. Heavy touching and playful kisses. Heads buried deeply into each others hair while you smile. The way they twirl your hair around their finger. The glittering in their eyes as they look at you like you’re perfect. You feel like you rule the world.

Virgo: Open windows and fresh air; gray, furry carpet beneath bare feet. White wine early in the morning; a window seat with a good book. Music playing in the background, an immaculately put together environment. The bliss of momentary isolation and perfection, no worries about tomorrow because the day is already planned. The smell of freshly cut grass as a smile spreads across your face. You do not worry about imperfection.

Libra: Watching the sun rise while the birds sing, wrapped up in each other. Hot tea, and finger paint, and butterfly kisses. Talks of wedding gowns, and honeymoon eyes, and canvases made of opal and quicksilver. Subtle, but obvious flirting that makes your partner smile. Unapologetically admiring your lover, and telling them everything you love about them. Feeling adored, and at peace with everything around you. You are conjoined with the white dove.

Scorpio: Sitting in the darkness at night, but still seeing everything. Probing questions and provocative thoughts that roll off of your tongue. Intense eye contact and shallow breathing; standing in the mouth of either God or the monster with them by your side. Smirking as you know what exactly they want. Seductive, but innocent touches that drive you crazy under your facade. Wanting to immerse yourself into the depths of their soul, the whites of your eyes showing like a predator. Desperately wanting to consume them as you stare at their chapped lips; your crimson fingertips clenching  the fence so that you contain yourself. You merge your soul with theirs to finally live.

Sagittarius: Experiencing the world in the most physical manner possible. Driving around, so excited that you don’t notice the blazing hot sun. The freedom of having a billion different paths ahead of you, all paved with asphalt and black tar. Green landscapes and unexplored areas. Pink sand covering beaches, falling in love with millions of people because of their smiles. Knowing what religion feels like as the bumps on the road bring tears to your eyes. You find yourself by sampling everything the world has to offer.

Capricorn: Warm, calloused hands that grip your own. Rings made of lead and garnet that are rolled across the table. Intimate talks and piercing gazes. Feeling like you’re right on top of each other, even though you’re in separate chairs. Subtle, but direct flirtations; going after what you want. Lavish surroundings without excess; fine wine and heated glances. You sit on the throne you built from your own hard work, and you sigh. You have created your kingdom.

Aquarius: Extreme weather to match your extreme mind. Debates with yourself in the mirror against an invisible adversary, fighting for reform and inspiring revolution. Researching various topics and forming new opinions on them. Silently refusing to conform to other people, even in the privacy of your own home. Bright, bold colors in your living room, objects and odd figurines decorated chaotically around the house. Glow in the dark maps of stars painted onto your ceiling. You revel in your individuality.

Pisces: The cold rain as you sit on a rooftop, pupils dilated and eyes wide. You’re with the people who mean the most to you, passing a joint around. You’re high, but you’re in the present, and you’ve managed to bring everybody around you into your internal world. Nobody suffers, nobody is alone, and everybody feels accepted. You build entire worlds with your imagination.

Vacuo, Menagerie, and the White Fang

My headcanons:

Vacuo is the kingdom most sympathetic to the plight of the faunus, and a major force suing for the Vytal Accords to promise equal rights to faunus-kind. Human supremacists in Vacuo are fewer in number, and faunus hold more positions of authority than in any other kingdom. If any of the four hunting academies has a faunus headmaster, it would be Shade.

Vacuo was the kingdom least involved in the post-War movement to exile all of faunus-kind to Menagerie. Practically speaking, their lack of central government would have been a factor in this, though it’s possible that this issue could have been what motivated the people of Vacuo to destroy that central authority.

However, the lack of a central government, and the people’s fears of starting another Great War, would also have limited any aid Vacuo might have given to the faunus during the Faunus Rights Revolution. A few volunteers might have ventured abroad to fight, but there would be no large mobilization.

After the faunus won the Faunus Rights Revolution and formed the original, peaceful White Fang, the Fang would have had only a minimal presence in Vacuo, where there was the least need to protest for equality.

To better exchange goods and travelers with Menagerie’s new permanent settlements, the people of Vacuo’s peripheral settlements in the eastern mountains probably expanded southward to the ocean, building new port-towns and shipyards. But with no central government setting altruistic policies, each Vacuan city would follow only its own rules and agendas when dealing with Menagerie’s leadership, and thus pursue their own profits first.

Sadly, where weakness and desperation exists to be exploited, thieves will gather. Many of Vacuo’s most unscrupulous business-folk, human and faunus alike, would have flocked to those southern ports to make easy money at Menagerie’s expense.

But when the White Fang turned violent, these hives of scum and villainy felt Sienna Khan’s wrath; the race-traitors most of all. Now at least one of these southern port-towns might be under the thumb of White Fang enforcers, and shipping supplies to the terrorists abroad for fear of further reprisal, while the disaffected youth of the city have their ears filled with anti-human propaganda.

One way or the other, the White Fang’s reputation across Vacuo has turned sour. Even a fellow faunus like Sun Wukong thought they were a bunch of crazy, murderous cultists, and that was before they tried to destroy an entire kingdom. As Shade’s students return home to share the truth about what happened at Vale, how will their cities and tribes respond?

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And Revolution takes a human form in Enjolras. Don’t be fooled, because he may seem like your typical terrible, passionate, angel-faced activist. But in reality, he’s so much more than that. 

“Riley Wuz Here” has to be one of the Boondocks most powerful episodes to me. It’s the simple nuances that most miss and don’t understand the history of the specific things represented. Graffiti was born as a form of representation of self, yet unlike fine art was only recently begun thus unrefined unskilled in technicalities (Riley spraying on the first house).Graffiti begins to be acknowledged by the art community with a small few (Riley meeting “Bob Ross”). Still Graff was seen as a blight on the community and not considered by the public (Riley getting in trouble for the first tag). Behind the scenes Graffiti was being cultured and refined by its new found closeness to the fine arts community (Riley being tutored by “Bob Ross”). With this new found refinement those who’d pioneered the form were still outliers and not associated with the revolution of the form they brought forward (Riley not being acknowledged as the artist for the first refined piece he did). Lastly the Newly refined Graff movement seeking assistance from the Art Community to be seen for the talent they truly possess by the world and for the world to acknowledge the culture behind this artform (“Bob Ross” helping Riley with his grand finale piece of his grandparents). Honestly were getting to that point today, although there are white Street Artists and Graff Artists in all honesty it all comes back to the black community. A lot of times black people have been overlooked and written out of their importance in the movements they started but, as for street art and urban art our generation is making a push for our due recognition. I feel this episode is an amazing summary of the past present and future of street/urban/graffiti art in the art world and it’s association with the black community and hip hop.

Nothing could be more normative, more logical, and more authoritarian than, for example, the (politically) revolutionary poetry or prose that speaks of revolution in the form of commands or in the well-behaved, steeped-in-convention-language of “clarity.” (”A wholesome, clear, and direct language” is said to be “the fulcrum to move the mass or to sanctify it.”) Clear expression, often equated with correct expression, has long been the criterion set forth in treatises on rhetoric, whose aim was to order discourse so as to persuade. The language of Taoism and Zen, for example, which is perfectly accessible but rife with paradox does not qualify as “clear” (paradox is “illogical” and “nonsensical” to many Westerners), for its intent lies outside the realm of persuasion. The same holds true for vernacular speech, which is not acquired through institutions — schools, churches, professions, etc. — and therefore not repressed by either grammatical rules, technical terms, or key words. Clarity as a purely rhetorical attribute serves the purpose of a classical feature in language, namely, its instrumentality. To write is to communicate, express, witness, impose, instruct, redeem, or save — at any rate to mean and to send out an unambiguous message. Writing thus reduced to a mere vehicle of thought may be used to orient toward a goal or to sustain an act, but it does not constitute an act in itself. This is how the division between the writer/the intellectual and the activists/the masses becomes possible. To use the language well, says the voice of literacy, cherish its classic form. Do not choose the offbeat at the cost of clarity. Obscurity is an imposition on the reader. True, but beware when you cross railroad tracks for one train may hide another train. Clarity is a means of subjection, a quality both of official, taught language and of correct writing, two old mates of power; together they flow, together they flower, vertically, to impose an order. Let us not forget that writers who advocate the instrumentality of language are often those who cannot or choose not to see the suchness of things — a language as language — and therefore, continue to preach conformity to the norms of well-behaved writing: principles of composition, style, genre, correction, and improvement. To write “clearly,” one must incessantly prune, eliminate, forbid, purge, purify; in other words, practice what may be called an “ablution of language” (Roland Barthes). 

from “Commitment from the Mirror-Writing Box,” Trinh T. Minh-Ha, Woman, Native, Other 


The Queen’s Rangers stand alongside the British Legion as the two most distinguished Loyalist regiments of the American Revolution. Formed in 1775 by Robert Rogers, famous partisan leader from the French and Indian War, their initial conduct was inglorious - Rogers had lost his old guerrilla flair, and the outfit suffered heavy casualties in rebel ambushes. 

Things began to change at the battle of Brandywine in 1777, when they ferociously assaulted a number of rebel defensive positions. That year they received a new commander, John Graves Simcoe. He set about vigorously retraining his men in the latest light infantry and skirmishing tactics. 

They provided escort and patrol duty around Philadelphia (1777-8); fought in the Pennsylvania campaign; served as rearguard during the British retreat to New York (1778); fought the Stockbridge Militia in The Bronx (1778); fought at Perth Amboy, New Jersey, where Simcoe was captured but freed in a prisoner exchange three months later (1779–80); at Charlestown, South Carolina (1780); in the raid on Richmond, Virginia with Benedict Arnold and in other raids in Virginia (1780-1). The unit surrendered at Yorktown and its rank and file were imprisoned at Winchester, Virginia. Earlier on May 2, 1779 the regiment was taken into the American establishment as the 1st American Regiment and was later, on December 25, 1782, taken into the British establishment. In 1783, when the war was ended by the Treaty of Paris, the Queen’s Rangers left New York for Nova Scotia, where it was disbanded. Many of the men from the unit formed Queensbury, New Brunswick on land grants.

Retrained at around the same time that the British Legion was formed, the two units shared many similarities - uniforms, combat doctrine, and able commanders. Simcoe and Tarleton seem to have gotten on well while the two units were stationed together (each was complimentary of the other in their respective narratives of the war), but Simcoe became embroiled in a conflict over chain-of-command with the Legion’s then-commander, Lord Cathcart, (see Cathcart’s bio note), which resulted in Cathcart and the Legion infantry transferring to another area, and Tarleton and his cavalry continuing to work under Simcoe’s command until they had gained the experience and reputation to function on their own.

Star-Crossed Fandom needs help!

Okay so since I’m avoiding my dash to avoid spoilers from Arrow, Revolution, and Reign form tonight, I’m hiding out in the Star-Crossed tag.

ANDDDD….everybody listen up!!!! Idk if you guys have heard of Star-Crossed, but it’s a new show on CW and since they advertised it as a cheesy, high school love story thing, it’s ratings are failing miserable (being put against the Olympics didn’t help much).

BUT, that show is so much more than that! It’s a very interesting, mysterious show with a very different, intriguing plot and multiple story lines! Please at least give it a chance! There might be a couple cheesy scenes here or there but that is bound to happen with the first couple of episodes of a show that is trying to find it’s footing and still developing the main characters!

Both the episodes are up on the CW website. So, pretty please go over and watch it????? We would all greatly appreciate it!!!! At least give it a chance so it doesn’t get cancelled before it’s even reached an audience completely!!! :(
Sanders supporters seethe over Clinton's leaked remarks to Wall St.
Supporters of former Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders on Saturday expressed anger and vindication over leaked comments made by Hillary Clinton to banks and big business that appeared to confirm their fears about her support for global trade and tendency to cozy up to Wall Street.

Clinton, who needs Sanders’ coalition of young and left-leaning voters to propel her to the presidency, pushes for open trade and open borders in one of the speeches, and takes a conciliatory approach to Wall Street, both positions she later backed away from in an effort to capture the popular appeal of Sanders’ attacks on trade deals and powerful banks.

The excerpts of remarks by the former secretary of state, made in 2013 and 2014 in closed-door meetings where audiences paid to attend, were published online on Friday by WikiLeaks, which sourced them to the email account of John Podesta, Clinton’s campaign chairman.

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