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I fully support Drexel professor George Ciccariello-Maher’s statements. They serve as a reminder that white genocide isn’t real and a common neo-Nazi term used to justify racist violence. Also the Haitian Revolution (what George is referencing) was the most successful slave revolt in nearly two millennia due to killing white slave owners.

Drexel’s reprimanding of George’s statement is a violation of free speech and pandering to white supremacists. George has long been an accomplice to the the queer and trans communities and we owe him our backing.


Library by Victoria Pickering
At the DAR headquarters, Washington, D.C. during their Christmas open house

In Comparison

Wei Tchou and her mother decorate their Christmas tree, and string parallels between post-election despair in the United States and civic sorrow during China’s Cultural Revolution.

George Washington on Christmas.
  • George: dashing over the Delaware
  • George: in the middle of the night
  • George: over the ice we go
  • George: silent all the way
  • George: hush hush hush
  • George: bayonets fixed on our guns
  • George: shooting you as you sleep
  • George: oh what fun it is to watch the blood spilling from your gut
  • George: oh king George, oh king George we fucked your troops right up
  • George: oh what fun it is to watch the blood spilling from you gut
Christmas 1963 - 1969
The Beatles
Christmas 1963 - 1969


Do you want to listen to all of The Beatles Christmas messages but just haven’t enough Holiday time to spare? Well fear no more, here they all are from 63 - 69, arranged in a fancy Xmas tree multitrack session:

It makes for a much busier, holiday tinged Revolution 9.


Revolutionary Girl Utena 
Duel 39: Someday, Together, We’ll Shine 
December 24, 1997

Cool Hamilton Things You Might Not Know

Hamilton: -He was taught at a Jewish private school, learned Hebrew, and defended the religion his whole life! -He might have been bi. His letters sound, and I don’t say this lightly nor impolitely in intention, SUPER gay. Like way past bromance “no homo” gay -He really liked Eliza’s dark eyes - He asked Lauren’s to find a wife for him - He had 2 sons named Phillip Angelica: - She was really good friends with Thomas Jefferson - She corresponded with Jefferson, Lafayette, and Washington - She had a literal town in NY named after her - The plan of the original village was based on Paris, France Lafayette: - Martha Washington named her family’s special gingerbread after him - He named his son Georges Washington after, you guessed it, George Washington - The length of his full name is even longer than the French equivalent of Esteban Julio Ricardo Montoya De la Rosa Ramirez - visited all 24 existing states and had a hero’s welcome - he effing declined the offer to be dictator of France I’m so angry about this! Imagine how different France would be today if he had ruled like wow, someone write an alternate history (aka acceptable, non-kink-shamable fanfic) about this - he was taken prisoner during the French Revolution - at this time, Jefferson proved his friendship and like a BOSS got Congress and Washington to pay Lafayette for his services to America by finding a loophole even though his status as French officer took precedent over his claim for American citizenship. Washington had not originally helped because he wanted to avoid messing with foreign affairs. These funds got he and his wife special privileges while imprisoned - he had tried to escape prison in a plot sponsored by John Church and his wife, ANGELICA EFFING SCHULYER! - he escaped but got lost and was subsequently recaptured - Didn’t support Napoleon and they really disliked each other - at washington’s memorial service in France, Napoleon didn’t invite him, nor did he mention him (talk about a salty bitch, Napoleon, how dare you???!!! Feel free to add stuff. I’m always a slut for Hamilton.