If a revolution came to life

And you had to pick a side

Would you choose to say goodbye

Or journey through the night?

Face down buried under wrecks

With a gun pointed at your neck

Would you stand up for what you believe in?

Would you play the victim or the villain?

Can you hold your own under attack

With a piece of metal grazing your back?

Would you say no and maintain pride

Or take a gun and camp and hide?

With no hope; we look up towards the light

We play the fool to try to do what’s right

Either that or go behind enemy lines

Masked as a traitor to cover up the shine

Of our hard helmets and badges made of gold

Obeying others and doing what we’re told

Losing consciousness, we pull back on our guns

And hit or miss depending on how fast they run

We are the victims of other people’s crimes

For millenniums and countless other times

If only as a whole we weren’t so damn blind

I know I have values, my choices are mine

But if I had to; in order to survive

I’d kill a man but would not look into his eyes

For the shame that I’d feel would be greater

Than the blood on the hands of those traitors

Who promise freedom but only at a cost

Doing what it takes no matter what the loss

And yet if not for them I would not have the freedom

To write this poem or raise tomorrow’s children

So let’s commence; we battle for our lives

On the fence; but we’ll have to choose a side

And these events; not to be outdone

Will never end; they’ve only just begun

And will cycle through generations of sharks

Waiting to enlist newly lives embarked

On a journey throughout the night

If a revolution came to life



(by Anagrama

Carlotta is a traditional Mexican style bakery, where folkloric pastries such as “conchas”, cakes and “buñuelos” are prepared.
Our brand proposal adopts graphic styles from Mexico during “El Porfiriato”, a historical period in which the country was under the control of president Porfirio Diaz, a man heavily influenced by French customs, art and architecture. We used official documents from that era as main visual references to redesign those classic typographic styles.
The brand embraces delicacy and elegance, both represented in the subtle arrangement of flowers as the main pattern. This element rounds up our identity design proposal, integrating each piece together with a black frame to settle the movement it creates, thus preserving the brand’s delicate personality.

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Do you see the spark in her eye,
How it tells you to listen up tight,
Making you want to gain more insight,
“Oh the stories she may have about her her life”
But baby, Don’t bother.
There’s a difference between someone caring and being curious,
Trust me, she learned that from her Father.
& Psychology says, if someone looks at you in the eye for too long, they’re just trying to conquer you,
But if you try staring at her, you won’t even get the chance,
Maybe if you’re lucky, you may get a glance.
& For a second you’ll see - right before she leaves quickly - that she isn’t the type that is fooled easily.
So don’t worry about her when she walks away, because the truth is, she doesn’t even want to be saved.
At least not by you.
You’d understand if you could walk in her shoes,
There’s a reason why Hurricanes are named after people, don’t deny it, but have you ever heard of a name for - the calm before the storm?
If not, her name is Revolution.
She plays by the rules of justice and the game,
Because she knows its the only truly right solution.
& Others in the past may have tried to drive her insane,
Haha…. too bad for them, that’s their delusion.
Unbreakable, never bent. Despite what may have happened, true beauty lies in how you transcend.
And tell me this, if ignorance is bliss, then what’s the purpose of Experience?
If it meant nothing - and was irrelevant- then the darkest pain wouldn’t bring the best,
- Happiness. -
So next time you see that girl with the spark in her eye,
Know she’s on a mission, one she’s ready to fight, - rebirth, transformation, and innovation, in short- she has a plan that many may try to distort- but as time goes on, those people always get back on their high horse. & she laughs,
Strength, she knows, she does not lack.
& Nevermind the stories of her past, 22 years later,
Revolution start’s with now, not going back.
She’s had enough of that.
Once upon a time, Ralph Waldo Emerson said- 
‘To be great is to be misunderstood.’
And with just one look, you can see why she just so happens to be,
despite how hard she is to read, a born regime- shook-
The answer to why you can never forget, your favorite book.

Taylor Justine. Unbroken

It is incorrect to classify the revolt of the Negro as simply a radical conflict of black against white or as a purely American problem. Rather, we are today seeing a global rebellion of the oppressed against the oppressor, the exploited against the exploiter.
—  Malcolm X