Unrelenting. Unstoppable. Unbroken.

Mother of a Nation.

Leader of a Revolution.

We remember you, Winnie Madikizela-Mandela, in all your power, complexity, and determination. Thank you for the great sacrifice you gave for the liberation of your people. (September 26, 1936 - April 2, 2018)


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traduction by Charlie Wilson

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I tried to be as fast as possible as I m only working on my spare time, story is more important than perfect drawing to me.

this chapter is about a new flash beack between the two main characters, spedning during Russian Japanese 1905 war who started the Russian social Revolution.

Women to Learn About on International Working Women’s Day: Zhao Yiman

Zhao Yiman was a soldier in the national liberation struggle against the Japanese. She was twice wounded, twice captured, and twice escaped captivity. She was put to death by the Imperialist Japanese Army on the 2nd of August 1936. Before she was killed, she was permitted to write a letter to her young son.

in this letter, Zhao Yiman demonstrates with brevity the Communist spirit, of both selfless sacrifice and fact-finding from practical activity:

“My child, Mum is not going to educate you with words, but with action. When you grow up, don’t forget your mother sacrificed (her life) for the country!”

her remarkable life has been the subject of multiple films, comics, and works of art, including many statues across China.