Meet the Boys

* Hamilsquad x Reader
* Modern to Hamiltime
* Requested by anonymous
* Request: Reader accidentally time travels to Hamiltime. Lands in front of the Hamilsquad. And later falls in love with them.

A/N: Here’s my time travel fic, finally. It’s only part one and there’ll be a few parts. But I was writing it and it was at like 6,000 words and I’m only half done. Part 2 should be up tonight or tomorrow. And I know that the founding fathers (unfortunately) don’t look like Lin, Anthony, Daveed, Oak and Chris but let’s just pretend ok? Hope you like it!

Word Count: 3,179


Part 1:

You sighed as your alarm blared. You hated going into work this summer. You, for some reason and some how, landed a summer job as a lab assistant. It seemed exciting at first but it was really just following some expert around and doing whatever he ordered you to do. You climbed from your bed and wandered over to your closet. You groaned as you put some khakis on and found polo shirt and pulled that on over your head.

You groaned as you sat in traffic. Again. New York was too busy for your liking. Cars everywhere, cursing people, catcalls if you tried to walk anywhere. This state had been around since the country started, it was only likely that it would be busy. You sometimes wished you had seen the country back then. Some men actually had morals and there wasn’t unbelievable traffic. It was also beautiful back then.

Though…unsanitary. War-torn. Un-advanced. Sexist. Sometimes you wondered if that was better or worse. You’d never figure out though. So you continued you way into work.

You pulled into the parking lot of the science lab. You sighed and climbed from your car. On the way inside you fiddled with your hair and made sure that it wouldn’t be obstructing you field of vision. You got inside and trudged to the office of your boss. “Ah, Y/N. Good morning.” He greeted pleasantly enough.

“Morning.” You said in response. You sat at the desk in the corner of the room, running through mindless tasks. Suddenly your boss stood and left the room. You followed him, knowing to without being asked. You came to a room filled with random equipment, all of which you didn’t know how to use. You stood to the side, being ignored as usual. No one bothered explaining anything to you. You felt worthless.

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B-PROJECT 1st Album

B-Project’s 1st Albums, Skyuu Paradise BLACK and S-kyuu Paradise WHITE will be released on July 19, 2017.

Skyuu Paradise BLACK Tracklist
1. Skyuu Paradise / B-PROJECT
4. Muteki*Dangerous / B-PROJECT
5. Karma / Kitakore
6. 3・2・1 JUMP!! / THRIVE
7. Glory Upper /MooNs
8.  Gokujou Fiction /  KiLLER KiNG
9. Mysterious Kiss / Kitakore
10. dreaming time / THRIVE
11. Love ☆ Revolu / MooNs
12. Twinkle☆Bingo  /  KiLLER KiNG
13. Vivid Scenery / Kitakore
14. Needle No.6 / THRIVE
16. Break it down / KiLLER KiNG

Skyuu Paradise WHITE Tracklist
1. Skyuu Paradise / B-PROJECT
2. TBA / Kitakore
3. TBA / MooNs
4. Eikyuu Paradise / B-PROJECT
5. Wonder☆Future / Kitakore
7. Brand New Star /MooNs
8.  Ready to YOU!! /  KiLLER KiNG
9. Wonderful Days / Kitakore
10. Tick-tack / THRIVE
11. Panorama / MooNs
12.Hungry Wolf  /  KiLLER KiNG
13. Koiseyo Otome / Kitakore
14. Maybe Love / THRIVE
15. Over The Rainbow / MooNs
16. Kirakira Smile / KiLLER KiNG

Hetalia/Alice in Wonderland crossover
  • Mad Hatter - England:
  • "What do you mean tea isn't a solution I don't unde r s T A N D-"
  • Grey rabbit - Alfred:
  • "Yes hello I'm Alfred and you're watching an Englishman being insane af. *throws teapot at Arthur and runs* And that's it fOR TODAY-"
  • That mouse - Canada:
  • "Alfred calm the fuck down or I'll get my hockey stick"
  • White rabbit - Estonia:
  • "Oh wow look at the time, it's time for me to judge you all on so many levels."
  • Cheshire Cat - Prussia:
  • "Am I staring at you
  • Am I staring at your dick
  • Am I staring at a tree
  • I'm invisible, so you will never know."
  • Alice - the Italy brothers:
  • "Lovi no, you can't break down that house-"
  • ... Or Belarus:
  • "Can you all fucking n o t-"
  • Queen of hearts - France:
  • "Ok but seriously, where's my guillotine?? This country needs some rEVOLU T I O N-"
  • That King - Kiku:
  • "Mister Bonnefoy, would you kindly calm the fuck down and eat a snickers?
  • That smoking thing - Netherlands:
  • "Hey there
  • Wanna buy weed?"

B-PROJECT 1st album Announced  

There is S kyuu paradise BLACK and the S kyuu paradise WHITE will be released on 19th of July (Wednesday) the two cds will be  released at the same time!

S-kyuu Paradise BLACK Tracklist:

1. S kyuu Paradise - B-PROJECT
2. unknown - THRIVE
3. unknown - KiLLER KiNG
4. Muteki*Dangerous - B-PROJECT
5. Karma - Kitakore
6. 3・2・1 JUMP!! - THRIVE
7. Glory Upper - MooNs
8.  Gokujou Fiction - KiLLER KiNG 
9. Mysterious Kiss - Kitakore
10. dreaming time - THRIVE
11. Love ☆ Revolu - MooNs
12. Twinkle☆Bingo - KiLLER KiNG 
13. Vivid Scenery - Kitakore
14. Needle No.6 - THRIVE
16. Break it down - KiLLER KiNG 

S kyuu Paradise WHITE Tracklist :

1. S-kyuu Paradise - B-PROJECT
2. unknown - Kitakore
3. unknown - MooNs 
4. Eikyuu Paradise - B-PROJECT
5. Wonder☆Future - Kitakore
7. Brand New Star - MooNs
8.  Ready to YOU!! - KiLLER KiNG 
9. Wonderful Days - Kitakore
10. Tick-tack -THRIVE
11. Panorama - MooNs
12.Hungry Wolf  - KiLLER KiNG 
13. Koiseyo Otome - Kitakore
14. Maybe Love -THRIVE
15. Over The Rainbow - MooNs
16. Kirakira Smile - KiLLER KiNG

Se pueden decir muchas cosas de Chavez. Pero nos devolvió el orgullo de ser latinoamericanos, de ser participes de algo trascendental en la historia de América, nuestra América morena se levanta orgullosa y erigida frente al mundo, después de Chavez ya no seremos nunca periférica o patio de nadie.

Y en eso concordamos sea cuales fueren nuestra posición política.

Hasta la vitoria siempre comandante eterno, defensor de la patria grande que nos legaron los libertadores.

Tha.t ;;wheea ree. U  t,,oppia  ns is well ,known .p ..Soo Utolpa,,ia,n  ,,are w..e   taht we go th..e lengtH  of be,,lievign that ,,the Revolu;;tion   ,,can ancdd; oUg,ht ,, to aassure sh,elter, u,Food, ..annd ;;clothesz to a Ll-.-a   ni deeaa e,,xtremely ddislpeasing t .middile-bcl;;as.s citizn,,en,,n..s, whattever their p..arryt.. colo.u  r, ;f;;or they are,e quite ,,aliv.e to the. factt t,hart itt i sont eas,yt o keep t,,the  upp,,p,,er h,,an. d;of  a   pepole;; whose huunger i  s, satist,,ftied.
ll t;;he samem, w;e ma,,intaiin,, ouR;; c on,te,nttin:, bread must eB founn dfor t..he pegop,,le ..of thp,e Revolution, and t,,hequeti;;on Of br,ead mus  t wtAke p recedence o..f alll o t.her.. ues  tio,,ns. If igt,i   ssetlte,d; in the i;;nteres ts of them peope,,,  thhe; Revolu  ti;;onn willb e on t,he  right  rroad; ,,ofr i.n sollvvinng the ,questio n of Brea d we   mustt accept,, th Ep,riciple   of e.quAliTTy., hic;h w wi,,ll ofrc,,e ritsel u.opn uss to the xc,L  suiion ogf eve..ry so,,lutio.n


Quartet Night’s strong bond according Tatsun Injury:

  • Tattsun: Really, everyone in Quartet Night is nice. While I was at the hospital they sang my part and they talked about what they should do if I don’t come back or when i do come back
  • Morikubo: I was for sure that Tatsuhisa would say “I’m going to do it!”

The LINE group chat

  • Morikubo: The thing is, Quartet Night has a group LINE! And there’s this guy *points at tatsu* who gets really passionate”
  • Tattsun: No that’s you Maeno
  • Maenu: No, no, I’m always cool so it’s you. “Evolution not revolu-“
  • Tattsun: That’s your line!
  • Maenu: No its yours!
  • Morikubo: Don’t fight~!
  • Morikubo asks what Shoutan thinks after seeing this

They use the LINE group chat and act out as their characters sometimes.

  • Morikubo: The ones who usually do this is Tatsu and Shouta though.
  • Maenu: I’m like “Oh, Ranmaru and Ai are talking again.” I just gracefully put it as “marked read” and ignore it lol.

Quartet Night Stayed at Morikubo’s room

  • Morikubo: Oh Tatsuhisa didn’t sleep over at my room last night. But Tatsuhisa is like this today maybe I should sleep beside him. *fangirl screams* Oh maybe I should take a bath with him~. *fangirl screams*
  • Tattsun laughs embarrassedly

Maenu apparently got better at dancing?

To all Quartet Night fans, this performance was a must see

Shoutan’s performance made someone tear up

Morikubo yelled out “Super Arena~!” about 3 times

  • Also yelled out “My boy~” followed by guys’ yelling

Maenu outfit: white jacket, silver collar, shirt detailed border, white pants, white shoes

Maenu has his rings

  • 4th live ring on right hand ring finger
  • 5th live ring on right hand pointer finger
  • 3rd live ring on left hand pointer finger

The usual from Maenu’s intro

  • “You peasant!” *screams*
  • “Don’t get happy by calling you a peasant! You peasant!” *screams*
  • Maenu: That is all from him. I am being let to play camus’ voice, I’m Maeno Tomoaki”

Shoutan called Tattsun “Tatsu-nii”

Unconfirmed: Marcas mic?

Shoutan fans brace yourselves because he threw out a lot of kisses out to the crowd

Someone also mentioned Shoutan doesn’t have the newbie aura anymore, they said the aura they have now is like Mamo’s

Maenu came out to the encore with the blouson

report trans by : @kuroorchidnobass (full article including starish and song list)


this is set in high school, so dan isn’t famous haha

You had just finished checking out a few novels to read and sat down to start studying for your history test when you noticed that a brown-haired boy was staring at you. You knew it was Dan Howell: You’d liked him for ages, so there was no way you wouldn’t notice his making googly eyes at you from across the library.
Heat rose to your cheeks and you quickly looked down at your textbook to read, but you couldn’t concentrate– you could feel Dan staring at you, and it make it impossible to comprehend the French Revolution. Groaning, you shut your book. There was no way you were going to pass your final like this.
You walk over to Dan, who had dropped his gaze when you slammed your book.
“Can stop ogling me? It’s rather annoying.” Most girls would be a nervous wreck around their crush, but not you.
Dan smirked.
“It’s not my fault you’re stunning. I can’t focus on my history textbook, so thanks for that.” Your mouth had dropped after the first sentence. Had Dan, incredibly popular, funny, gorgeous Dan, actually said that to you? “You know, maybe we could study together…?”
You shook your head yes, worried that if you spoke, no words would come out. Forget being unlike other girls, you were a nervous wreck. You grab your books and sit down next to Dan.
“So, The French Revolu-” Dan cut you off with a kiss. You blushed, slightly embarrassed and surprised, but you savored those few special seconds where your lips were attached to Dan’s. He pulled away, smiling sweetly.
“So, uh… I like you… a lot. W-would you like to go out with me?” Dan asked. He, too, had become a nervous wreck, which was incredibly cute. You’d never seen this side of him– he had always come off as confident, unable to be unnerved.
“Of course,” you replied, holding back a squeal.