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I have to say, I've read a lot of DA "moderates" or templar supporters put their "solutions" into fic (fuck if I known why, it sure wasn't intentional), and they revoltingly often involve putting mages in a position of partnership with the templars in a way that keeps them vulnerable and makes them do emotional labor for their oppressors to humanize themselves and ... like ... ?? This isn't a buddy cop movie where personality conflicts are the issue? (Idk, the DA fandom scares me).

It’s really … weird, and unpleasant, how the games (and often the people defending the viewpoint presented in the games) simultaneously expect mages to be the ‘grown ups’ in every situation (they must demonstrate and prove repeatedly that they are deserving of any small freedom they are granted, and be responsible in everything they do; they must be careful to respect the fears and prejudices of ‘ordinary’ people in general and Templars in particular and show everyone that they are not dangerous) and also the ‘children’ in every situation (they must respect the extra restrictions they have to face in living their everyday lives because it is for their own good, and the good of ‘ordinary’ people, who are by default more important than they are; they must accept that people who do not have magic know more about what having magic means than they do, and are best placed to decide what they should be permitted to do).

So if mages just do as they’re told all the time, and act as though they like it, everything will be fine. And saying that … well, that’s not actually a reasonable way to expect someone to live makes you a radical. It’s mean and immoderate and wrong.

It’s just really strange that forcibly institutionalising a whole group of people on the basis that one day, possibly, maybe, they might do something dangerous and that scares people (because they’ve been taught to be scared – but that’s another thing entirely) is somehow a ‘moderate’ position.

From La Repubblica’s webpage, fifth title in the rightmost column (la colonna infame): “red, leopard- and python-print, all Theresa May’s shoes”. 

In other words, Italy’s media is revoltingly sexist. They would NEVER publish an article about the shoes of a new-nominated male prime minister during an international crisis.