revolt in the desert

Lawrence of Arabia's exploits 'backed up' by archaeology

Archaeological remains that support Lawrence of Arabia’s account of his World War One exploits have gone on display in the UK for the first time.

In his Seven Pillars of Wisdom, British officer TE Lawrence, documented how he helped lead an Arabic uprising against the Ottoman empire in 1916.

Some historians have cast doubt on his account as much of it was unverifiable.

Artefacts found in Jordan are on display at the National Civil War Centre in Newark, Nottinghamshire.

A trained archaeologist, Lawrence was feted during his lifetime as a hero who helped defeat the Ottoman Empire in the Middle East, leading small guerrilla forces.

Neil Faulkner, from the Great Arab Revolt Project (GARP), has spent the last 10 years working in the Jordanian desert, and comparing it with Lawrence’s memoir of leading the Arab revolt, Seven Pillars of Wisdom. Read more.


Top Shelf consisting of Biographies - A * means I haven’t read the complete book, yet!

Lawrence of Arabia:the man, the legend -  Malcolm Brown
Touch of Genius - Malcolm Brown
A Prince of Our Disorder - John E. Mack
Hero: The Life and Legend… - Michael Korda
*Lawrence In Arabia - Scott Anderson
*Lawrence of Arabia - Jeremy Wilson
*T.E. Lawrence: In Arabia and After - Liddell Hart
*The Golden Warrior - Lawrence James
*Lawrence:The Uncrowned King of Arabia - Michael Asher
*The Boys Book of Colonel Lawrence - Lowell Thomas
338171 T.E. - Victoria Ocampo
T.E. Lawrence - Vyvyan Richards
The Golden Reign - Clare Sydney Smith

Second Shelf - Mostly works by T.E. himself.

The Mint 1st Limited Edition 1955 - T.E. Lawrence
The Mint 1st Trade Edition 1955 - T.E. Lawrence
Seven Pillars of Wisdom 1935 - T.E. Lawrence
The Odyssey of Homer 1935- T.E. Lawrence
Minorities 1972- T.E. Lawrence
Revolt in the Desert 1927 - T.E. Lawrence
The Letters To T.E. Lawrence 1962- Compiled by David Garnett
*The Letters Of T.E. Lawrence 1938- Compiled by David Garnett
The Selected Letters of T.E. Lawrence - Malcolm Brown
T.E. Lawrence by His Friends 1937 - Compiled by A.W. Lawrence
T.E. Lawrence by His Friends 1937- Compiled by A.W. Lawrence
Seven Pillars of Wisdom - T.E. Lawrence
Four T.E. Lawrence Society Journals

Seven Pillars of Wisdom Oxford Text - Printed by Castle Hill Press in 2014

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lawrence of arabia au

james mcgraw, a talented lieutenant with a promising career, is seconded to the arab bureau because of his excellent arabic and extensive knowledge of the region. thomas hamilton, his commanding officer, shares his defiant ideas on the independence of the arab people with james. he falls in love, first with his ideas and then with the man himself. thomas is captured by the ottoman forces and killed. james decides to try and accomplish what thomas wanted so badly. he leaves for the desert to lead the arab revolt.