revok one

Oh, you had me living a lie for a year? Maybe I'll just go ahead and dismantle every aspect of your life.

Well I was had! I been took! I been hoodwinked! Bamboozled! Led astray! Run amok!

This is a trailer trash roller coaster. All aboard!

The Lies

I thought I was in a slightly tumultuous but overall fun relationship for a year. I had gotten out of a 12 year relationship when I met Fuckboi, he was so charming and handsome I thought I won the lottery! He was super pushy about saying “I love you” first and defining our relationship. He introduced me to his family. His niece started calling me Auntie. He tells me about his 3 children and their mothers and lies about how the mother of his oldest hates him and is keeping him away from the kid.

But then things started getting weird. His “ex” started calling all the fucking time, multiple times a day. They had children together, but the grandmother had custody the lie I was told to make it seem normal was that both of them had jobs where they traveled a lot, so they signed legal guardianship over to the g-ma to make schooling & emergency issue easier. Then she moved down to the city we were loving in for “work training”. Then she was moving down permanently without the kids. When I asked why the kids weren’t coming, the lie I was told they need to stay in the same school Um, they are 6 and 4 I’d say staying with parents is more important at that age than their peer group. It was weird, but I’m the cool girlfriend and it wasn’t my place to tell them where their daughters should live.

His “work” was in the cannabis industry, kind of. He worked with the “ex” brother in law going to legal states, buying pounds at a time and trafficking it via USPS. So, when he tells me he’s going to Oregon I think nothing of it.

After a week in Oregon, a lot of stories aren’t adding up, like his phone is always dead even though he carries a power bank with him. THEN one of his “friends” starts posting cuddled up selfies with him. I quickly put 2 and 2 together and dump him for cheating on me with this chick in Oregon.

The Truth

After I dumped him I made a messy facebook post on his wall, which the mother of his oldest child sees and she contacts me and lays out the truth!

He never contacts his oldest daughter, even though he has her cellphone. No one is keeping him from her.

  • He owes $20k in back child support for her, as he has never once made a payment and he moves around a lot & works under the table, so the mother was never able to collect garnishments or anything.
  • He has a huge criminal record starting with rape he committed at age 15, and then a lifetime of fraud, larceny and drug charges I knew nothing about!
  • His “ex” who moved to our city was his girlfriend of 9 years who was very much still in a relationship with him
  • They willingly gave up the 2 children because they preferred to use drugs; him - heroin, her - pills
  • There is a FOURTH child!?!?!?! He and the mother conspired to pin the paternity on another poor sap and it’s been 17 years now that this other man has been paying for a kid that is not his
  • I was his side chick
  • His family knew and played along in the lie and included their 10 and 16 year old children in the lie!
  • His chick in Oregon is actually his starcrossed lover from childhood! And every time they would try to be together one or the other would end up in jail!
  • The Oregon chick ALSO has a criminal record highlights include criminally negligent homicide from a DUI where she killed her passenger, fraud, larceny, drug charges

This shocked me, so I paid for a criminal background check which is how I learned of their records.

The Revenge

I PROFUSELY thanked the ex for telling me the truth about the situation. I mulled on it for a bit trying to convince myself to simply consider myself lucky and just walk away with my dignity intact. But then he’d be winning and I knew I had everything in my power to come down on him like Thor’s hammer.

  • I gave the ex ALL of his info - SSN, State ID#s, current and past known addresses. With this she contacted her state’s Child Support Services.
  • He now will have his Drivers license revoked and can’t get one no matter the state he moves to until he is current with his past payments.
  • If he ever gets a real job 25% of his wages will be garnished
  • He now has a warrant for his arrest in the state his oldest kid lives.
  • He’s trying to play house with his new GF and contacted the mother of his oldest to arrange a meeting with his kid and his gf’s child. The mother is “playing nice” and pretending it’s a-go and he is planing a trip to visit the daughter. He will not see her, at the “meeting” he will be seeing the police and they will arrest him for failure to pay, and he won’t get out of jail until he pays a sizable chunk of the $20,000 past-due PLUS bail!
  • I gave the ex his info THE DAY BEFORE his federal tax refund was set to go out, She was fast enough at getting his info to CSS that they INTERCEPTED his full tax refund and now he has for the first time paid for something for his child.
  • His past due child support is also going on his credit report
  • I know the name of the business his ex brother in law owns and uses to launder his drug trafficking money, I dropped a dime to the IRS. So, he’s losing his only steady income soon and can’t get a job a Walmart due to his criminal record, and if he DOES manage to find someone that hires without criminal background checks he will lose ¼ of his paycheck.
  • I told this story to two of my “hacker” friends and they got into contact with hackers more talented than themselves and are now going to “take care of” a few more things for me, like finding the guy who was conned into paying for a kid that’s not his.

Me, a potato who cannot tell one end of a spaghetti from the other: 

*reaches that point in a fanfic where Hannibal is about to Cook A Thing* 

Oh no what’s the writer going to do!? they’re a writer not a cooker!! are they just gunna handwave it or-


The Fic: 

*has Hannibal reel off a dazzling four course menu of indecently graphic foodporn en Français, somehow linked to his backstory, utilising Chekhov’s Ingredients (already mentioned beforehand) demonstrating intricate knowledge of how to make it and the way the different components smell and look at different stages; the plating presentation and ingredients compliment the fic’s themes and match Janice Poon’s culinary aesthetic; Will tasting it triggers an evocative sense-memory flashback to his tough childhood in Louisiana like that fucking bit in Ratatouille*


Me, Bewildered and Angry: 

@ The Writers

anonymous asked:

you mentioned revocation of baptism in your previous post, how does one go about that?

There are many ways to revoke one’s baptism. Here are just a few:

One way is to climb to a high place, starting on a Sunday, with an apple. Eat the apple and save one seed. Repeat this until Saturday, when after you have the last seed, you carefully place all of them in your mouth, and then spit them at the sky/at God declaring yourself free and whole from Him.

The simplest is probably the “the “Betwixt and Between,” where you crouch down low, with one hand on the topmost crown of your head and the other on the sole of your foot, and declare that everything between your two hands to belong to the devil. (This was Isobel Gowdie’s way.) However, this might be an issue if The Witch Father is not the spirit that chooses to initiate you. 

Another simplified way is to say The Lord’s Prayer backwards – but I’d be careful of this, as the most popular is Paul Huson’s and the way he has it written out in his book isn’t actually the sounds it would make backwards. 

You can also blaspheme the Holy Spirit (the unforgivable sin according to Matthew 12:31, and Mark 3:29)  thirteen times on thirteen consecutive days, representing either the thirteen tribes of Israel or the twelve apostles and Jesus himself, depending on who you ask. 

Another is to find a river that runs due east, and there take a new knife, preferably silver, but it doesn’t have to be, and as the sun rises, wash it in the river, declaring “ I want my soul to be as free from the saving blood of Jesus Christ as this knife is of sin.” Do this twelve days in a row. 

Another one is to wash naked in a stream or creek (and everyone who read that as crick raise your hands, because that’s how I read it) where the water is fleeing from the sun, and wash yourself, repeating: “I wash my soul as free of god as I wash my body of dirt.”

My personal favourite is slightly more complicated, but I find it meaningful. You get a bundle of black roving – and it has to come from a black sheep, it cannot be dyed black, and make sure it is the darkest you can get – absolutely no white in it, and you take it and a spindle and walk to a high place, there you spin counterclockwise fiber into yarn, afterwards, you stand if you were sitting, and keeping the spindle absolutely still, you declare yourself as clean from God as the wool is from white, and your fate as free from Jesus as the spindle is to turn. You then drop the spindle, and let it whirl about. 

Unpopular opinion: While I am generally pro-feminist, I don’t think it has monopoly on gender equality or justice.

This goes for other movements and ideologies concerning other issues as well (BLM concerning racial issues, PETA concerning animal welfare, etc.)

I no longer identify as feminist anymore because a) it’s not an identity anyway, it’s a political movement b) there be too many problems in it’s popular manifestations for me to overlook and c) these same popular manifestations that are so very prevalent do not welcome dissenting voices - unless of course the dissent is that we’re not “intersectional” enough. One of the big reasons why this new wave of feminist and social justice awakening is not having the transformative impact that we want it to is because it’s beholden to liberal identity politics and co-opted concepts that are divorced from their roots, which elevates hypervisible performance both of the marginalized and their allies on social media over nuanced theory and action. It rewards attacks on personhood (AKA ad hominem) with only tangential and vague appeals to ideology over dialectic methods and structural change. It focuses too much on the ‘micro’ and not enough on the macro. It hunkers down in essentialism and tribalism, though member ship can easily br revoked if one does not fall into line. It values diversity of demographics but mistakes this for diversity of voice and conflates it with inclusivity. It believes listening is the same as agreement and when you don’t agree that must mean you aren’t listening (AKA “talking over” someone).

It fails precisely because it’s the distaff counterpart to conservative identity politics. You can’t defeat something by mimicking the very thing that is holding you down. That’s not radical it’s just reprocessed same old same old. Putting a trans, disabled, woman of color as its face doesn’t change that.


Pixerys Lavellan x Dorian Pavus

“Beam me up, Amatus~”

My contribution to Dorianmance Week! Which, as we all know, is the ideal time to expand on a SpaceNerd x Alien AU, rofl.

The basic premise is that Dorian is an astronomy nerd who is convinced Thedosians are NOT alone in the universe despite not having scientific proof.  As a result, he is relentlessly mocked by his colleagues and is threatened to have his academic credentials revoked. One night while stargazing, he’s finally proven right. Though he gets a little more than he bargained for.

Meanwhile Pixy is a space-faring hamster from the Planet Pixy, which is inhabited by billions of adorable clones who all identify as Pixy and all share a telepathic hivemind of every Pixy’s collective thoughts, memories, feelings and experiences as they explore the universe. And they all love Dorian!!!!

 Depicted above is their first meeting, where Dorian meets just the one stray Pixy that wandered from the rest of the group into his corner of the galaxy. Their relationship (and Pixy’s presence in Thedas for that matter) is largely a secret because Dorian is paranoid that the scientists at TASA will want to study Pixy (ie. put in tank, dissect, perform hideous experiments etc).

The red pompom on Pixy’s head is a dendrite-like extension that relays signals to other fellow Pixy’s across the cosmos and unifies the collective Pixy consciousness.  Like synapses bouncing between adorable sentient neurons in a gigantic primordial cosmic brain entity that exists in everywhere in the universe at once.  This is in contrast to Thedosians who resemble Earthlings and have their own isolated lives and individual experiences in their own tiny pocket of the universe.  But ANYWAY.

I guess you could say it’s a bit of a space ship. …Get it? =D;;;;

Hope you like!!! XD;; The idea came to me while I was drunk and blew up from there.

SQW Day 2 “MILF”

“Hey Ma, what’s a milf?” Emma spits out the coffee she had been drinking and begins coughing as the bit she did manage to inhale went down the wrong pipe.

“What did you say?” She manages to choke out.

“What does milf mean,” Her thirteen year old son states louder. The blonde continues to cough although it’s mostly done on purpose as a way to buy her some time.

“Why do you ask?” She’s really not looking forward to his answer because if it has anything to with (or she suspects that it has to do with) porn then that’s gonna lead to a whole other plane of awkwardness that she’s in no way ready for. Regina was the one that was prepared for ‘The Talk” having set up a whole speech with diagrams and images and explicit details on consent and bedroom etiquette. She was so focused on trying to remember what the whole thing entailed just in case this topic lead down that path, that she almost missed his answer.

“The group of teenagers that usually hang out in parking lots, you know the ones who you and mom told me to stay away from, were talking about mom. I couldn’t really hear exactly what they were saying but I heard them say milf and I don’t know what that means.” As her boy stares at her, blinking with an innocent expression her heart rate slowly decreases and she’s able to breath more easily. ‘Thank the stars’ she thinks and closes her eyes for a moment to gather herself before continuing.

“Man I love fries.”


“It’s an acronym. Milf, M.I.L.F stands for, Man I Love Fries.” Henry’s face takes on a look of confusion, carefully taking a few moments before speaking up once more.

“Oh. That’s weird. It’s just,” He pauses, a look of mild concentration on his face “they were talking about her and doing weird gestures then they immediately start talking about fries?” Emma’s knuckles have most definitely turned white, she can tell even though she can’t see them as she’s gripping the seat of her chair.

“Guess so,” Her voice sounds strained so she takes a quick calming breath  “Teenagers are weird, Hen, Especially that bunch so remember to stay away from them, okay?”

“Okay, Ma.” He smiles and leaves the room.

“I’m gonna kill ‘em.”


Emma waited and waited for the perfect moment to strike, going as far as to borrow Grumpy’s truck for the stakeouts at the normal hangouts of the group of teens Henry had mentioned. It took a little over a week until she had everything she needed. Collecting information on who was a part of the group, how old they were, where they lived, any past felons ect.. she gathered everything (that she could do legally anyway as this had to be done by the books or else everything would be for naught) now all she had to do was wait for them to gather once again.

Tonight was the night, she could feel the adrenaline rush as she pulled up in her Sheriff’s car, sirens blaring and tires squealing. She knew she wouldn’t be able to physically catch all of them but she didn’t need to, besides, there was really only one she wanted to bust in this fashion so she had her sights set on him as soon as she got close enough to pick him out. Predictably, they all scattered but she had no trouble keeping her eyes on her target, she pulled up and practically launched out of the car at full speed, all noise died down as she chased after her prey, for a moment she relished in the animalistic mindset running after perps always gave her but she was human (and a cop) and needed to act like one. “Freeze or I’ll have no option but to use force!” Secretly she hoped he didn’t listen and felt like Christmas came early when he didn’t. “Don’t say I didn’t warn you!” No longer needing to hold back, she effortlessly catches up and tackles him to the ground and if she ‘accidentally’ pushes against the back of his head and rubs his face in the mud they landed in, well she was just straightening herself out.


At that moment Emma couldn’t be happier with the job she had. ‘Helping people is great and all but damn does this feel good.’ Maybe, as an adult, she should feel some sort of empathy for the crying teenager in the jail cell but after everything he’s done she just can’t bring herself to care all that much. Tommy Jensen had always been a thorn in the citizens of Storybrooke’s sides, from theft to drugs to property damage to generally just being a little shit with a horrific attitude had made the Sheriff wonder how he hadn’t been detained before, until she learned his parents were ex nobles, who may have lost their titles when the curse happened but never lost their ‘snobbiness’. Using who they were in the Enchanted Forest they were able to bail their kid out of trouble or scare other residence into not punishing their son but the Savior wasn’t from there and thus titles meant absolutely nothing to her. She knows it really wasn’t entirely Tommy’s fault for being the way he was, she was even starting to feel a sliver of sadness for the kid but then he opened his mouth.

“Hey! You know who my family is, right?”

“Yep.” she held back a chuckle at the sight of disbelief on his face. He obviously wasn’t use to people knowing who he was and not caring.

“My father can pay you! Whatever you want, all you gotta do is let me out.”

“No thanks.” Tommy started to scream and shake the bars with all his might.

“YOU STUPID BITCH LET ME OUT!” The Sheriff lost all traces of amusement and stood up to collect her things. “Wh-where are you going?” Emma, as an adult, knew she couldn’t lose her temper with him but she was never a really that good at being a proper adult.

“Your friends should be home by now so I’m going to go pay them a visit.” Her tone was cold and unlike anything the teen had heard coming from her before. “While I’m out I’ll have to figure out how long you’ll be locked up for. You’re practically legally an adult so I’ll have to take that into account.”

“I-I only just tur-turned seventeen!” The blonde shrugs.

“Close enough.” And yeah Emma really wasn’t that great at being an adult but she didn’t yell so that was progress. Besides, a little fear was good for kids.


The Sheriff went around to all the houses to inform the parents and dish out punishments. For those who thought their little angel(s) would never do such a thing, she’d pull out the pictures she had taken over the course of her stakeouts. The discipline varied from kid to kid depending on their age and past actions. The older ones had their driver’s permit/license revoked, the younger ones had to take classes in drugs/alcohol awareness, those who had a history with the law also had to pay fines, but all had to do at least twenty hours of community service.

Once the other teens were all sorted out, Emma returned to the station to deal with Tommy, the gang’s leader and the one who had set everything into motion with his disrespectful comments about Regina. As she walked in he immediately tried to get her attention but she simply ignored him and called his parents to let him know where he was. To say they weren’t happy would be an understatement but she really didn’t care, she was the law in this town and if she just happen to accidentally lock them in a cell without legal reason and misplaced the keys, well she was always losing her things and she’d get right to looking for them… the morning.

“What’s gonna happen to me?” the boy sniffled. It took a few moments for Emma to remember what she said to Tommy before she had left to bust his friends.

“That all depends on you.” Legally she couldn’t actually do much of anything other than what she had already done to the other teens but he didn’t need to know that. Technically the only thing she could hold him for was underage drinking. Although it was common knowledge that him and his group were behind a good portion of the minor crimes around town, along with them also doing drugs, there wasn’t any hardcore evidence to prove it.

“What do you mean?” Emma smirked.


“Hey Henry!”

“Huh? Oh, Hey Grace!”

“What’re you doing out here?”

“Oh you know…just people watching.” Following his line of sight, Grace gasped.

“Is….is that Tommy Jensen!?”

“It sure is!” Normally the brunette boy’s smile would make her swoon a little but this smile was different. This smile reminded her of his mother back when she was still considered an enemy and gave her chills.

“What’s he doing?”

“He’s bringing apology cards to anyone and everyone he ever wronged.”

“What about that huge bouquet of flowers?”

“Those are for my mom.” Grace took a few minutes watching Henry watching Tommy when it clicked.

“Henry, did you have something to do with this?”

“Operation ‘Lion’ is complete.”

Good Cop, Bad Cop (M) [PRLG]

Summary: Asshole FBI!Jungkook / Cop AU. In which you, a corrupt police officer, cross paths with the FBI who threaten to have your freedom revoked, but on one, simple condition.
Genre: Action/Angst/Drama/Smut…eventually
Words: 3,418
Warnings: Violence, drugs, death/murder, wild cops that cannot be stopped
A/N: Inspired by the many cop shows I watch, but mainly my thirst for Jungkook in a suit. 

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I am seriously wondering why D&D went through so much trouble to give Sansa Arya’s storyline and basically make it fanfiction and have it make no sense whatsoever. Seriously I’m wondering why.

It started when Sansa took the place of Jeyne Poole marrying Ramsay (and also being tortured way less). And right here it already doesn’t make sense. Sansa is still married to Tyrion, this marriage can only end if it’s revoked and also if one of them dies leaving the other a widow. Or (again) if it is revoked by the high septon. Which it hasn’t been because they were accused with kingslaying (false accusation though). But because of that they can’t go to the high septon without being arrested. So D&D go ahead with it anyway because Sansa should suffer some more so that when she wants to become queen (again, just like when she was little, only now she wants to rule the North instead of all of Westeros) she is empowered and people are happily rooting for the pretty girl with the even sadder backstory getting what she wanted when she was a whiney brat. But at least now she is doing it to get back at her rapist (who wasn’t even supposed to be her rapist like I said) and everyone that did her wrong, and to regain the Northern roots she never cared to have until the south decided to completely turn on her.

D&D can’t seem to allow any female “winners” without them being pretty and sassy, what is the problem with giving at least one female that isn’t a supermodel, that always know just what snarky thing to say, an interesting story (like in asoiaf). Just like when they replaced boring, not gorgeous looking Jeyne Westerling with fierce, pretty Talica and made Robb look like a douche in the process (but that’s another rant that someone else already perfectly explained). And now replaced Jeyne Poole (fake Arya) with sassy Sansa. So apparantly Northern looking Arya isn’t pretty enough to be interesting.

So then Theon saves Sansa instead of some nobody which actually was supposed to be his redemption. Then Sansa goes to find Jon and finds him on her first try with hardly anything stopping her. On the way she picks up a nice crew (Brienne and Pod) they pledge their loyalty and service, and she finds Jon,  they reunite and she decides to take back Winterfell while reminding Jon that she can do it alone and that she has the Stark name while he doesn’t… uh no? You actually don’t have the Stark name. You’re either a Lannister or a Bolton. And Robb disinherited you as well which will definitely keep you from ever being queen in the North if anybody finds out. In that same will he also declared Jon his heir. And considering you don’t have an army and will have trouble finding one now, you really can’t do it alone.

Also, why lie to Jon (about Littlefinger)? He’s already helping you with his wildling army (how does it feel to be the one with less power?). Keeping him in the dark about this type of stuff is how you make yourself untrustworthy again. Sure you apologized for torturing him all those years (which is basically nothing in comparison, but whatever he accepted), but this isn’t really a great start to working together. I feel like this might come back to bite her in the ass later. Or if they continue with this fanfiction it will just help her in getting everything she wants.

And out of everyone Sansa is the least likely to be getting any support from the North. She looks Southern, she acts Southern, she basically betrayed Ned for as far as they know, she has been disinherited by Robb, she always pissed on Jon and Arya who actually did look and act Northern, and she basically didn’t give a shit about the North until the South rejected her, and now all of a sudden the North decides it is independent and wants it’s own rulers, and tada Sansa’s childhood dream can become a reality for her, and she is a Northern warrior queen with more strength than you’ve ever seen.

On an end note: some things I said about what Sansa’s motivations are or stuff like that are obviously not the entire reason or hardly a reason at all and just sarcastic. But I was ranting so I’m obviously not going to be politically correct about everything. However I still believe that some of the sarcastic reasons I mentioned played some part in her thinking process.

Also there is more stuff but I feel like these are the most fundamental things that D&D messed up just to help Sansa. And I just don’t get why. They made Robb look like douchebag (it actually started with the Jeyne Westerling-Talisa switch-up  but that was not so directly related to Sansa as it was to the parallel with Theon saving Jeyne Poole, but still Robb looking like an idiot for marrying this hot chick he’d seen, Talisa, instead of the Frey girl also had to do with Sansa’s changed storyline), they took Theon’s surprising redemption and turned it into one that you’d expect and could see coming, and they gave Arya this dragged out boring storyline in Braavos. Why? So that they can all serve their Northern queen? Anyway if I list all the things that D&D did to boost Sansa’s personality and her entire storyline I wouldn’t be done tomorrow.

anonymous asked:

I've checked several internet sources and it seems like the Catholic Church is very resistant to the idea of renouncing/revoking ones baptism. Would their complete refusal to remove a person's name from their baptism registry be an issue? "Once a Catholic, always a Catholic" is mentioned rather ominously, referring to the belief that you cannot undo baptism regardless of whether it was done with your consent. I personally think this is Church propaganda but wanted to hear your take on it.

Of course Catholics don’t want people to revoke. And of course they don’t believe people can revoke either. 
What does a baptism matter when, in their eyes, everything belongs to God anyway? 
What does it matter when they take the ‘witchcraft is heresy because it doesn’t exist’ route? (Though that is an idea most usually taken with protestants)

The entire point of revoking is to release yourself from their God, their answers, and their opinions. Seeking answers through them is almost counterproductive. 

Good Cop, Bad Cop (M) [PT.2]

Summary: Asshole FBI!Jungkook / Cop AU. In which you, a corrupt police officer, cross paths with the FBI who threaten to have your freedom revoked, but on one, simple condition.
Genre: Action/Angst/Drama/Smut…eventually
Words: 1,342
A/N: Upcoming chapters will be longer and more in depth!!

PROLOGUE / PT. 1 / PT. 2

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The Glaistig is a type of ghost in Scottish mythology, as well as a type of fuath (malevolent water spirit). Her Gaelic name translates to “water imp”.


She may appear either as a beautiful woman or a monstrous mien. She is often depicted as a half-woman half-goat (similar to a Satyr). The lower goat half of her hybrid form is usually disguised by a long, flowing green robe or dress, and the woman often appears grey with long golden hair.

She is said to frequent lochs and rivers in the Highlands of Scotland.

There are variations surrounding whether or not Glaistig is benevolent or malevolent.

Some stories have her luring men to her lair with her enchanting song or dance, where she would then drink their blood. Other such tales have her casting stones in the path of travellers or throwing them off course.

However, in other sources she is said to be a type of tutelary deity and protector of cattle and herders, and in at least one legend in Scotland, the town of Ach-na-Creige had such a spirit protecting the cattle herds. The townsfolk, in gratitude, poured milk from the cows into a hollowed-out stone for her to drink. According to the same legend, her protection was revoked after one local youth poured boiling milk into the stone, burning her. She has also been described in some folklore as watching over children while their mothers milked the cows and fathers watched over the herds.

The Green Lady

Another rendition of the Glaistig legend is that she was once a mortal noblewoman, to whom a “faerie” nature had been given or who was cursed with the goat’s legs and immortality, and since has been known as “The Green Lady”. She might either be benign, watching over houses and looking after the weak mind, cause poltergeist activity, or appear as a vengeful ghost

In some tales, she was the daughter of a lord who was murdered in a green dress, and then stuffed unceremoniously up the chimney by a servant. It is said that her footsteps can still be heard as she walks the castle in sadness.

However there is another variation on the Green Lady legend. It tells of a mortal woman who lived on an island near the Firth of Clyde and who was smitten by the faeries and was granted her unspoken wish to become one of them. Afterwards, she dedicated herself to watching over the cattle of the island until a farmer offended her greatly through rude treatment and she left, making her way to the mainland by leaping to nearby islets before snagging her hoof in the rigging of a passing ship. She, according to this tale, fell into the ocean and presumably drowned, or at any rate was never seen again.

KF Week 2016 || Day 05: AU

» AU where KF have been best friends since early childhood with a shared fascination for volleyball (Prompted by Fai’s starry-eyed wonder & curiousity) & would go on to lead a top 8 elite high school volleyball team in their prefecture together - Fai as their animated, yet shrewd captain & star setter, Kurogane as the tough, but respected co-captain & widely feared team ace. ….Sound familiar….?

Haikyuu Seijouh
crossover bc IwaOi is practically just a synonym for KuroFai. They pretty much run off a similar dynamic & chemistry - Iwa-Chan is like a younger Kuro-Chan <- respectively dubbed as such by their hyperactive, irksome but they’ll-stick-by-them-no-matter-the-weather-anyways companion; Oikawa & Fai - the former an extroverted, okay way more narcissistic, & ambitious version of the latter.. (Okay they’re fairly unalike at the intrinsic level) but complete with the exact same Japanese voice actor!! (Ty Namikawa Daisuke).

(Additional artist blabber under the cut)

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Baggage | Tom Felton x Emma Watson

Something that begins with a simple, meeting-up-with-friends episode, bursts into chaos when the media catches wind of it and decides to present it with the worst icing possible.

Misunderstandings and heartbreaks and tainted histories are revoked, and no one seems to have a possibility of coming out unscathed from that mayhem.

【the unthinkable… has happened.

i’ve begun a Feltson Fanfiction - oh God, i wanna dig a hole and die in them feels!

i’ll be eternally grateful if you’d drop by and have a peek at the prologue that i’ve posted.】

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Would revoking baptism by saying Paul Hudson’s the lord’s prayer backwards be a way of asking for initiation even if you intend it to just be revoking baptism?

It may show interest, but no. Witches aren’t the only one who revoke baptism. However,  I’m really not certain it would even work as a revocation, for the pure and simple fact that the way Paul Huson write’s it out…isn’t actually how it would sound backwards. 

In what would does Rertharf  equal Father? Not to mention “in Earth” instead of “on Earth” It’s a bit of a linguistic mess.

I’m not criticising Huson on the whole, or saying his work isn’t valuable, I’m just saying that his version of the Lord’s Prayer won’t get anything done, because it’s not the Lord’s Prayer. I know these are little things, but they aren’t the only errors in it, just the most ridiculous, and as someone who believes words have power – you need the right words. 

No Shave November

Series: Fairy Tail

Pairing: Zervis

Genre: Humor/ AU

Rated: T for kissing I guess

Summary: This year Mavis is determined to beat Zera. 

*A/N- Set in my HS/ Mob AU that IS going to be written eventually. 

I have no excuse for this. My computer privileges should be revoked after ten pm. 

x x x x x 

“Last looks, Zeref,” Mavis said, lying on the couch so she could stick her smooth, freshly shaven legs in his face.

“What?” He asked, confused, looking up from his paperwork at Mavis’s admittedly nice calves.

“It’s no shave November, and I’m in a competition with Zera to see who can grow their leg hair out the longest, so today is the last smooth leg day for a while.”

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“I honestly wasn’t even sure if you were both real at this point, or if one of you was just some sort of fugue spirit guide to hell, or if one of you was actually just a detective from the elite squad known as the Special Victims Unit, and this is one of your stories, doink doink.”