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Good Cop, Bad Cop (M) [PRLG]

Summary: Asshole FBI!Jungkook / Cop AU. In which you, a corrupt police officer, cross paths with the FBI who threaten to have your freedom revoked, but on one, simple condition.
Genre: Action/Angst/Drama/Smut…eventually
Words: 3,418
Warnings: Violence, drugs, death/murder, wild cops that cannot be stopped
A/N: Inspired by the many cop shows I watch, but mainly my thirst for Jungkook in a suit. 

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I am seriously wondering why D&D went through so much trouble to give Sansa Arya’s storyline and basically make it fanfiction and have it make no sense whatsoever. Seriously I’m wondering why.

It started when Sansa took the place of Jeyne Poole marrying Ramsay (and also being tortured way less). And right here it already doesn’t make sense. Sansa is still married to Tyrion, this marriage can only end if it’s revoked and also if one of them dies leaving the other a widow. Or (again) if it is revoked by the high septon. Which it hasn’t been because they were accused with kingslaying (false accusation though). But because of that they can’t go to the high septon without being arrested. So D&D go ahead with it anyway because Sansa should suffer some more so that when she wants to become queen (again, just like when she was little, only now she wants to rule the North instead of all of Westeros) she is empowered and people are happily rooting for the pretty girl with the even sadder backstory getting what she wanted when she was a whiney brat. But at least now she is doing it to get back at her rapist (who wasn’t even supposed to be her rapist like I said) and everyone that did her wrong, and to regain the Northern roots she never cared to have until the south decided to completely turn on her.

D&D can’t seem to allow any female “winners” without them being pretty and sassy, what is the problem with giving at least one female that isn’t a supermodel, that always know just what snarky thing to say, an interesting story (like in asoiaf). Just like when they replaced boring, not gorgeous looking Jeyne Westerling with fierce, pretty Talica and made Robb look like a douche in the process (but that’s another rant that someone else already perfectly explained). And now replaced Jeyne Poole (fake Arya) with sassy Sansa. So apparantly Northern looking Arya isn’t pretty enough to be interesting.

So then Theon saves Sansa instead of some nobody which actually was supposed to be his redemption. Then Sansa goes to find Jon and finds him on her first try with hardly anything stopping her. On the way she picks up a nice crew (Brienne and Pod) they pledge their loyalty and service, and she finds Jon,  they reunite and she decides to take back Winterfell while reminding Jon that she can do it alone and that she has the Stark name while he doesn’t… uh no? You actually don’t have the Stark name. You’re either a Lannister or a Bolton. And Robb disinherited you as well which will definitely keep you from ever being queen in the North if anybody finds out. In that same will he also declared Jon his heir. And considering you don’t have an army and will have trouble finding one now, you really can’t do it alone.

Also, why lie to Jon (about Littlefinger)? He’s already helping you with his wildling army (how does it feel to be the one with less power?). Keeping him in the dark about this type of stuff is how you make yourself untrustworthy again. Sure you apologized for torturing him all those years (which is basically nothing in comparison, but whatever he accepted), but this isn’t really a great start to working together. I feel like this might come back to bite her in the ass later. Or if they continue with this fanfiction it will just help her in getting everything she wants.

And out of everyone Sansa is the least likely to be getting any support from the North. She looks Southern, she acts Southern, she basically betrayed Ned for as far as they know, she has been disinherited by Robb, she always pissed on Jon and Arya who actually did look and act Northern, and she basically didn’t give a shit about the North until the South rejected her, and now all of a sudden the North decides it is independent and wants it’s own rulers, and tada Sansa’s childhood dream can become a reality for her, and she is a Northern warrior queen with more strength than you’ve ever seen.

On an end note: some things I said about what Sansa’s motivations are or stuff like that are obviously not the entire reason or hardly a reason at all and just sarcastic. But I was ranting so I’m obviously not going to be politically correct about everything. However I still believe that some of the sarcastic reasons I mentioned played some part in her thinking process.

Also there is more stuff but I feel like these are the most fundamental things that D&D messed up just to help Sansa. And I just don’t get why. They made Robb look like douchebag (it actually started with the Jeyne Westerling-Talisa switch-up  but that was not so directly related to Sansa as it was to the parallel with Theon saving Jeyne Poole, but still Robb looking like an idiot for marrying this hot chick he’d seen, Talisa, instead of the Frey girl also had to do with Sansa’s changed storyline), they took Theon’s surprising redemption and turned it into one that you’d expect and could see coming, and they gave Arya this dragged out boring storyline in Braavos. Why? So that they can all serve their Northern queen? Anyway if I list all the things that D&D did to boost Sansa’s personality and her entire storyline I wouldn’t be done tomorrow.

Good Cop, Bad Cop (M) [PT.2]

Summary: Asshole FBI!Jungkook / Cop AU. In which you, a corrupt police officer, cross paths with the FBI who threaten to have your freedom revoked, but on one, simple condition.
Genre: Action/Angst/Drama/Smut…eventually
Words: 1,342
A/N: Upcoming chapters will be longer and more in depth!!

PROLOGUE / PT. 1 / PT. 2

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No Shave November

Series: Fairy Tail

Pairing: Zervis

Genre: Humor/ AU

Rated: T for kissing I guess

Summary: This year Mavis is determined to beat Zera. 

*A/N- Set in my HS/ Mob AU that IS going to be written eventually. 

I have no excuse for this. My computer privileges should be revoked after ten pm. 

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“Last looks, Zeref,” Mavis said, lying on the couch so she could stick her smooth, freshly shaven legs in his face.

“What?” He asked, confused, looking up from his paperwork at Mavis’s admittedly nice calves.

“It’s no shave November, and I’m in a competition with Zera to see who can grow their leg hair out the longest, so today is the last smooth leg day for a while.”

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