revofthought asked:

So what Inspired you to make a blog about oats?

Short answer: oats are great.

Long answer, in two parts: First, oatmeal has been my work-week lunch for awhile. At my previous job my co-workers took notice of my lunch choice, also known as ‘oat time’ or ‘time for oats’. Now we’re all in different places so this was, in some ways, a comical way of keeping in touch with all of them.

Second, because oats are great. They’re easy, super healthy, satisfying, versatile, and affordable.


Vermont Retreat (by RevolutionOfThought1)
“I recently went the state of Vermont with some friends on a short retreat. This is just a short montage of some clips of our trip over a interesting conversation we had on the trip. Enjoy.”


Joseph Simcox Speaks At Baker Creek Heirloom Festival 2014

Joseph Simcox Speaks at Baker Creek”s 4th annual Heirloom Festival. In this lecture he cover Genetic Diversity and why GMO’s are not necessary because of the amount of genetic diversity in the plant world. Very Informative & Enlightening.