October is "National Security Awareness Month" brought to you by the Department of Homeland Security
October is “National Security Awareness Month” brought to you by the Department of Homeland Security
Is this creepy, or what?

The very people (Homeland Security and NSA) who violate our cyber (and personal) privacy are cranking up a propaganda machine to convince all of us to join in.

Why shouldn’t we – after all, they want to “protect against and respond to cyber incidents.” Regrettably, the most intrusive cyber incidents we need to be protected from are those perpetrated on us by our own country.

The groups DHS intends to target are:

• Students K-12 and undergraduates
• Parents and Educators
• Young Professionals
• Senior citizens
• Government
• Industry
• Small business owners
• Law enforcement

DHS has begun an initiative to purvey propaganda onto American citizens called Stop.Think.Connect. (STC). The STC have teamed with Microsoft to create public service announcements (PSAs) that convince average Americans on how to perceive the inflated threat hackers have on the US government’s cybersecurity.

In Nazi Germany (and then East Germany) relied on its people to spy on each other. This is obviously part of a great tradition.