“We can’t be in solidarity unless we define our struggle here in connection to a local global struggle. Solidarity actions are cool, but nothing comes out of it. People will go to an action and be in solidarity, but we have to go beyond that and be in body with what solidarity is–which is attacking the system. The funding for the war on drugs is spelled out in the Merida Initiative from Bush. The funding for what’s happening, for the training, comes from the US government. Solidarity is beyond just being in solidarity with Egypt or Mexico or anywhere in the world. Solidarity is struggling in the belly of the beast with all means necessary. A lot of the capitalist war criminals are here and they have names and bank accounts.”


Brazil: Police Crush Homeless Workers’ Occupation of Rio’s Prefecture, FIFA’s Army Kills One More

Photos by Das LutasMidia InformalAbaixo a Ditadura 2.0Assembleia do LargoRioNaRuaJornal Urbano Mídia IndependenteColetivo Carranca.


Dozens Arrested Protesting #FIFA’s World Cup, Police Brutality Continues Despite Rising Death Toll #telerjresiste #naovaitercopa

This blog has used images from these sources: Apoio à Ocupação da Prefeitura #telerjresisteColetivo CarrancaCaos na Saúde PúblicaBlack Bloc RJOlhar IndependenteAssembleia do LargoOrganização Anarquista Terra e Liberdade OATLColetivo VinhetandoBlackBlocSPFaseIIContra Copa 2014Ninja, De Olho Na Rua – Mídia Independente, Pedro Prado as well as photos taken by other individual witnesses to events.


Killer cop goes free in Milwaukee, the family of #DontreHamilton hold back their rage and tears. They call upon “The Power Of The People” and will continue to demand justice.

Killer Cop Not Indicted in Murder of Dontre Hamilton:

Sleeping While Black, Justice for Dontre Hamilton:

All Photo Credits to: Abe Van Dyke/ VDC Photo

New NYPD vests with ‘Crusader’ emblem will cost 7.3 million

“Besides the ridiculous waste of money going into this unnecessary ass kissing of the biggest armed gang in the United States, the vests will come with shotgun resistant plate in the front that dons the emblem of Christian crusaders – people who were sent by the Catholic Church and European monarchies to murder Jews, Muslims, and other non believers (including Christians who refused to obey Rome).”