My war cleric watches, bemusedly, as our Warlock hands over a dagger to a revnant. The Warlock tells th creature to stab him, which it does. The Warlock has meant to cast phatasmal force, but the revnant is immune.
Warlock: That didn’t work out as I had planned it.
Cleric (me): huh, seemed to work exactly as you planned. You gave him a dagger, said stab me, and he did. Rousing success.

wueyahfantai  asked:

Please tell us the story as to why all your subjugs were at a Chuck E Cheese in the first place. Or tell us why they would get banned from there in the first place.

I have no earthly clue why they would have been there honestly that’s a story I’d like to hear

as for why?

Alypho: Got too good at the games, started cheating the systems for the younger trolls and got banned. #FreeAlypho

Marevo: Took over the animatronics and used them to perform something ENTIRELY off routine. His idea was much better, perhaps a little dark for the younger patrons.

Myriaa: Scared the everloving hell out of all the kids in the jungle gym. She literally would not leave either. The staff had to have the fire department cut her out. She’s a grown woman. SHE JUST WANTED TO HAVE FUUUUUUN!!

Cardinal: Got kicked out for beating the hell out of security for kicking out Alypho. He ain’t do nothin’ but beat their dumbass games you dumb motherfuckers–

Mother: She upstaged the animatronics obviously. Probably smuggled in her own “refreshments” and decided the music wasn’t good enough for her taste. All she wanted to do was bring a little culture to the place.

anonymous asked:

out of all of your ladies, how would you rank them from most attractive?

Mother - conventionally a goddess, personality a demon

Myriaa - Probaby the closest to an angel you’ll find- I mean a biblical angel because you stare at her like wtf???

Alysra - She’s Lebanese, ‘nuff said

Zeikah - Not conventionally attractive excessively so, but intimidating enough to make you go woah