Friday Favorites: Tinted Lip Balms

Finally! Another installment in my popular #fridayfavories #beauty series on my #blog: Friday Favorites: Tinted Lip Balms

Tinted lip products are one of my many weaknesses as a consumer. If it has some kind of pigment, is supposed to be applied to your lips, and doesn’t claim to be a traditional lipstick or lipgloss, chances are I own it. From my absurdly large collection of tinted lip products I’ve curated over the years, here are my favorites! I’m sorry the color scheme is a little one dimensional… I find that…

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Revlon Colorburst Lipgloss: #018 FIRE

Can you really even go wrong with polka dots, oversized glasses, & a red lip? I like to think not! Pigmented enough to create a good red, but I have to say it wasn’t quite AS red as I was actually going for.. Not a stain, so it’s not like my lips are invensible from the elements; had to reapply a bit after eating, and after I had been drinking through the straw for a while. Not as bad as I’d expect for a gloss, so I was pleasantly surprised how little I needed to reapply to achieve my before lunch lips. This picture happens to be just that by the way, in my car headed back to work. 

Day 4: Do you like wearing foundation? (If so, what's your color and favorite)

Foundation is a must for me. I experiment with different brands. I’m still trying to find my favorite one. For now its Revlon ColorStay liquid foundation. I always use a pale color.