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Head shot of model wearing strippy pink plastic sunglasses by Sea & Ski; her makeup is light with a silvery powder, Frosty White, by Revlon, and Pussycat Pink lipstick. (Photo by John Rawlings).
House and Garden , April 1965

hiybbprqag  asked:

Do you know any lowbudget liquid highlighter that goes well to mix with foundation (not putting it on top of foundation, but mix it with foundation before putting it on your face). Not too shimmery, but still give you that fresh dewy look

Ooh yes, I have a couple of products that I love for this very purpose!  Dewy skin is IN and I always need a cheat product!

L’Oreal Magic Lumi Face Primer - $11

This products doubles as a primer, or a highlight.  The texture creates a smooth, illuminated look without making you look or feel oily  :::Get it here:::

Revlon Photoready SkinLights - $10

This ultra-lightweight highlight blends flawlessly into skin without enhancing texture.  Comes in several skin-toned shades.   :::Get it here:::

ELF Shimmering Facial Whip - $1

This ultra-affordable highlight is smooth and fluffy.  It comes in several blush-toned shades and creates a gorgeous frost.   :::Get it here:::  

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imlydiaa  asked:

Hi! 😊 I want to try out eyelashes and i just want to know where i could find some cheap/affordable lashes that looks real?

Hello!  Falsies are one of my biggest beauty guilty pleasures!  They’re the easiest way to take your makeup up a notch… from basic to BAM.  All it takes is a little practice, and soon it will be second nature to apply lashes and will only take a few moments in your routine.

When you’re first starting out with lashes, I’d say the best ones to pick up would be Ardell lashes.  They’re definitely the easiest brand to find (you can get them at pretty much any drugstore, beauty store, or supermarket) and they’re excellent quality for not much money.  They cost about $5 depending on where you get them (I can usually get them in my area for $3.99).  I like Ardell because they have TONS of different styles, and they’re really easy to apply because the lash band is flexible and never too thick.  The lashes themselves never seem to shed on me and as long as you take care of them and clean them after each use, you can use them multiple times.

My favorite lashes from Ardell are the Wispies and the #120 Demis, but if you want a natural look I’d recommend the #110s as seen above.  They’re nice and short but still give pretty volume, and the staggered lash length helps them to blend in with your natural lashes easier.  Plus, the lash band is clear (see how they look like little bunches at the roots?)  which makes them so easy to wear - you don’t need thick liner to hide the lash band with these!

As for glue, most Ardell lashes come with a little tube of glue that will get you through a couple of uses.  If you wanted to invest in a big tube that will last you a long time, I’d recommend these:

LashGrip Eyelash Adhesive - $4  This is very similar to Duo Lash Glue but isn’t as expensive.  This is also made by Ardell.

Revlon Precision Lash Adhesive - $4  I was recently turned onto this via YouTube, where I saw tons of people using this little cheapie that I had hidden in my lash drawer for who knows how long!  This has a brush applicator which is SO easy and quick to use.  Just remember to wait about 20 seconds for the glue to get tacky on the lash before you stick them on your eyes!

I hope this helps you!  Have fun playing with lashes.  For more tips and related posts, check the tags below.  

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ironsstark  asked:

What eyeliners would you recommend for me I'm just starting out (I've learnt bottom easily it's too that's difficult) and am a big fan of cat eyes and wings also I love red lipsticks but as I am a messy eater is there anything you can recommend that won't shift a lot and end up smeared across my nose or something (it's happened before) but also under a budget of $15

Hi!  If you’re just beginning with top eyeliner, I’d definitely recommend NYC Liquid Eyeliner.  That’s the very first liquid liner that I used, and I still like to use it to this day because it’s simple and the brush is thin and precise.  If you want to do wings and cat eyes, you’ll definitely want a liquid versus a pencil.  The NYC liner creates the perfect flick without you having to struggle!

NYC Liquid Eyeliner - $3

As for a long-lasting, smudge-proof red lip, I’d recommend Revlon Colorstay Overtime Lipstick!  They have a couple of great reds, and that formula doesn’t budge.  It’s a liquid lipstick with a waterproof sealant that keeps lips feeling comfortable.

Revlon Colorstay Overtime Lipstick “Ultimate Wine” - $10

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