Must have beauty appliances - T
  • Revlon Blow Dryer 
  • Phillips Precision Trimmer
  • Dazzlize Crystal Compact Mirror 
  • Kevyn Auccoin Lash Curler
  • Denman Grooming Brush
  • Tangle Teezer Original
  • Tangle Teezer Gold Limited Edition Compact
  • Superdrugs Curler
  • Visiq Face Steamer
  • No7 Vanity Mirror

Just wanted to post about the amazing beauty appliances I’ve been using for nearly as long as I can rememeber, they’re effect, high quality and most importantly, affordable from either your local Boots, Superdrugs or SpaceNK 

Firstly, I just want to thank dazzlize on Instagram, for sending me this amazing crystalised compact mirror which lights up, I’ve been using this for when I groom my eyebrows and its honestly made a huge difference as I literally got to see every minor imperfection to tweeze out! I keep this in my purse also and pull it out when I’m sitting around aimlessly in the tube and give a cheeky touch up to my makeup.

I’ve been loving my Philips Precision trimmer which also stays in my travel makeup. This is so handy for when I’ve missed a spot, even for my legs etc lol, not the most pleasant thing to blog about, but hey, its a brilliant product for emergencies and laziness when you really cannot be asked to wax.

I mostly towel and air dry my hair but my Revlon blow dryger comes in handy for mornings when I’m running late and in need of a serious hair lift. This baby was arond £10 from Boots! It also comes with a head piece which has a narrower mouth for salon quality hair. The cold air option is my favoruite and absolute necessary if you dont want to use heat! 


My Kevyn Auccoin lash curler, i feel, beats the infamous Shuemuera one! Its precise and curls every baby lash even in both the inner and outter corners of the eyes. It comes with 3 red refilling plastic ends ensuring itll last long and look as good as new. Bit on the pricy side but I’ve had this for 2 years almost and it still performs exceptionally well. 

Denman grooming brush is my all star fave, used by the likes of Charlotte Tilbury herself, of course I’d have to get my hands on it. Its brilliant for leaving a smooth combed look to your hair, brushes out knots gently and its sturdy unlike flimsy brushes which shed quickly and destroy the texture of your hair. 

Tangle Teezers are an absolute HG necessity, which is exactly why I have two, the original stays in my vanity area, an accessory I use every day and night for my long locks & to top that I also keep a mini gold edition in my Uni travel bag because I do stay out for long hours and we all know, British humid weather has no remorse for long thick hair.

I got a few questions on the exact curler I use, and the answer is, its another £10 bargain from Superdrugs own brand! Its almost identical to this Babyliss one I used to use so I thought why not stick with it as its so affordable. It gets the job done, has 3 different heat settings and its sturdy. I don’t really use many heating appliances for my hair so I dont usually splash out when it comes to straighteners or curlers.

Another topic thats trended a lot on B.B is face steaming. I use Visiq which was given to my as a gift, I believe it was purchased from Argos (not too sure) but I’ve used it from years on end to de-congest my skin from impurities thoroughly, its like a little facial sauna! So convenient, effective and highly recommend if you’re into at-home spa sessions

& lastly, my Vanity mirror. I purchased the famous No7 Vanity mirror with ring lighting around Christmas sales when it was on offer for half price, reduced to £25, so it was a no brainer. This is absolutely necessary for both grooming and applying makeup as you’ll see the truest reflection of your skin, from pores to all the nasty bits. The closer you get the more you’ll get to fix right?

Hope this helped!

- T


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Revlon Brand Ambassador Halle Berry Presents $1 Million Donation to Cancer Research

The Four Seasons Beverly Hills is the perfect setting for a star-studded luncheon and an even better one for a gathering with a cause. It was the backdrop for Wednesday’s lunch to celebrate Revlon’s $1 million donation to Dr. Dennis J. Slamon, M.D., Ph.D., where Global Brand Ambassador Halle Berry presented the check along with Lorenzo Delpani, CEO of Revlon Inc. and Ronald Perelman. Dr. Slamon is the Director of the Revlon/UCLA Women’s Cancer Research Program at the Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center, whose efforts have made significant contributions to the fight against cancer.

Berry – an Academy Award Winning actress, mother and activist – was in good company with stars like Courteney Cox, Rashida Jones, Lorraine Bracco and Erin Foster also coming out to show their support.

Revlon is a continuing supporter of female empowerment in both beauty and health, as exemplified by their ongoing support of organizations that shed light on women’s health issues. “Over the past 20 years, Revlon has donated approximately 50 million dollars to the UCLA cancer foundation either directly or indirectly through events and other partnerships and fundraising”, Deplani said at yesterday’s event. He also alluded to new initiatives, to commence later this year, that will, “…broaden from Cancer to other women’s health related causes”.

Berry, whose relationship with Revlon spans almost 20 years since signing on as a Brand Ambassador in 1996, is also a champion for women and causes pertaining to their growth and development. Of the work the global beauty brand has done on behalf of women’s health issues, she said, “Revlon doesn’t just care about what women look like and the beauty of it all, but they really do care about our good health and our well-being.”

One final tidbit of advice from one of the world’s most beautiful woman? “Just love yourself. That’s my advice. Whatever shape or size you are.”