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I am very new to the chinese bl webseries thingy and i want to get immersed in it. I am trying to find out if there are other web series and the original novels. Where do i find the translated ones? so far i have found and watched counterattack on wattpad and i have watched Addicted (Heroine) by far my fav.

Time for a list!!

* A Round Trip To Love comes out in July and I haven’t found the translation for Force Majeure.

Chinese BL Translations have a cool compilation page of chinese BL novels being translated here. I haven’t read any BL novels myself (only manga) but I guess I should start since so many people seem to like them xD

Hey, hey so,, Mercy can revive robots with her ult and even treat their “wounds” right?

But, how??

Well, you could easily say the omnics have a conscience thus, making them alive. But, what about their bodies? They aren’t made of organic properties so, how do they “heal?”

That begs the question: how TO heck does Mercy actually heal people?? What is that beam that comes from the Caduceus Staff and what does it really do?

It couldn’t be cell replacement, replication, or repair since robots aren’t made up of cells. And sure, we could simply say it’s magic. (And not read too into a fictional game with a woman with blue skin and a giant, talking gorilla.)

She does have a witch skin, after all. But, the late Angela Ziegler is heralded as a scientist known for her superior advancements in the medical field! It just wouldn’t do her justice– And it’s more fun this way.

So, what if her “healing” beam isn’t a healing beam at all but, a steady stream, or flowing supply of time? One of which she is able to manipulate and regress wounds to a state prior to injury, undoing the process of harm? Slightly misleading, but all the same.

As for her damage boost? Potential kinetic energy. It becomes kinetic when a projectile is fired or the target make any sort of motion. Since it’s not naturally occurring kinetic energy, the units of joules to produce it can be ramped up or maximized to give attacks much more force than a regular blow.

And then we have Mercy’s ultimate game-changer; the ability to ressurect the fallen. Those little yellow orbs are not souls but, materialized balls of consciousness. Like compressed zip folders, she unloads the files back into the corresponding bodies, rebuilding the database.

It takes a long time to set up and get just right because it is a highly difficult procedure that requires lots of calculation and a high amount of skill that she is the only one capable of performing it. (Be thankful to your Mercy mains!)

That, or, she just literally breaks quantum physics, creating a momentary temporal loophole in time to rip your spirits out of Limbo, binding you to her eternally and for some reason I don’t think that's​ too far out the realm of possibility for Mercy lmao.

That would explain her voice line “Heroes never die! …For a price.” Like, it’s so sinister,, girl, what do you MEAN? Perhaps that’s why she has a Devil skin to begin with lol.

I’m not a science person so, I know I probably botched some things but, I figure that’s alright since anything goes in a world with lore like Overwatch. This started out a crack theory for laughs but, idk I think it’s a fairly interesting take and if y'all wanna add on, you can. :P

Raise your heads high and do not despair. The struggle for Europe is far from over. Indeed, it has only just begun. Rather than being depressed about the direction society has taken, view it as an opportunity for an adventure, where your actions can actually impact history itself.