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Free Choice:  The show’s appeal to all ages

This clip is actually one of my mom’s favorite moments from The Weekenders. :)

When The Weekenders was on TV, my mom watched it with me all the time. I think she loved it as much as I did.

Years later, I bought the DVDs, and she watched the whole show with me all over again. We both loved it just as much as we did when it used to be on TV, and we really enjoyed revisiting all our favorite episodes together.

And that is my favorite thing about The Weekenders. It isn’t just a “kids’ show.” It is a show filled with intelligent writing, relatable characters, and clever humor that almost anyone can appreciate, regardless of their age. The Weekenders gave my mom and I something fun to share when I was younger– and it’s something we remember fondly, even to this day.

Clip from:
S01E03-A: The Perfect Weekend

30 Day Penn Zero Challenge

Because every fandom deserves one of these!
1. The first episode you ever saw.
2. Favorite character.
3. An episode you would show to someone to introduce them to the series.
4. Favorite episode.
5. Favorite human dimension.
6. Favorite non-human dimension.
7. Any character headcanons?
8. Favorite minor character.
9. Favorite Penn design.
10. Favorite Rippen design.
11. Favorite Boone design.
12. Favorite Sashi design.
13. Favorite Larry design.
14. A world you’d like to see revisited.
15. Favorite song.
16. Funniest moment.
17. Most dramatic moment.
18. Most heart-warming moment.
19. Any OTPs?
20. Any OCs?
21. Favorite guest voice actor.
22. A guest you’d like to see voice a character.
23. Least favorite dimension.
24. A character you most relate to.
25. A crossover you’d like to see.
26. Favorite souvenir from A Little Piece of Larry.
27. A character whose daily/personal life you’d like to see more of.
28. A world you’d like to see visited in future episodes.
29. Team Hero or Team Villain?
30. A message to the PZ cast and crew.

anonymous asked:

can we just let it sink in that eren killed for mikasa, but he DIED for armin...

I just saw this buried in my ask so I’m very sorry for the lateness anon.

Eren’s sacrificing himself for Armin is still one of my favorite moment, anon. But it’s not so much the fact that he died for Armin that I focus on with these two. Honestly, Armin and Mikasa are both important to Eren and I’m sure he would sacrifice himself to save them both.

It’s the way Isayama made the whole thing play out and established not only Armin and  Eren’s importance to each other but also the importance of the dream they shared, for Eren especially. I mean the way everything happened and Eren and Armin’s reactions to something happening with the other the whole time through?

How we saw Eren worrying over Armin and paying attention to his state of mind. How he tried to be reassuring in his own way. How Armin was panicking but was able to calm down some thanks to Eren words and actions.

How Armin became so paralyzed after he saw Eren lose a leg and fall that he could no longer stand up and fell to his knees. How he couldn’t move from that position and saw the massacre and the titan closing in on him.

How Eren was legit bleeding and seemed unconscious yet focused after he heard Armin’s scream. There’s just something about the way he tried to get up the moment he heard that scream, whereas we never saw anything for his other teammates. It’s almost like he regained consciousness for Armin.

How in his “last moments”, while he’s fighting to keep the titan mouth opened, Eren reminded Armin again that he was the reason he wanted to see the world outside. How he told Armin he wouldn’t die because he had to see it.

How even while in the titan stomach Eren thinks about the titans are taking everything from him. How at that moment we see Armin still in danger. How he thinks about his life and dream and we see his mom get eaten, his house destroyed again and Armin animatedly talking about the dream.
How Armin completely blacks out after Eren is swallowed, to the point where he completely misses the fact that Eren becomes a titan right in front of him and saves him a second time.

Let me stop here before this becomes another extra long post. See the above is what I can’t get over with when it comes to Eren “dying” for Armin. Eren’s sacrifice was major and important. But more than that for me, it was the emphasis put on what Armin and Eren means to each other from that moment on. Back then we saw through no uncertain terms that Armin meant the world to Eren, literally. Same for Armin towards Eren.

And it doesn’t help that when we finally revisit Eren’s sacrifice for Armin in recent chapters, Eren basically tells Armin that he saved him because he’s important to him. Because looking in his dreaming eyes made him realize what freedom is. That thinking about that always fills him with a certain strength.

That’s literally a big part of what makes me so weak with Eren and Armin in Trost, anon. Every single time.