revisiting a few but just the old favourites

kyogre-blue  asked:

How do you headcanon Silver and Gildarts?

I’ve been thinking about this for like 3 months now and I’m just in that zone tbh so let’s revisit the wonder that is sildarts…

-If it can’t be settled with an arm wrestle then it isn’t worth settling. No exceptions;
-Gildarts is canonically 3cm taller than Silver and… let me tell you… everyone knows it. It is Gildarts’ favourite thing. Every time Silver tries to reach something it’s like ‘do you need me to get that for you, Chibi-tan?’ ‘IM LIKE AN INCH SHORTER THAN YOU, YOU BASTARD’;
-Silver can exact his revenge though because Gildarts is a few years older than him and therefore is susceptible to old geezer jokes all of the time;
-They have matching tribal tattoos on their should blades;
-Cana heard them having sex once… she drinks to forget;
-When they train it is An Experience™ because whoever loses sulks for days. But Gildarts loves a good meal, Silver loves a good massage, and they love each other. It always works out alright in the end;
-Them both panicking at birthdays and anniversaries because they are useless with gifts, harassing Cana and Gray months in advance for advice and being shut down because they don’t even know what they’re gonna get their dads. Bless;
-They still keep the shrine for Mika and Cornelia in their kitchen, and their original wedding rings are worn on chains around both of their necks. Moving on doesn’t mean forgetting, and they both respect all that they have lost;
-Bathing/showering together is impossible. Gildarts likes the water to peel the skin off of his face, Silver likes it freezing. They cannot compromise this. It doesn’t really matter anyway, because they’re both quite broad and don’t especially fit in the first place;
-Gildarts has a hair pulling kink and let me tell you Silver absolutely l i v e s for it;
-Silver is the better cook but Gildarts cooks the most often, as he can do more simple and easy dishes;
-Dad jokes. Dad jokes everywhere. No escape. They are stronger in pairs;
-They’re both basically Football Moms with Cana and Gray and… my gods. It’s a mess;
-Gildarts likes to listen to really obscure and weird bands and Silver likes to do the dishes. They have a system where they put the radio on, Silver washes and Gildarts dries. It works for them;
-The missions they both take are long and don’t always allow for them to complete them together, so the time they DO spend together is precious. They make a point of doing as much together as possible in order to optimise their time usage;
-Actually, they don’t especially enjoy taking missions together if they can help it. Their specialities vary, and it’s hard to focus on the enemy when you’re worried about your partner in battle;
-Silver always falls asleep during films, and Gildarts has quite a short attention span. When he gets bored, he likes to try and see how many pieces of popcorn he can throw into Silver’s open, snoring mouth before he wakes up. His high score is 37;
-They bicker over so many little things, but it takes something really significant to make them fallout. They went a week once where they didn’t speak, and they both hated it. Gildarts became a sad blanket burrito and Silver was thrown out of the guild for being too irritable. Eventually they sorted out their differences and promised to talk things over in the future instead of being childish;
-Honestly just them… holding hands… being proud dads and loving each other…

Return to Summer - AbbyCatsUK

Another revisit to an older outfit here, Memories of Summer, one of my personal favourites. So I thought I’d put together the same look again with some minor alterations, necklace and belt. Lovely to put it together again, I really like the updated look as much as the old one.

I made a few minor alternations to my make-up routine, just a new matte powder and eyeshadows. I was really happy with both, I used the matte powder and a base and I felt it made other powders, bronzer and blusher easier to apply and stand out more. It was  Rimmel Clear Complexion Clarifying Powder for those interested, another one of my favoured cheap buys :)

A Few of My Thoughts On 'The Day of the Doctor'

(These are, by no means, the only problems I have to point out about The Day of the Doctor, so you may well hear more from me about it in the future.)

The Day of the Doctor, as the fiftieth anniversary special of Doctor Who, was supposed to be a celebration of the past fifty years of the programme and to celebrate the, hopefully, many years of the show to come. And yet, somehow, Steven Moffat managed to incorporate into his script some subtle digs at the show as it was before he took over as showrunner in 2010.


CLARA: We’ve got enough warriors. Any old idiot can be a hero. 

11th DOCTOR: Then what do I do? 

CLARA: What you’ve always done. Be a doctor.

What struck me about this scene, or rather dialogue, is the way that the Tenth Doctor is spoken about (especially given that he’s literally about three feet away when it’s said). It is a well-known fact that the Tenth Doctor is a fan favourite and is often at the number one spot on polls of favourite Doctors. So what I picked up on in this scene is that, through Clara, Moffat is making a dig about this incredibly popular Doctor. When Clara says ‘any old idiot can be a hero’ I hear ‘Ten is nothing special. He’s not as amazing as you seem to think he is’ and, by extension, ‘my Doctor’s better. Look at my nice shiny Doctor.’

Then, Clara goes on to make a pretty serious statement about the Eleventh Doctor. What she says seems harmless enough until you really think about it. It almost seems to be saying that Ten and the other Doctors weren’t proper Doctors, they weren’t Doctory enough. But look at Eleven. Isn’t he just such a Doctor? He’s the most Doctory of all of the Doctors. And guess who made him. It was me, Moffat. Moffat seems, constantly, to be trying to make everyone love his version of the Doctor and of Doctor Who as much as he does. He should stop trying to force it down our throats and actually make enjoyable episodes that will make me love them themselves.


11th DOCTOR: I never forget a face. 

CURATOR: I know you don’t. And in years to come, you might find yourself revisiting a few. But just the old favourites, eh?

To me, this seems to be Moffat making sure we all know just who his favourite Doctor from Classic Who is. This display is made even worse when put in the context of the fact that Paul McGann expressed an interest in returning and Peter Davison, Colin Baker and Sylvester McCoy were so desperate to be involved in all of the celebrations that they made their own special (The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot-it’s fabulous, well worth a watch). Moffat had said that he didn’t want them back because ‘it would be below the dignity of such fine actors to try to fit into costumes from thirty years ago’- not exactly the words he used but close enough given that I’m too lazy to go find the quote. The thing is, if you’re turning away most of the people, who have an equal right to be involved, but letting one of them stay, then it’s going to come across as a very personal thing. I once cried (literally, wept for about five minutes) about the fact that Colin Baker wasn’t going to be in it because in an interview he said that he, Peter and Sylvester hadn’t been ‘deemed worthy of inclusion in a programme that celebrates 50 years of a British television programme, of which I was in it for three’. And post-50th he has said that not being included, when Tom Baker and David Tennant were, made him feel like ‘a second-class citizen’.

What is the point in celebrating the 50th anniversary of a show when what you actually end up doing is celebrating your additions to it more than anything else and alienating the actors who made it what is?