23 october 5:16pm // celebrated finishing my literature assignment’s first draft by exploring an out-of-the-way bookstore and coffee shop! it’s the second-last day of vacation and i’m think i’m finally ready to go back to school 🤓

there is quiet.
there is peace.
hold it, boy,
safety is here.
the spark has not
but you have earned

time may forget
your fight
but the earth hangs
with the weight of
your love.

the work is
done, boy.
night has come.
lay it down. leave
it here.
the burdens
are not yours.
you have carried them
long enough.

cry for no one,
my boy.
they will catch up.

this time is yours,
return to the whisper
the youth
the gentle.

my boy,
you are golden
once again.

—  coming home // cc

pxrfect-storm  asked:

21, 39, 57

21. What is your dream job?
Author / YouTuber / Blogger and something to do with law, I mean, I am not going to law school for nothing. Preferably, all at the same time?

39. What is your ideal way of learning?
I prefer studying on my own, reading, then summarizing and then revision. Although revision in a group helps me a lot. But figuring out a topic for the first time is hard for me in a group.

57. How do you feel about school dress codes?
I think it limits a person to express themselves.

WWM final count Oct. 21-23

Participants who posted a final count:

@captainawesomeellie; @dreamsfromthebunker ; @majesticduxk;   @jhoomwrites@samanddeaninpanties; @braezenkitty; @kholly12; @dragonpressgraphics; @reaperlove77 ; @alecjmarsh ; @thayerkerbasy; @winjennster; @alxdiamond; @unforth-ninawaters; @rosemoonweaver; @fpwoper; @missdavis

If you participated and posted a final count that we missed, *please* let us know!

And now, on to the fun stuff….we all love numbers!! <3

The information was only tallied once, so if the participant told me that they edited 1 scene that was 4 pages long, I included it under scenes edited or pages edited but not both. I made the decision on category in those cases.

  • 17 participants
  • 1 outline written
  • 5 chapters/stories posted
  • 2 chapters/stories finished
  • 111 pages edited
  • 72 pages revised
  • 1 script treatment written
  • 1 script drafted
  • 51,281 words written

Lots of editing and revising going on this weekend along with all those new words. I can’t get over how much we are able to do together.

Don’t forget to tag #wwmwrite in the first 5 tags when you post the writing you do during the marathon or any of the 1k1h events. We’re happy to boost your work!

Fantastic work everyone!!

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unknown-authoress  asked:

Hello friend, I hope you're having good day and everything you want to happen does and there is plenty of sun

I was sitting in a Starbucks starting my reread of Mags (the original novel) in preparation for revising, which is weird and more than a bit humbling, and I’ve come home to arborists removing the dying tree in my front lawn. Which is also weird, and a bit sad. Poor tree.

I hope your day is glorious, with more sun and fewer sad trees.

studyhards  asked:

14, 19, 47, 62, & 81 (for the studyblr asks)

14. What advice about studying changed your life?

“Start early”. I’ve never been one to cram the night before, but it helped me a lot when I realised that you can start revising straight after you’ve learnt something and that you don’t have to wait until you actually have a test.

19. How has having this blog changed you?

That’s a very difficult question to answer, seeing as I’ve had it for so long, so I’ve done a lot of changing that may or may not be because of this blog. However, I’m pretty sure it’s changed both my study habits and my discipline for the better.

47. Do you go to the library to study often?

Yeah, I do. I only live 15 minutes away, so it’s not that bad, and I feel like I get a lot back from going in the form of focus and motivation. Also, I both Mondays and Tuesdays I have huge gaps in between lectures, so I’ll usually go to the library instead of going home. 

62. How often do you ask for extra help from a teacher?

Rarely. I prefer to figure things out on my own, and I am painfully shy when it comes to admitting there is something I don’t know. It’s not good, but it’s how it is. 

81. Do you wear make up to school?

Yup. It’s habit at this point, and it doesn’t take me that long. Also, I generally dress up in all aspects, simply because I’d feel a bit uncomfortable not looking nice when my lecturers are all in suits / stilettos. 

studyblr asks


Season 3 of Carmilla is coming up fast and we’ve got lots of fun stuff coming up, including a new way in which we are dropping episodes (that’s right, more than one episode will be going out at a time)!

So without further ado, here’s your go-to guide to the most epic season of Carmilla yet!

Things to know:

  • Next week is Silas Orientation Week and you won’t want to miss it! Tune into the KindaTV News next Monday to get the low down on the week and how you can join in on all the fun!
  • Acts! This season will be released in 3 acts, each with several episodes in it for your binging pleasure!
  • YouNow PreShows! Tune into YouNow before each Act release to join the cast & crew of Carmilla for a Q&A, live watch & more! More deets to come.
  • Finally we will be attending both Fan Expo Canada & New York Comic Con this year and hope you can make it out to see us. We love nothing more than getting to see all your beautiful faces!

Let the games begin!

Carmilla HQ