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Hi! I'm not sure if you've answered this question before, but could you a little info thing about the most LGBT+ friendly NHL teams? I saw the St. Louis Blues are doing a pride night and I wondered if they're more or less the best? Thanks for guiding us new kids through the world of hockey <3

hi! i have not answered it but i’d be happy to now :)

i’m not sure if i can really say which team is the ‘best’ for being lgbt+ friendly. it’s a difficult thing to judge whether an entire team is basically not a piece of shit

st louis blues are definitely one of the teams that appear to be most supportive and vocal about lgbt+ rights at the moment. their pride night looks really good and i’m so proud of them! it’s is on the 17th jan for anyone wondering (against the caps) you can find tickets here (x)

edmonton oilers have also made their support known. they’re the first team to use pride tape in a game which was really cool! 

a bunch of the calgary flames marched in the 2016 vancouver pride parade as well :) also their 3 you can play vids (x) (x) (x)

there are also a lot of individual players who have openly supported lgbt+ causes and you can play (as of 2014 there is at least one player in each team that openly supports you can play project)

i put them all under the cut because they’re are quite a few plus some specific stuff i remember certain players doing

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