revision ep

Here’s a quick Softies State of the Union since I feel like I’ve been kind of radio-silent about it, here we goo:

I’ve contacted my host about getting the new website set up properly after bungling it myself, which is priority #1 for me right now. For now, redirects to the old Tumblr (that’s right here!), where you can still read all the published comics! When the new site is up and running properly, this Tumblr will probably transition into hosting more news, fanart, and bloggy stuff.

as for ACTUAL COMICS, I’m revising the script for Ep #6 as we speak, which ended up being a very big and beefy lil’ guy. New comics will definitely be posted this month as I’d like to get on a relatively consistent schedule moving forward. Fewer hiatuses!

Last I just want to thank everybody for patience! Just finished a SUPER busy semester and I’m currently just like… catching my breath. I’m excited to finally be able to put Softies back on top of my to-do list, and hopefully reach some new readers!

Thanks Y'all!