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Snowman vocabulary in French ⛄️❄️

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Le bonhomme de neige – snowman

La boule de neige – snowball

La carotte – carrot

Le charbon – coal

La brindille - twig

Le bouton – button

Le chapeau – hat

Le bonnet – beanie hat

Les gants – gloves

L’écharpe - scarf

Fic Requests/Ideas & Posting Dates! (Revised #2)

I saw another blog did this and I thought it would be a great idea to plan this out for you all and let you know what I’ve got planned. I’ll give the title with a brief description of the concept and then the date I hope to have it posted for you all. I try to get requests out pretty fast. Here’s what I’m currently working on:

Wise Up - basically Frank chasing the reader around the castle like he did to Janet, except it’s playful and may end in smut of just fluff (haven’t decided yet). Posting: Dec. 16

•Obsession - Frankie body worship smut fic. Posting: Dec. 18

•Body and Soul - A Tim smut fic! Posting: Dec. 19

•Soft - Reader x Anyone (not sure who yet, probably Frank but I’m not sure, still thinking…). Reader has a tickling fetish. Posting: Dec. 21

•Candlelight – Frankie has a bondage fetish – smut fic. Posting: Dec. 23

The Rocky Horror Christmas Show Pt. 1 - Just a little fic I’m planning for Christmas (it’ll just be about their Christmas at the castle). Posting: Dec. 24

The Rocky Horror Christmas Show Pt. 2 - Part 2 of the Christmas fic. Posting: Dec. 25

Forevermore - a New Year’s fic (not sure about much other than that yet). Posting: Dec. 31


This is subject to change/acquire additions based on any requests I get or ideas I have. Feel free to submit any requests you have or whatnot. I’ll try to repost this periodically if it changes, just so you can see what I’ve got coming up! Happy Holidays!🎄🎅🏻🎁

Literally do your work as soon as you know it exists. If you get homework, do it during your free or when you get home or on the train if you really want to, on the day you get it. Just got set an assignment? Get the draft done that weekend. It doesn’t have to be amazing and absolutely ready to send in, it just needs to exist. Just got sent an email? Reply when you see it. If you’re not sure how to response to it, write Dear (), leave a gap and then write Regards () and keep that in your drafts. Set a reminder on your computer or write the reminder on a sticky note that you’ve got that sitting in your drafts and you need to send it off in the next 24 hours. Need to clean your room? Don’t spend time thinking or planning how you’re going to clean it or how you’re going to change up the space in the process, just pick stuff up and put it where it should be until everything’s in order. Done. Seriously dude, when a task arises as an issue, tackle it as soon as you realise it exists. Remember, it doesn’t need to be amazing it just needs to be done. So, when the due date of the task creeps closer, you can go back, work with what you have and make it the quality you want it to be. 

171208 The Wings Tour The Final, Day 1 | Jungkook’s ending ‘ment | Video

I was going to cry during born singer, but Rapmon Hyung shed tears. Honestly I was about to cry too but I have to do an ad-lib in the back and my voice gets shaky so I held it in everyone. Since we started the tour in February there has been many things that happened, we had honorable opportunities so our position got higher and we became singers who received so much love. I regularly thought how can I meaningfully give back this love we have been receiving and it was only through a concert. I wanted to show you my best, in the best condition but while doing the stage I slightly *YOU DID WELL* made small mistakes so I’m really sorry to you guys. There were a lot of you who came and I’m sorry I couldn’t show you my best form.
Namjoon: You were the best, Jungkook
So for tomorrow and the day after tomorrow I will take care of my body, even for a day and show you the form that comes out. I’m really really thankful, thank you for enjoying today
Audience: It’s okay
Yeah, thank you. I love you~

[There were some small parts i couldn’t clearly hear]
Trans Credit: hobscheeks

study tips for different learning styles

Here are some study tips for different learning styles that I’ve gathered from talking to friends and from what some professors have recommended their students to do:


  • draw pictures in your notes
  • benefit from illustrations & presentations that use color
  • use diagrams, graphs, underlining, mind-maps, etc
  • study in a visually appealing place


  • study in groups, discuss things out with other people
  • record lectures, take part in a study group, go to tutoring
  • reduce lecture notes to only the main ideas
  • read texts out loud, pretend to teach someone else
  • explain ideas to other people
  • recite, recite, recite
  • create jingles or mnemonics 


  • take notes during the lecture
  • underline, highlight, or circle printed material
  • borrow other students’ notes to compare and contrast
  • use a variety of colors, pens, highlighters, note cards, etc
  • write it out, re-write your notes, create mind-maps
  • make and use flashcards for studying


  • trace letters and words to learn spellings, etc
  • take several breaks
  • write everything out
  • move around to learn new things
  • use non-distracting movement while you learn (like shaking your leg/foot, chewing gum, tap your pen/pencil)
  • listen to non-distracting music
  • study while walking or working out


  • write things out but also use colors and diagrams
  • move around, study in an isolated space, work at a standing desk

If you have any additional tips, feel free to add it and/or let me know!

little reminders

do you have homework due tomorrow? do it

did you get any homework today? do it

did you get an assignment notification? break it into small chunks, schedule these chunks and make a start on it. 

do you have an exam tomorrow? do some light revision. or if you’ve left it until the last, turn off your phone, put it in your desk drawer and revise until you’re done. make sure you get at least 4 hours of sleep if you’re cramming, 8 if you’re not. 

do you have a quiz tomorrow? do some v light revision, and redo some homework problems or handouts on the topic.

how much tea/coffee/general caffeine have you had today? how much water have you had? switch your next coffee refill to water.

have you brushed your hair? tame that mane.

have you showered? have a warm shower right before you go to bed so you feel sleepy when you come out.

are your feet cold? put on socks.

are you working your hardest? push a little harder. 

when was the last time you allocated relaxing time? pick a cutoff point for your work, whether it’s 9pm or 1am, and spend 15-30 minutes (depending on the time) to wind down by reading a book, talking to family or friends, taking a shower and generally doing whatever you want. 

Don’t think of rewriting as needing to suddenly make a story perfect, particularly when going from the first draft to the second. You can keep entire chunks of text from a previous version. You can make notes in your second draft, or your third, or your fourth. It’s okay to note that a line is awkward and then move on, or to make a note that you need to add a scene but not write it yet. Writing is a process, and you don’t need to get it all in one try.


23:03 // yet another set of history notes because this subject is so time consuming… i’m going to have my second igcse history exam tomorrow so i’m staying up a bit later than usual to revise 📖☕️ 

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