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“This place, as my Master has taught me, was made first by the fists of one many consider to be the first Fist of Rhalgr. He pummeled the mount with his knuckles day and night, for time undetermined until there was a great hollow within. The order erected this temple here in honour of that, and many came to test themselves in the sight of the Destroyer.”

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Hey Season, Rayfe with another writing Prompt: “I’m not being self deprecating. I really mean that I don’t belong here.” Nath gets dragged to a meeting for Team Miraculous but he hasn't gotten his yet. Oops.

“I’m not being self deprecating. I really mean that I don’t belong here.” Nathaniel stood, grabbing his messenger bag. “Thank you guys for trusting me with this and I’ll have your backs, but I’m not the person you’re looking for.”

“You can’t just leave,” Chloe huffed. “I brought you here.”

“Yeah, please stay, Nathaniel.” Marinette picked up the cardboard box of pizza. “We ordered way too much food anyway.”

Nathaniel pursed his lips.

“Come on, dude. You don’t have to participate in anything. We just like having you around,” Nino added. “Stay.”

He dropped his bag and slumped back down to the couch. “Maybe just for a few more minutes.”

“That’s the spirit,” Adrien grinned, handing him a soda.

“As I was saying,” Alya began again as if the interruption had never occurred, “now that we have the Peacock Miraculous in our possession, we need to make a decision.”

“Obviously we give it to someone, right?” Nino asked, grabbing his fourth slice of pizza. “We need all the help we can get at this point.”

“But is it really the right time to be bringing in someone brand new?” Marinette frowned. “We aren’t just dealing with Hawkmoth anymore. We got Deaus and Revilo to fight off as well.”

“Which is why it makes sense to add another player,” Chloe pointed out.

“I think what Marinette is trying to say is that someone brand new may be more of a liability than a help,” Adrien suggested. Marinette shot him a grateful look and he smiled in return.

“I have to agree with Marinette.” Alya sat back, wiping her hands with a napkin. “I’m a little worried about adding someone new.”

“Are you kidding me with this right now?!” Chloe stood up, hands on her hips. “We’re giving the stupid Peacock to Nathaniel and we’re doing it tonight!”

Nathaniel put up a hand defensively. “Woah! I don’t think that’s such a good idea.”

Alya narrowed her eyes, studying him. “I guess he would be the best fit for it from what we’ve read. His personality isn’t quite what I was thinking but–”

“Wait, you guys can’t give me one of those things!”

“We’re called kwamis, you dolt, and you’re going to be a perfect match for Duusu with that level of drama,” Plagg drawled, appearing on Adrien’s shoulder and examining one of his paws.

Nathaniel stood again, tripping over his own feet and falling to the floor as he tried to move away from the couch. “Look, I’m really not the guy you’re looking for, okay? I’m not brave and I don’t like fights and I still have nightmares about being akumatized.”

Chloe knelt down beside him, face softening. “Do you think I wasn’t crazy freaked out when I was given the Bee?” She gingerly touched her fingers to the hair comb. “I knew I didn’t deserve it, but someone else wanted to give me the chance to prove I could do this.” She glanced back at Adrien and he nodded. “I want to do the same for you, Red.”

He flushed, looking up at her. “You really think I can do this?”

“I know you can.”

He swallowed hard and nodded, getting to his feet and offering her his hand. He looked back at the rest of the group. “Uh, if you’ll have me, I guess I am your guy.”

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Post Colonization / AU Tuesday

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Philes, we have another Master Post for you!  We don’t know about you, but we are obsessed with lists of fantastic fic, because what better way to keep track of great fic to read/reread??

A quickie reminder: this list is really a mixed bag.  We have pre-colonization, current colonization, post colonization, and, of course, alternate universe. Now, we here at Txf Fic Chicks consider pretty much anything that strays away from what we know as canon to be AU (secretly, some of our favies are season 8&9 rewrites, though), so it covers a vast amount of fic. 

Save this list, Philes, as it’s months worth of stories in one post.  And as always, the links take you to our original posts that contain the rating, length, and trigger warnings.

Love you, mean it xo

Hurricane Season by Rah and Beduini 

Abaddon’s Reign by Aka Jake

Song of Innocence by Christy

A Boy and His Fox by 6hoursgirl

The Other Man by Jess M.

White Ink by Bonetree

Fathom’s Five by Penumbra

All the Mulders by Alloway

The Seventh Age by David Hearne

One One-thousand by Nevdull

Lives Reclaimed by Vickey Mosely and Donna

Running Lessons by Maybeamanda and Spookey247

After the Future by Donna

Glass Landscape by Annie Sewell-Jennings

All Which It Inherit by Brandon D. Ray

Atomic-Powered Sex by Ten

Before Them by Donna

The Family G-Man by Neoxphile and FelineFemme

Rocky Mountain Interlude by Char Chaffin and Tess

The Unfinished Universe by Revely

Night Giving Off Flames by Jet

Eines Tages by Revilo Witts

Patient by Gwendolyn

Tempo by Jess

False Memories by Zuffy

Portions of Eternity by Dianora

Beating the Darkness Back by Anjou

Mexican Fried Ice Cream by Mish

Meeting Charlie by Donna

Where There’s a Will by Andrea

Chip Off the Old Block by Mimic117

A Madness Called Love by David Hearne

Winterlong Series by Neoxphile

Smoke on the Horizon by Paige Caldwell

Operation Clean House / Won and Lost by Sarah Segretti and Branwell

The Eleventh Hour by Rachel Anton

Full Reward by Bonetree

Foux by Alanna

Diary of the Second Holocaust by Megan Reilly

Wearing Icicles by Annie Sewell-Jennings

Last Call by Frogdoggie

Cunegund’s Restoration, or, The Best of All Possible Worlds, Really by Livia Balaban




1. volition in its weakest form.

2. a mere wish, unaccompanied by an effort to obtain it.

Velleity came to English from the New Latin velleitās, which ultimately finds its roots in the Latin velle meaning “to wish.” It entered English in the early 1600s.

“Our idealists must own that their velleity to abolish all suffering is most fully expressed in the Fifth Wisdom of Lamaism, the doctrine that teaches that “no durable happiness, nor yet security, for any sentient being can exist while others are a prey to suffering.” That truth cannot be questioned and you may take it to heart: in practical terms it means we got ourselves born on the wrong planet – in the wrong universe.”
- Revilo P. Oliver