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Get Out (2017) dir. Jordan Peele

I can’t possible fathom what a white person would get from watching this movie. I’m not even sure if non-black people of color could fully understand this movie. Get Out perfectly captures the anxiety that comes from being the only black person in an area, shit gave me flashbacks. I’m not sure if Asian or Latinx people feel the same sense of unease being around white people, they’re discriminated against too, but my mom has actual pictures of our enslaved family on the plantation, that shit is always on my mind even if it’s not at the forefront. And that’s not even mentioning shit like Emmet Till and The Central Park Five, just being in close proximity to white people could mean prison or a casket, but I’m getting off topic.

Get Out looks way too good and is written way too well to be the debut feature of a comedian. This is like if Brazil were Terry Gilliam’s first film. Get Out has been compared to the works of Dario Argento, Bunuel, and John Carpenter (which I can definitely see during the film’s second half), but personally, the first half of Get Out reminded me of David Lynch. Maybe a Lynch comparison was too obvious for other reviewers, the movie after all does take place in a small suburban town like Twin Peaks and Blue Velvet, but I wanted to point it out because I feel like the similarities go beyond the setting.

Daniel Kaluuya is a fantastic, I love Daniel Kaluuya. His accent slips a few times during the movie, but really, who cares? It’s Daniel fucking Kaluuya, I’ve been a huge fan of his since The Fades (a cancelled BBC show from 2011, it had 6 episodes).

I think what makes Get Out so great it tackles the latent racism and deceit of white liberals/allies not often brought up in mainstream media. The faux-progressivism of modern whites is near identical to the ideologies of white people from centuries past. Take Thomas Jefferson for example, author of the Declaration of Independence and purported abolitionist. He acknowledged that slavery was wrong many times throughout his political career, yet owned HUNDREDS of slaves, only freeing two within his lifetime. And even being self aware enough to know his actions were incorrect, Jefferson still believed that black people were inferior and raped one of his slaves multiple times. Point is, Thomas Jefferson knew that owning other humans (as inferior as they may be) was wrong, but his money eclipsed his morals. You see the same shit today, just look at how many white women voted for Donald Trump, I assure you that all of those women weren’t Republicans. “Liberal” white women who either couldn’t bear the thought of Hillary Clinton being the first female president or weren’t over Bernie losing the nomination voted for Trump because they decided their personal feelings were more important than the lives of minority groups.

Faux-liberalism and fetishization of black bodies is the driving force of Get Out, that’s what the movie is really about. 

The foreshadowing employed is fantastic too, along with the way the story of Chris (Daniel Kaluuya) is interwoven with the story of the film. Get Out is a lot more personal than trailers and commercials let on. 

2016 football review

Leo Messi won his 5th Ballon d’Or

Zinedine Zidane became Real Madrid coach

Gianni Infantino became FIFA president

Guardiola became Manchester City coach

Marcus Rashfor’s dream debut

Johan Cruyff’s death 

Vardy made party

And Leicester City won Premier League

Real Madrid won Champions League for the 11th time

Chile won Copa America Centenario

And Messi cried and retired … but then returned

Antoine Griezmann danced

Iceland had the best fans 

Ronaldo made this:

And Portugal won Euro 2016

Manchester United bought Paul Pogba for 105M 

And bought Zlatan Ibrahimovic 

Brazil won gold in the Olimpics

All football word paid tribute to Chapecoense. #ForcaChape

Messi met Murtaza -  his little Afghan fan 

Real Madrid won FIFA Club World Cup

Cristiano Ronaldo won his 4th Ballon d’Or

ID #71080

Name: Zofia
Age: 18
Country: Poland

Hi, I’m Zosia. That’s the polish form of Sophie. I turned 18 few months ago and it really makes me sad :( I live in Poland but I’ve lived in Germany and Brazil (kind of weird, I know). I’m interested mostly in music ( all kinds because I write reviews, but personally I listen mostly to hip-hop, indie music and recently I felt in love with brazilian/african music), books - my favourite writers are Witold Gombrowicz and Herman Hesse. I like Sylvia Plath too ( typical tumblr girl, right? ). I love art, all kinds of it but I’m not really making anything by my own simply because I have no talent. The only “art” I do sometimes is writing short stories and poems but I never publish them because in my opinion they suck. I LOOOOVE tv series - all kinds, I’ve watched almost entire Netflix I swear. My favourite one is Twin Peaks and Mad Men. I like watching movies but only in cinema cause I get bored watching them at home easily and it usually ends up with me switching between tabs instead of watching a movie. I love pets especially dogs! I have a dog myself. In the future I would love to live in Italy or Spain. Australia is good too haha. I love travelling escpecially with my backpack, touring around the country. As much as I would want to write here I think that’s enough. My life maybe not very interesting but I’m a kind, nonjudgmental, open-minded girl so I think the letter exchange with me would be nice.

Preferences: I prefer people from Europe, mostly anyone aged 16-22.

So, I just watched 3%...

I just wanna say that, as a brazilian, I’m very proud of this show. Everyone should watch and make your own opinion, but it’s sO GOOD. I mean it. 3% is a dystopia but can be very factual if we think about, for ex, the current situation of Brazilian politics. And if you dont wanna do this relation about what is real and what is not, this show still good as fuck. The plots are amazing and the development of the characters as well. You can’t watch only one episode, you get addicted bc it’s so perfectly done. The lines, the scenes, even the soundtrack, everything is awesome. And I’m so thankful to Netflix that they are providing to everybody the chance to get into brazilian film industry. We have a lot of movies and miniseries which deserve to be seen. Our industry isn’t small and we make a lot of great titles that unfortunately don’t have the chance to be known around the world. 

Anyway, I just think that u all should watch it and you will not regret it.

Weekly Round Up Vol. 4: Colossal, Brazil and Adventure Time

     Hello everyone and welcome to yet another weekly roundup, where I go over all the things I watched this week.  

   On Sunday, I went to go see Colossal.  I was going to review it but I chose to write a review for The Lost City of Z and when this weekend came around I had more interest in writing about the two documentaries I saw, Oklahoma City and Casting JonBenet.

   The movie is about a down on her luck alcoholic played by Anne Hathaway who discovers that she can control a giant monster that is attacking Tokyo.  When she realizes the destruction she’s causing, she attempts to get her life back on track.  

   What I enjoyed the most about this movie were the two lead performances from Anne Hathaway and Jason Sudeikis who plays a friend that is helping the main character get better.  Hathaway is a talented actress but I think Hollywood often underestimate her talent and she doesn’t get enough roles which allow for her to show off her charm and charisma.  

  In Colossal, she’s finally allowed to play a part which fits her skill level.  She’s a funny, self-destructive weirdo who you root to see get there shit together.  It’s a portrayal of someone seeking help for there problems that manages to be realistic without being overly melodramatic.  She’s getting a lot of praise for her work in this movie and I hope that it can allow for her to get a lot more roles like this one.  

  Sudeikis is also great, delivering the best performance that he’s ever given in a movie.  Some of my favorite performances are the ones that subvert the type of performances an actor usually gives to craft a character that is different from that archetype.  I don’t want to spoil anything about the character Sudeikis plays here but I want to say that it was a surprising turn from him that presented the actor in a way I’ve never seen before.  The character he is playing in this movie is so fascinating and is so different from the type of character you would expect to be in a film like this.  I would say more but his reveal plays out so perfectly if you go in blind.    

  Colossal is pretty good, I still think it’s a little too long and some of the visual effects could’ve been better.  They offer a backstory for why this is happening to the protagonist that doesn’t add a lot and could’ve been taken out.  I think the movie works mainly because of the force of its actors, the cleverness of its premise and the things it’s trying to say about abusive relationships and trying to become a better person while staying true to yourself. On a budget of $15 million, director Nacho Vigalondo made a better Godzilla movie than the 2014 one.  (B)  

   I saw a couple of classic movies at home throughout the week.  I rewatched John Huston’s 1951 film The African Queen on Sunday and boy was that a letdown.  Humphrey Bogart and Katherine Hepburn are cinema legends and they do their best but I was surprised at how charmless and boring this movie is to sit through.  It’s the type of story that demands a strong script because it’s a slow-paced journey that only takes place between two characters but the script does not deliver. You do not buy the relationship that forms between the two protagonists and the two actors for as good as they are don’t share any on-screen chemistry.  While the movie has beautiful cinematography, and two Hollywood legends working together, The African Queen is a “Hollywood classic” you’re okay skipping. (C+)  

   For my Hitchcock class, I rewatched Shadow of a Doubt and that movie has been elevated to one of my favorite movies from him.  The movie has the best female character in a Hitchcock movie in its main character and contains a stunning villain performance by Joseph Cotton.  It’s a movie with perfect writing that still holds up through wonderful characters and a compelling story.  This is one of Hitchcock’s masterpieces and I would recommend it if you haven’t already seen it. (A+)  

   Last night, I watched Terry Gilliam’s incredible 1985 film Brazil for the first time since 2013 and I definitely picked up on a lot more things seeing it again.  This is such an epic, crazy work of art that symbolizes what cinema can be at its most ambitious scale.  The production design and the editing and the music is staggering and it’s a type of movie that directors have tried to copy numerous times but few have been able to come close to.  

  Johnathan Pryce delivers an all time performance and the movie creates a world that has so much in common with our own yet contains so many things that are from a different planet.  I was reminded of the ending to Brazil last week when I saw The Lost City of Z, both stories have main characters who long for escape from their world and eventually find their happiness through madness.  Brazil is an essential movie to watch and it represents the best of what Gilliam can accomplish as a filmmaker.  (A+)    

   That’s it for the movies I saw this week.  The only other thing worth mentioning that I watched is the new Adventure Time miniseries Elements.  At some point, I think I should probably write about Adventure Time because it has had such a huge impact on my tastes and I still think it’s easily one of the best shows on television.  If you want to know what I seek in any type of art that I watch, you can probably find it through watching this show.    

   As the series winds down to its final episodes, the creators are using their wrapping up of loose ends to take the stories of its characters to new heights using longer formats like the miniseries.  Previously, they did this with the incredible Islands, a heartfelt, epic look into the past that delved into the shows human characters with a depth that they had never gone into before.  Outside of Lemonhope, Islands is probably the best thing the show has ever accomplished and it really finds a way to highlight everything that I love about this series.  

   Elements never reaches the narrative heights as Islands, but it still succeeds for a lot of the same reasons that makes this such a great show.  The miniseries uses its wide assortment of fantastic characters, its endless creativity and gorgeous animation to tell a story that’s a lot of fun to watch even if it’s ultimately slighter then I’d want it to be.  Still, Adventure Time not being at its best is still better than most directors and TV Shows when they are at their best.  (A-)            

   That’s all for me.  Check out my other review this week for the Netflix documentaries Casting JonBenet and Oklahoma City.  Let me know what you saw in the comments below and have a great week.  

Review: Brazil (movie)

Genre: sci-fi, dystopia

Year: 1985

Directed by: Terry Gilliam

Cast: Jonathan Pryce, Robert De Niro, Kim Greists, Michael Palin, etc.

The story is set in a dystopian where bureocracy has reached absurd level. The main character, Sam Lowry, is a government employee who daydreams of saving a beautiful girl. A misprint causes the arrest and death of the wrong person, a man accused of terrorism, and Lowry goes to the widow to talk to her. In the same building, he meets the beautiful Jill, who looks exactly like the girl in his dreams. He becomes obsessed by her, and accepts a promotion at work (that he had refused at first) only because it will allow him to peer through Jill’s records and find out more about her.

A bleak and funny movie, Brazil takes a classical dystopian setting, and reveals all its absurdities, in a perfect example of why funny things are usually also tragic, and vice-versa. The strategy isn’t much to the Dr. Strangelove one. The world is that of Nineteen Eighty-Four, the bureocracy is terrible and so is the ruthless regime of control that government has on its citizens. There are many similarities between the two, and some very important differences as well. But the reason why this movie works so perfectly is that in being hilarious, it doesn’t risk becoming one of those hyper-bleak edgy movies that require a certain mindset to be seen, and that leave the audience with their stomachs tangled. Or worse, they try too much and become a parody of themselves. Oh, Brazil will tangle your stomachs, of course, but only as an afterthought. The absurdities of this movie will make you laugh - how can you not laugh when you find out that the dangerous terrorist Archibald Tuttle is actually a rogue engineer who repairs the heating in the people’s houses without doing the necessary paperwork? You’ll laugh at Lowry’s mother’s obsession for plastic surgery and looking young, or at the fact that his new office is so small he actually shares his desk with someone - literally, the desk goes through the wall and the two end up stealing each other a part of the desk like a sleeping couple bickering for the bedsheets. You’ll laugh at his dreams in which he’s a shining knight saving his damsel in distress to the tune of “Aquarela do Brazil” (hence the title), until you realize how we all do this, daydreaming trying to survive the day.

A retro-futuristic aesthetic that pays homage to Metropolis and to the dramatic lightning of the 1920s German Expressionism movies, the setting of Brazil is now iconic and part of his success. Overall, a must watch if you’re into dystopias - especially because it’s not the classical kind of dystopia.

mrsa-tomei  asked:

please tell me more about the $55 worth of meat and bread; what were its components? did you feel it was cooked well? what were the condiments?


okay so this joint is called TEXAS DE BRAZIL and there are plenty of locations, but the one i went to is in beautiful/gross tampa florida. i’ve been there twice before last night, once for my best friend’s birthday and once when i took my younger brother while he was visiting me.

i had the price wrong also! it’s around $45 per person normally–on that day with my bro, the bill came to about $90 with tax (plus i left a $30 tip because i’m a CHUD douchebag but a great tipper) for two people, and we got ice water (you need to get water! don’t waste valuable body space on anything else! this is about survival, not what you THINK you want!!), so it IS steep as hell. however, if you sign up for their email list, they NEVER STOP TRYING TO GET YOU TO GO. they sent me a $20 off coupon for my birthday when i signed up, and last night we went because my bff got an email that they were doing $25 off.

HONESTLY IT’S A HUUUUUUUUUGE INDULGENCE AND MAYBE A ONCE-YEARLY THING, BUT I FEEL THAT EVEN THE FULL PRICE IS WORTH IT, IF YOU CAN PUT AWAY SOME MEAT. and also if you can eat a lot of steak lol. and i forgot! they have a GIANT DELICIOUS salad bar that’s included in the price (or you can just get the salad bar for 25 dollars normally? but lmao why would you). there’s a big cheese on it they make in-house, a thing of fresh bacon, MAYBE THE BEST TABBOULEH I’VE EVER HAD THAT WAS NOT MADE BY MY KINDERGARTEN BEST FRIEND TARIQ’S FORMER MISS LEBANON 198-SOMETHING MOM WHEN SHE WATCHED ME AFTER SCHOOL, all kinds of stuff.

you also get mashed potatoes and small cute bananas as palate cleansers for you to have a bite of between the meat, but i just ate them like normal things because i don’t have a refined enough palate to need it cleansed. they’re also very good. AS FOR THE BREAD, they’re these little puffs with cheese baked inside them. basically tasty bath bombs for your tummy. at a rough estimate, i ate 1,388 of them last night.

the quality of the food itself is shockingly so good, definitely on a level with any other regular steakhouse i’ve been to and paid 20+ bucks for a cut of meat and mash tatos.


DID I FEEL IT WAS COOKED WELL: yessss. i mean well-cooked not well-DONE, thank god. they cook everything on the swords in fire with only salt to crust up the outside, except for the parmesan and garlic things. unless it’s self-contained (sausage, pork, ribs, etc.), they cut pieces off for you and then return the rest to the fire to cook more. everything’s supposed to be cooked medium, but sometimes somebody will come by before they put their stuff back in the fire and you’ll get the purple-center rare stuff which is my personal favorite way to eat steak.

WHAT WERE THE CONDIMENTS: SALT ONLY. no other condiments needed. these people know what to do with their meat. and also their sausage. and also their steak haha nice.

ANYWAY. recommended wholeheartedly. it’s a cool and tasty mouth experience for sure, and if you’ve got parents who don’t go to places like this, it’s a GREAT idea to take them and watch with some concern as your mom delights in the handsome men with meat swords bringing her everything she asks for like she’s finally become the barbarian warlord queen she secretly feels like she is inside. watch with even more concern as your dad looks like he’s finally come home, come home in a way he’s never quite looked while at his actual home.

A WORD OF CAUTION, TRAVELLER: this restaurant, in addition to being cool and tasty, is a sick joke about american excess. you will hurt yourself eating. i learned the hard way that you should not have any obligations the next day, nor should you be in a position that obligations may crop up unexpectedly. start subtly distancing yourself from your family and friends in the weeks leading up to your dinner, just enough so that you won’t be one of the people any of them thinks to call in an emergency that requires getting off your couch/bed/floor for the next 24 hours.

my stomach is castiron, trained over years of taco bell to accept any disgusting mass of food or foodlike product i put into it with grace and aplomb, but i am still human. the combined forces of Unlimited Meat and A Panicked Need To Get My Money’s Worth have defeated my weak and tender human body. i slept fitfully last night and am laying in bed with no pants on as i type this at 9:45 in the morning on a day i didn’t have to be up at 9:45 in the morning.

that much meat changes you as a person. i advise taking an antacid before and after if you’re prone to GERD problems, and prepare for a long and painful toilet labor with your meat child, the child you and Meat created, at some point the next day.



Mad Max: Fury Road (2015) - dir. George Miller

From the mind of George Miller (Babe: Pig in the City, Happy Feet Two) comes some strange hybrid of Gilliam’s Brazil, Kim’s the Good, the Bad, the Weird and Miller’s own Mad Max. The stakes are high, for the characters and director alike, as Miller attempts to make a two hour blockbuster out of essentially one long chase scene. Throughout we find superb set and costume design, consistently rising stakes, and three unlikely heroes it’s impossible to not root for. Charlize Theron (Mighty Joe Young) and Tom Hardy (Star Trek: Nemesis) are well cast as they deliver their stoic performances.

But the showstealer here is Nicholas Hoult (the cute kid from About a Boy). Miller’s film stops the madness only so often for expositional dialogue, but with this kind of thing you wouldn’t want it any other way. In the middle there’s a weird homage to Destiny’s Child’s Survivor, Twisted Metal, a cameo from Lenny Kravtiz’ offspring, and the Neverending Story, so essentially it’s got everything. The last act in no way matches the first two-thirds of the film, but it’ll hardly matter, and certainly won’t disappoint.