reviews biltmore

yakly  asked:

Could you do a review of the Biltmore Estate? It seems like a beautifully built classic American castle/mansion, but I wonder how it rates architecturally.

I can’t do an honest one because here’s how that will go over: 

Some people: The Biltmore is an testament to the abuse of millions on the backs of the 19th Century robber barons, and is totes ugly bc it’s so disgustingly big and people only like it because it’s old and there’s wine. 


In all seriousness, anyone who talks smack against Biltmore is ignoring the fact that there are a million places in France that look just like it that are universally beloved. Also it is one of the few houses everybody knows about, and it has served as a place for people to learn a lot about not only architecture, but American history as well. 

By the way, any house that has been the largest house in the entire goddamn US (which is a country known for having a ton of huge crap including people) for almost an entire century is probably pretty damn impressive.