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june 20, 2017 

hey everyone!! i’m back from my (unannounced) brief hiatus… spring term was really busy for me, and i’ve spent these first three weeks of summer relaxing, which was very much needed. but, now i’m back and ready to go!! 

today i reviewed chemistry and translated some passages of the aeneid in preparation for my ap chemistry and ap latin courses next year. still made time for reading and art though :) 

glad to be back, and i hope everyone has a productive and restful summer!! <3


Yoo folks~! I might just go with random clips from routes for now since school is kinda crazy for me ^^;

The video has subs. Make sure to click closed captioning and English.

It’s the entire Manservant End. I picked this scene because it flushed everything I thought I knew down the drain ( ・ω・)b

HHAHA WHAT ThE FUCK. (ヾノ•᷅ ༬•᷄ )  WHO?? NOT?? WHAT?? Also they added animation to the fire now. Great.

Watch at your own risk. It contains major spoilers…and stuff.


Reviewer Amal El-Mohtar says it’s hard for her to talk about Can Xue’s new Frontier, “because its subtlety is so careful and precise and its effect so wild and diffuse. It’s difficult to talk about it except in effect — I find it necessary to write around it, to speak in spirals, because it isn’t a story so much as an experience of walking through spider-webs and dew.”

Find her full review here.

– Petra


Transcription of DNA into RNA, enzymatic reactions, RNA, RNA degradation

  • Transcription
    1. Initiation: promoter recognition, closed complex, open complex.
      • Promoter:
        • Prokaryotic: ←upstream, -35 region, Pribnow box, transcription start site (TSS, +1), downstream→
        • Eukaryotic: ←upstream, several upstream elements, TATA box, initiator element containing TSS (+1), downstream→
        • The high A-T composition in promoters facilitate unwinding of DNA.
        • Template strand = antisense strand = (-) strand = noncoding strand = the DNA strand that serves as the template for transcription.
        • Nontemplate strand = sense strand = (+) strand = coding strand = the DNA strand having the same sequence as the transcribed RNA.
      • Binding to promoter:
        • Prokaryotic:
          • holoenzyme = core enzyme (polymerase activity) + σ-subunit (promoter and strand specificity).
          • binding first forms the closed complex, and then DNA opens up, forms the open complex.
        • Eukaryotic:
          • A whole bunch of transcription factors (TFs) involved in promoter recognition, binding, and openning up DNA.
          • TBP = Tata binding protein. TAF = TBP associated factor.
          • Phosphorylation of Pol II C-terminal domain (CTD) opens DNA up, forms the open complex.
        • Polymerase must transcribe using the correct template strand. The σ-factor (prokaryotes) and TFs (eukaryotes) tell the RNA polymerase to bind the coding strand, while using the template strand as the template.
    2. Elongation:
      • Polymerases:
        • Prokaryotes have just one.
        • Eukaryotes have three:
          • 1. RNA Pol I: makes rRNA (except the small 5S rRNA that resembles a tRNA in size).
          • 2. RNA Pol II: makes mRNA.
          • 3. RNA Pol III: makes tRNA (and 5S rRNA).
      • Incorporation of NTPs.
      • Prokaryotes lose σ-subunit. Eukaryotes lose TFs.
      • Topoisomerases relaxing supercoils ahead and behind the polymerase.
      • Transcription-coupled repair: RNA Pol II encounters DNA damage, backs up, TFIIH comes along, recruits repair enzymes. Defective TFIIH → faulty transcription-coupled repair → Xeroderma pigmentosum and Cockayne syndrome (skin sensitive to sunlight radiation in both diseases).
    3. Termination
      • Prokaryotic:
        • Intrinsic termination: GC hairpin (stalls polymerase) followed by poly U (slips off).
        • Rho-dependent termination: ρ protein catches up to polymerase when it stalls at the hairpin, and bumps it off.
      • Eukaryotic:
        • Termination consensus sequence reached (AAUAAA).
        • Polymerase released somewhere further downstream to the consensus sequence.
  • RNA
    • 1. RNA = ribonucleic acid, has 2’-OH.
    • 2. rRNA = ribosomal RNA
      • Most abundant (r for rampant).
      • Catalyzes peptide bond formation in the ribosome.
    • 3. mRNA = messenger RNA
      • Longest (m for massive).
      • Contains sequence of codons for translation.
      • RNA splicing
        • pre-mRNA need to be processed.
        • Introns = interfering sequences, cut out.
        • Exons = spliced together.
        • RNA splicing proceeds via a lariat intermediate, by the action of the spliceosome (snRNPs), introns released in lariat form.
        • Some RNA can self splice.
    • 4. tRNA = transfer RNA
      • Smallest (t for tiny).
      • Contains anticodon.
      • Shuttles the correct amino acid to the correct codon during translation.
    • 5. snRNPs (snurps) = RNA + protein, involved in RNA splicing.
  • RNA degradation
    • RNases degrade RNA.
    • Post-transcriptional modifications protect RNA from degradation (5’ cap and polyA tail)
    • 2’-O-methylation prevents that position from attacking the RNA backbone.
Angry Joe becomes king of Sweden when former king rescinds the throne after watching “Metal Gear Solid V: TPP Angry Review”

[Translated from English to Swedish and back to English]

“After being constantly urged by my advisers for months to watch this video, I have to say I should have watched it sooner! One look at this man face and I knew he was the fated successor I’ve been looking for for so many years. As well as the fact that he gave one of my favorite games an outstanding nine out of ten, there was no doubt he would rule this land.”

[Translated from Angry Joe tongue to English]

“Wow, i was expecting to receive a more pompous notification of my new kingly authority, and there was little to no trumpets blasting in my name… I’m going to have to give this appointed honor an eight out of ten, I was greatly honored by this decision and the solid speech given by my man Carl, but too many teeny little mistakes made me bring my score down, better luck next time.”

Reports of Angry Joe’s monarchy are beginning to reach the ears of major world powers around the world, now only time will tell what will come out of all of this, more here

shitchelle  asked:

Hi, I just saw your review of Lezhin's translations about killing stalking's last chapter. Can you please tell us about the panel when Bum said to Seungbae "she's already dead"? I read from some translator that the sentence mentioned could be understood as "I'm already dead".

“I’ll save you!”

“You’ll save me?”


“Already dead…”

“How are you going to help me…”

Yeah, it’s ambiguous. 

Review: Google Translate’s Word Lens (Japanese-to-English)

Most Japanese learners probably heard the news when Google Translate added Japanese-to-English translation to its Word Lens feature in early 2017. If you’re not familiar with the feature, it’s designed to read text in one language and translate it to another language in real time. I was really excited when Japanese-to-English translation was announced, but my early experiences with Word Lens were disappointing.

Google Translate has had another photo-based feature for a while. You take a picture of something, the app quickly scans to look for text, then you use your finger to highlight the exact text you would like to have translated. In order to put Word Lens to the test, I took some pictures and compared the translations between Word Lens and the traditional photo translation system. 

From left to right, we have: a normal photo with no translation, a screenshot of Word Lens in action, and a screenshot of the traditional photo translation feature being used on the same sign.

Word Lens obviously did great translating “Nagoya Castle” and did an okay job with Osu Kannon Temple. It struggled a bit with the names of the museums, but the old feature translated this part perfectly. 

For those of you who don’t know, peanut butter doesn’t really exist in Japan. Instead, there are many other peanut-based spreads, like this can of peanut whip. Ignoring the concerning part at the top where Word Lens says “this dies,” we can see that “peanut butter blend the sweet taste” is elegantly translated as “Savory taste blended with deep roasted peanut butter” in the traditional photo translation. 

For two more examples and my final thoughts, keep reading: 

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Fools Translations: Continue(?)

Hello everyone. A few days before, I’ve sent an email to the Comica support comic and I asked about whether Comica has dropped the manhwa fully or they just took it down to review the manhwa before they upload it back. Here’s the reply;

Terima Kasih = Thank You

So, if Comica uploads the Fools manhwa after it being reviewed, I’ll definitely continue translating it. They’ll notify me when it’s uploaded. Thank you. x


Kalafina - 「カンタンカタン / Kantan Katan」Lyrics

M2 of Kalafina’s 21st single 「 百火撩乱 / Hyakka Ryouran」

Explanation of the title:
カンタン=kantan=easy (a word that’s used quite frequently in this song); カタン=katan=onomatopoeia for the rattling/clattering sound of a train moving (also a reappearing part of the lyrics)

Find the Japanese lyrics and my English translation below the cut

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“This is the first time revealing this, but the parts ‘Let’s jump! All the dreamers…Put your hands up’ are my and Rapmon’s voices from 3 years ago. It may not sound very different than we do now, but we used the exact recording that we made 3 years ago. We wanted to include our feel and vigor of those times, just like the lyrics "The heroes we dreamed about when we were young”…the rappers we dreamed about. I feel very attached to this song.“

Special Volume 37 File 11

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[Future] YC1004561 (Fuji)

Okay, so I won’t be translating this scene (there’s not much being said anyways). Instead, I wanna do a review (kinda) with some translations here and there. The reason being that I stumbled across this one a few months ago, fell in love with it and just want the share the reasons why you should absolutely watch it…

Btw, I later found out that the bottom is actually quite a known jgv actor now, going by many names under different companies (Fuji under Japanboyz, Shunsuke under Acceed, Jun under Get Film and Men’s rush..not too sure?) Anyways, I’m just gonna call him Fuji cause it’s cute…

Review: Anon (Top) and Fuji (Bottom)

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“You know how you’re writing about impossible things in a fictional, magical world? Yeah, well, you broke physics and I hate you.”

LOL, sorry bro, nobody told me there were “rules of thumb” for my own story! 😂😂😂 Lookit da widdle tyke, tryin’ t’ tell me what to do. It’s sort of adorable. <3

I can’t breathe, this is fucking hysterical.

And oh look, there’s a user on FFnet with that exact name who’s faved a ton of YYH stories. What’re the odds it’s the same person, eh? You’re not sneaky, Mr. Anonymous. The hilarity continues.



Parte 1 / 2

I gotta warn you that this is a canon divergent comic cuz the timeline had to be adapted so that Mamoru could be placed in here as a 7/8 year old. Maybe I’ll post my fanon timeline somewhere in the future so you can easily understand this.

And a HUGE THANK YOU to Gabi for reviewing my spazzy translations for this comic. ¡Me salvaste querida >///3///>!

KBTBB Jealousy Lingerie ~Ichinomiya Eisuke~

Jealousy Lingerie ~A Thoughtless Love Affair Night For Him~
Ichinomiya Eisuke

Without being able to spend some couple time with Eisuke due to his busy schedule, the lonely you yearned to see Eisuke… or so you had thought, as you wake up on an unfamiliar bed!

“It was just for a week, and you couldn’t even stay at home… you still call yourself my woman?”

You received a present from a jealous Eisuke.♡ Moreover, the highly popular ‘His POV for Playing With Something Dangerous’ has been restored! To read or not to read… it’s all up to you.♡


This was one interesting piece of work. I can’t comment much about the change in Eisuke that we see in this side story because I have only played up till Chapter 1 including His POV. What I can definitely say is that Eisuke is definitely in too deep towards the MC.

Imagine the woman whom you are to be wedded to pushes you away from your advances while clearly exuding the aura of ‘I am hiding things from ya’ when you finally get to see her after many days of zero communication. And now throw Eisuke into the picture. Yep, that’s it.

Although Eisuke was suspicious and dying to know the truth, he didn’t corner the MC and force her to spill it out. He didn’t do anything that we all know he could, but he didn’t. Instead, he chose to be some FBI agent and get to the truth himself after laying the trap. Right after the truth was revealed, he was so cute about how to ensure the MC doesn’t make the same mistake ever again.

I would still highly recommend the Love Hotel story for Eisuke. I think that is the most memorable side story for me. And I had no regrets purchasing it. <3 But feel free to give this one a try too, for anxious Eisuke lol.

PS: For this time, I just so happened to have the feel of typing out while reading the story. I’m putting them in the same post as my short review. But… I won’t finish all the chapters. Then again, I believe Voltage will release the English version very soon lol…

Read on for spoiler review and translation of some parts.


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Lightning Returns Retranslation - Encounter with Bhunivelze

Well, here’s another scene, this one is one of the worst translated segments of the original game. Translate credits are a bit spread out, with primary credit going to @tensai-shoujo, and Alfheirin, though Black Sword also contributed during English cleanup. We also included some verbiage improvements @shadowmeowth made in the original video of this scene. Unlike the video released previously though by @shadowmeowth , this version separates the concept of heart and soul. This is personally one of the scenes that ticks me off the most in the localized version, so I’m glad to see this one finished.

Notably this is the first scene that isn’t merely in progress - this is effectively “complete” from a translation standpoint - its gone through translation, review, English cleanup, and technical patchup teams (with shiny italics for Bhuni). As such, this is definitely the closest video to what I plan to have in game, and therefore the video I’m the most proud of so far. For more information about this project, feel free to check out my blog, and if you or anyone you know might be interested in helping, especially if you can translate from Japanese to English, feel free to reach out to me on Tumblr. Even if you don’t, go ahead and reblog this thing as far as you can, hopefully someone will see it and reach out to me.