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Beauty and the Beast isn't what Tumblr's been saying it is.

I can completely get over Emma Watson being Belle for the sheer amount of representation that’s in the film. What representation? 

 Let’s begin (spoiler alert!):

1. Black People in France. Yes, honey. For the first time in my life, I walked into a widely released period piece that doesn’t ignore the existence of black people. Not as mere servants and slaves, but as actual fucking court members and townspeople. Also, interracial couples. Y'ALL. 

 2. Le Fou. I was concerned about this, but he actually undergoes character development. He eventually abandons Gaston and has a change of heart (Disney-style, but I’ll take it). The scene with him “dancing with another man” at the end is led up to- it’s not just random. It doesn’t send the message that gay people are stupid and deserve to be mistreated (Mrs. Potts literally tells him he deserves better), which were my main concerns for this film. TL;DR, the LeFou plotline isn’t what Tumblr made it out to be, I promise.  

 3. The Gender Fluid Character. There is a scene in a which a character normalizes a man in a dress in a positive way. I was expecting him to be mocked, but this doesn’t happen! (Also, I believe this is the same character LeFou dances with at the end). 

 4. Belle teaches a child to read/ LeFou realizes he can’t read. Watson aside, the actual perils of living in 17th century France are explored, like the Plague, and also the importance of literacy. As children’s literacy is very important to me, I LOVED this. 

There’s more, but I think the representation needs to be supported (listen, I almost never see myself in a period piece, I was expecting this cast to be vanilla as hell) and Disney needs to know that we want more of it. 

 ALSO: to the white and non-black POC who straight up lied about the representation in this film, I SEE YOU.

Trump to sign religious liberty executive order setting stage for LGBTQ discrimination

  • President Donald Trump is set to sign a controversial executive order on “religious liberty” on Thursday, Politico reported.
  • A leaked draft of the executive order was published by the Nation in February, and showed that the order would allow Americans to cite their religious beliefs in order to exempt themselves from adhering to policies on everything from contraception mandates to LGBTQ protections.
  • According to the draft order, “any organization, including closely held for-profit corporations” can cite religious freedom in order to exempt themselves from recognizing same-sex marriage, transgender rights or contraception and abortion services.
  • The draft text is similar to other religious freedom bills passed throughout the country, which have sparked controversy and condemnation.
  • Politico reported that White House lawyers are currently reviewing the order. It’s almost assured that the order will be challenged in court, and the ACLU has wasted no time threatening legal action. Read more (5/2/17)

This shot was a winner of a weekly National Geographic photo contest. Taken by Wayne Wetherbee.

While on safari in Africa, on the Okavango Delta, Botswana photographing wildlife, this leopard had made a kill and brought it to her cub high in a tree. While her cub was safe feeding, she made her way back down the tree through some heavy grass toward me with her head down. For a brief moment she lifted her head and I was able to get the shot. Her damaged eye did not effect her ability to hunt. After reviewing the shot it was almost as if this magnificent cat had an eye on the Universe.


“From here on out, I am only interested in what is real. Real people, real feelings, that’s it, that’s all I’m interested in.”

Almost Famous came out in 2000 and it is directed by Cameron Crowe and serves as a semi-biography. It is also one of the best coming-of-age films I have ever seen, shared along with Stand By Me. As you may know, this film is one of my favourites. It is my home, it’s like a hug, strange at it seems. It is the life I want, well if I lived in the 70s. It’s the film I choose to watch when I’m feeling down, although it gives you quite the heartache at times. Almost Famous is drama/comedy film about music, 70’s music to be exact.

So the story is about 15-year-old William Miller (Patrick Fugit) who wants to be a writer, a rock writer, mind. William gets the opportunity to travel with up and coming band Stillwater. Before that big event, William submits his record reviews to Creem magazine writer Lester Bangs (Philip Seymour Hoffman). The two becomes friends and Williams gets the mentor of his dreams. Soon after William goes on a mission for Rolling stone, where he meets the girls, the band aids, the un-groupies. Penny Lane (Kate Hudson) the band aids leader takes a liking to the teen and William falls head over heels for her. William leaves his home, with the band Stillwater (Billy Crudup, Jason Lee, John Fedevich and Mark Kozeleck) and leaves his “trying to mean well” mother, Elaine (Frances McDormand) to worry.

This film is filled with lovely, wonderful performances. Patrick Fugit portrays naive and young William very well, Frances McDormand is brilliant as William and Anita’s (Zooey Deschanel) mother. Billy Crudup and Kate Hudson fill the screen with romantic tension and a bit of heartbreak, or a lot of it actually. Kate Hudson as mysterious, ageless, nameless “Penny Lane”, yes like the song, is brilliant and honest. Her character is very relatable and it really isn’t hard to fall for her ways. The beer scene is one to really look closely at. As always Philip Seymour Hoffman is brilliant, he exudes arrogance and confidence, he’s always such a good supporting actor.

The soundtrack, of course, is so very good, filled with classic rock tunes, only the best. The music written by then-wife of Crowe, Nancy Wilson, for Stillwater is so bloody good. It’s a visually good looking film, but the cinematography isn’t an element that stands out, this film is about honest characters and good music. I recommend it forever, I really do, and if you want the get the absolute best experience from it I would recommend trying to find the extended version.

random reviews that no one asked for of some wlw films i watched recently (some spoilers)

Almost Adults - it’s your typical “why didn’t you tell me _____” best friend story that has a “Life Partners” vibe. I came into this movie with high hopes because I loved Carmilla and the women behind The Gay Women Channel/Unsolicited Project but for me the movie fell flat. No hate towards the crew, but I think it is one of those movies where the trailer is better than the movie itself. The main protagonist seemed to be written in such a naive way that she came across as ditzy. The friend fights are written to seem more like high schoolers than semi-mature adults (there is drinking and I don’t recall any specific ages being said so I assume the characters are 21+). The only scene that I actually liked was at the end after a time jump. In my opinion, I’d rate it 5/10 but that’s just me.

Below Her Mouth - it’s about an engaged woman who identifies as straight in the beginning of the movie but becomes interested in a female construction worker who had a job on her street. I loved it but there are graphic sex scenes AS SOON as the movie starts so don’t watch it around anyone if you get embarrassed easily. It has a good story and is one of the better wlw films that i’ve seen in a while. It is reminiscent of Imagine Me & You. Happy ending. In my opinion, I’d rate it 10/10 but that’s just me.

First Girl I Loved - about a girl in high school figuring herself and her sexuality out. story of boy likes girl but girl likes girl. the movie has very dry acting, no explanation for certain character backgrounds or events, out of context lines referring to scenes never shown to the audience, painfully awkward scenes, homophobia, wlw slurs, attempts to make audience feel pity for a guy who forced himself on a girl while trying to make said guy seem like a redeemable underdog, and a part of the story is reminiscent of Courtney in 13 Reasons Why (I DO NOT recommend that show whatsoever but if you have seen it, you know what I am referring to when I say there is a photo and someone trying to cling to the closet). The ending is weird and out of context and the only part I liked was when Cameron Esposito was talking. Not really a happy ending. In my opinion, I’d rate it 3/10 but that’s just me.

The Girl King - (older, i know) it’s about a girl who becomes queen of Sweden at the age of 6 after her father passes and as she strives to bring her people peace after years of fighting over religion with other countries she also questions her faith she was raised believing and falls for an engaged woman. It’s more about self discovery than it is romance. We see the character grow after dealing with struggles of faith, sexuality, and people around her pressuring her to be something she’s not. Happy ending for main character (again, less about romance, more about protagonist). In my opinion, I’d rate it 8/10 but that’s just me.

My review of Almost Adults

I really wanted to like this movie. I did. I was a backer after all! For all its faults I enjoyed the Carmilla series and the chemistry between Elise Bauman and Natasha Negovanlis, so I was excited to see what they could do together in a feature film setting. But after finishing Almost Adults, I come away feeling a bit empty.
Let’s start with the good;

• The acting is decent, at least that of the leads (more on that later). Not GREAT but I think we all know that Elise and Natasha were never very strong actors. The film plays to their strengths, giving them lots of opportunities for witty back and forth and playful squabbling.

• The comedic moments in the film are for the most part enjoyable, particularly the light banter between Mackenzie and Cassie. These characters are the most believable in these interactions, their friendship feels genuine and unforced.

• Elise Bauman smooches some ladies through the course of the film, can’t complain about that.

Unfortunately there’s a lot more bad then good. Let’s unpack that.

• The leads are unlikeable. Their characters are both incredibly self involved, which really seems to be the central conflict of them film; They’re so wrapped up in themselves and their own issues that they’re completely oblivious to what’s going on with their apparent best friend. Mackenzie is the worse of the two; she complains to her gay best friend when her parents are supportive of her coming out, complaining that they should have been more upset.  “My parents told me I was an abomination and that I was going to burn in hell for all eternity” says the gay best friend. “Rub it in my face” replies Mackenzie. It’s played for laughs, but Mackenzie just comes across as a petulant child. She’s also completely unaware of how having a Tumblr girlfriend would come across to her actual girlfriend. I know she’s new to lesbianning and everything but I just don’t buy that level of ignorance. Come on dude.

• On the note of Mackenzie’s ignorance; you put your finger in her vagina and just…left it there? Really? Have you ever masturbated? There is no way a human person would think that would work. Jesus.

•  Has a really weak supporting cast. Levi in particular isn’t so much a character as he is a walking gay best friend stereotype. He’s camp and bitchy. He exists to dole out advice and insult the lead characters fashion choices. I literally don’t know anything else about him. The other supporting characters aren’t any better, the scene with Cassie and Mackenzie’s parents made me cringe. Not sure if the acting or the script but wow.

• I said i enjoyed the comedic moments for the most part. The other parts though? There was some definite cringe happening at points, and not in a good way. See ‘finger in vagina’ point above.

• The plot is predictable. It’s all very paint by numbers, there’s no real surprise as to where the story is going. It’s all very bland and inoffensive, I mean if they were going for a ‘mainstream rom-com film’ vibe then…congrats? Those movies are terrible though. It’s like a ninety minute yogurt commercial.

• The film cannot pull off its dramatic moments. I said earlier that Bauman and Negovanlis aren’t strong actors and this comes through most glaringly during the dramatic scenes. I just don’t believe them. There’s no real sense of emotional stakes, no genuine tension. I can forgive predictable plot if a film makes me FEEL something. Simply put, this film does not give me the feelz™.

•  The end was kind of…anti-climactic, and felt rushed? It was cute, don’t get me wrong but, a film shouldn’t leave me saying “Oh. Well okay then”.

It wasn’t a terrible film. But it wasn’t a good film in the worst way, in that it was utterly forgettable. There’s no one point that’s especially bad, but nothing really sticks out in a good way either. It’s basically a movie that shrugs it’s shoulders and says ‘meh, good enough’. 

I really wanted to like this film, but I don’t. 1/5 (fingers in vaginas).

after watching wonder woman i just want more female led projects, like i did before ofc but i’m just so hyped and emotional even more so after having seen such a beautiful female led film that is also getting the amazing credit it deserves, please i’ve been asking for years, where are the bop and gcs and batwoman films we deserve, where are they i need more women, i need - 


If ya only ever read 1 historical romance, THEN OMG READ THIS ONE!

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the dialogue in almost adults is so unnatural and overall unfunny it makes me upset. like, this is truly a case of mostly (meaning natasha and elise really) good acting being squashed by terrible writing like i’ve sat through mediocre movies before but the dialogue is literally so unnatural that i’m uncomfortable and have so much secondhand embarrassment. like…this is probably gonna be a one and done watch for me.

like even the use of “fuck” in most instances feels forced. also the r word was completely unnecessary. and family guy level dick/sex jokes. and the constant pitting of women against each other as well as slut shaming. also almost none of the characters (aside from cassie possibly) have any redeeming qualities?? they’re just kinda shitty people. which would be fine if that’s how it was meant to be but it clearly wasn’t the scripts intention. also the characterization is literally so surface level and not fleshed out at all. like i barely know anything about the characters aside from their “quirky” attributes. idk just overall its a huge mess writing wise. visually its fine, not amazing, there are a few stand out shots, overall i guess its pretty solid looking. but the writing is just so bad it constantly throws you out of the movie. literally queer representation in film is so important and this feels cheap. definitely not well thought out plot wise where there was so much potential for it to actually be a good story.

MAY 28: Almost Adults (2016)

Released on this day in 2016, Almost Adults is a movie about two girls in their last year of college struggling with their fears of growing up and growing apart, but most importantly, it’s a movie about a lesbian and straight girl figuring out how to navigate their friendship.

The two main stars of Almost Adults are Elise Bauman and Natasha Negovanlis of Carmilla fame, the lesbian vampire webseries that if you’re a wlw on the internet you’ve probably heard of by now. The story follows Mackenzie, played by Bauman, as she makes the critical decision to come out as gay to her friends and family, but the person she finds is the hardest to come out to is her lifelong best friend Cassie, played by Negovanlis. Although there are moments in the first half of movie when it looks like they might turn down the romcom road and set Mackenzie and Cassie up as love interests, the story is ultimately about the two women’s friendship and how a person’s sexuality can be inconsequential to who they really are and yet simultaneously feel like the only important thing about someone. 

Once Cassie accidentally finds Mackenzie’s Tumblr blog which she’s been using as a stand-in dating app (the most realistic part of the whole movie tbh), the friendship between the girls starts to splinter. The rest of the film follows Mackenzie and Cassie as they embark on new relationships and try to find out who they are without the other one in their life, ultimately reconciling in that poignant yet expected way all indie films are somehow able to pull off. Lesbian movies have an unfortunate reputation for being riddled with corny dialogue, stale acting, and just an overall low-quality and Almost Adults does not completely shatter this stereotype. There are a lot of jokes in the movie that simply just don’t land and there are premises that feel like they’re trying so hard to be #relatable that they end up alienating the movie’s core audience. However, there are worse things to watch for a night in with Netflix besides a happy movie that actually has a lesbian as a main character and has coming out of the closet as its main conflict. 



Once again:



americatchavez  asked:

hi, i love this blog! i've just been diagnosed with pseudotumor cerebri, and one of the first things my neurologist told me was that it could be cured only if i lost weight. do you know anything about this condition/would you consider looking into it to see if there's any truth to that? i'm trying to look into it myself but i'm having a hard time with the jargon, and it seems like they're basing it all off of putting patients on some sort of diet

As you probably know, this condition is also called idiopathic intracranial hypertension (IIH). It occurs in approximately 1 to 3 in 100 000 people, but it is more common in fat women. So there is an observed correlation between weight and IIH, and this correlation has lead doctors to prescribe weight loss to cure IIH.

But as far as I can tell, scientists do not yet understand why weight is correlated with IIH. In fact, as the name “idiopathic” suggests, scientists don’t actually know what causes the condition. In addition, according to one very recent review published in a reliable journal, there have been no randomized and controlled experiments testing whether weight loss improves the condition. In fact, according to that same review, there have been almost no randomized and controlled experiments testing any of the treatments that are often prescribed!  [source <– it is open access and easy to read]. 

Some questions to ask your neurosurgeon:

1) Can they provide evidence in the form of a published meta-analysis demonstrating that weight loss will cure the condition? Show them the article I linked above.

2) What will happen to your condition when you regain the weight you have lost? This is important because recent weight gain is a risk factor for IIH, and I wonder if weight cycling could make it worse as well.

3) Do thin people get this condition (they do), and if they do (they do), then what treatment would they be prescribed? Suggest that you begin with those treatments before trying weight loss.

Good luck!

emoji review: pigs

this one is plagued with the bad shading shaped across pretty much all apple emojis, unfortunately. and just look at that smile. i don’t trust it. 5/10

look at its precious chubby face! and those little folded ears! the color palette is a bold choice, and it pays off! 4/5

even though this one is well-made, as microsoft emojis tend to be imo, something about it seems off? 3/5 still a decent boy

un. believable. i can’t even put into words how this makes me feel. 2/5

only tangentially resembles the animal it’s supposed to! what a joke. 2/5

quite frankly terrifies me on a subconcious level. i see demons such as this in my nightmares. 1.5/5

a fine boy. could be better, though. 3/5

even if the shading is bad, the general shape of this boy as well as its cute tuft of hair wins me over. 4/5

a marginally better version of the samsung one. the poor thing looks startled, however. what has this boy seen? 3/5

… no. 0/5

a rambunctious boy! just look at that sweet mohawk! those eyes, i bet they see an opportunity for adventure wherever they go! 5/5 a great and handsome boy

what is this!!! 0/5 what!!! what is this!!

oh and i ended up pickin up some groceries at mitsuwa today and found this shit 

oh man thomas the tank engine branded candy let’s open this fun and child friendly cand–



and this isn’t even all of it look

i get they’re supposed to be trains but that isn’t a train to collect and put together it’s a goddamn anthropomorphic train centipede 

ENTP professor quotes

“… So I’m busking, right, I’m on the train playing my violin, and people are paying me… to stop. I’m horrible with the violin.”

“Be willing to listen to the other side.”

“Do you ever just forget to eat? I reviewed for today’s lesson almost all day yesterday and played this morality game with my son, and then at night, I was like oh- I haven’t eaten anything today.”

“Sometimes, we need to have the courage to change our habits.”

“Once when I was a kid, my mom was making me go to church, and we never really went to church, and I really didn’t wanna go cause I knew I’d be bored. Plus, I wasn’t really sure about my beliefs on this ‘God’ guy, so I went around asking my friends the next day if they wanted to sleep over and go to church with me and my mom. I lured them with banana pancakes and video games, but none of them wanted to come with me.” 

“Dude, where’s my car?”

“Do you ever wish you weren’t as smart as you are? Like, do you ever get jealous of the people who just float through the world somehow.. like you get jealous cause you always have to be so aware of everything?” 

-do you ever wish there was a way to block one particular person from reading your stories. like, everyone gets to read it but you, stop it. your comments annoy me every time

-also while im ranting about things that annoy me, people who complain that a story that is DONE hasnt been updated. 

Rainy Days- “Please dont abandon this fic i liked it so much :( :( :(((( UPDATE SOON ITS BEEN A YEAR”

like fuckin- its DONE. ITS OVER NOW. I get private messages about ‘abandoning’ secret santa and updating it and im like “??????”

i get this on every completed story. just because its on ao3 doesnt mean its perpetual?! it stops at some point!

- i get that my ao3 and fanfiction and wattpad exclusive fans dont know my reasoning for doing things and not doing other things, but the amount of flack i get for incomplete stories is bananas. Paw Problems had no where to go!! i had a plan but getting there was agonizing and it was going to suck so i didnt do it, id take it down if people didnt prefer i didnt. I’d take down the monster in the room too but im proud of whats there even if i might not update it, at the very least soon. commenting on other stories asking me to update the story you want, especially new stories like Knighted annoys me. dont do that. complain in the comments in that story if you really insist on doing it

- if the story has been out for a year and you notice there is a mistake in it about something regional since i am an american writing about france, i guarantee you i already know about it. you really dont gotta leave that brand new comment about it. i know i accidentally say dollar sometimes out of habit. know about it, shelved it, try to avoid it. if i do it in new stuff yes tell me i will fix it. been out for a year? already know. i am open to fixes and stuff in stuff i am currently working on but i am really not going to double back to fix the time i said dollars in rainy days. super not gonna, honestly just cant be bothered. shoulda done it then, didnt.

- before you try and make fun of me for saying something lame and obvious, perhaps take a moment to consider that ~~that was the joke~~ 

- and FINALLY 

i know i was complaining a lot just then but seriously i do appreciate everybody who reads my stuff. All that annoying stuff is a ridiculously small fraction of the larger voice, it only got my goat because i just published a new story and people were getting sassy with me in PMs. 

I seriously get so many kind, in depth, encouraging messages. Just today i got a freaking full page review on rainy days that almost made me cry, talking about me personally as the author and how my style and choice of phrasing raised the story to a new level, and i was like “!?!?!?!”

the art, the messages, the kind words, the support, all of it means everything to me. People go out of their way to tell me they love something, and plenty of people manage to give the same critiques and requests as seen above in a polite and positive way. Its just the people that dont that annoy me because ive SEEN people do it nicely, and i know that they just didnt try and thats dumb. it makes all the readers look bad and thats not fair. so dont be a butt, and i freaking love everybody who reviews my stuff. any time i get like an english class ass break down on my use of scene setting and shit i almost cry, seriously. i love it.