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*mfw most people and popular Anime Reviewers are watching Eromanga Sensei and think it’s better than Tsuki ga Kirei*






Because this is Tomoyo. 

From a meta point of view, Tomoyo in CCS was always the most Feminine™ main character who often needed to be saved by Sakura. This was never a problem because Sakura herself was a strong (if not perfect) symbol of how girls can be strong and incredible and endlessly caring and save the day through their own potential every single time. Sakura is so important and I will never stop ranting about that, but Tomoyo was always undeniably the most feminine of the two - still incredible (I MEAN HI HAVE YOU MET ME) but of the three female mains, she was always a support character, very seldom able to defend herself, always the outsider filming the incredible events from behind a lens. I have no problem with all of that, because Tomoyo has her own strengths, which I will happily talk about until the end of time. 


WE HAVE TOMOYO WITH A GUN. And this is important because, like I mentioned in the previous post, Tomoyo has ALREADY been established in this world as powerful and incredible in so so many ways. Through her own talents she’s arguably the most important person in this entire country. She has an elite squad of bodyguards with her at all times. 

But she doesn’t need them. 

We have Tomoyo with a gun ready and trained to use it if she needs to, but best of all she ran from the protection of her bodyguards at the first sign of danger

To Protect Sakura herself. 

Not as a flimsy last line of defense, but as a force to be reckoned with in her own right. 

And this is the complete and well deserved inversion of Cardcaptor Sakura. Because now we have TOMOYO, powerful important Piffle President Tomoyo, throwing herself in harms way WITH A GUN to protect Sakura at all costs. It’s perfect and it’s beautiful and brings it all full circle. There are no downsides to Tomoyo’s femininity anymore. She isn’t excluded from the fight because she isn’t as athletic as Sakura or Meiling. She isn’t willing to stay behind her security team as is sensible for her station. She is feminine and powerful and she will absolutely shoot Kyle Rondary in the face if he stands in front of her right now. 


Throughout all of Tsubasa we have been trained (with good reason and endless examples) to expect the male characters to react first. Whenever anything bad happens, Syaoran will defend Sakura, or Kurogane will defend Sakura. Possibly Fai too. I don’t remember any examples of that, but that in itself reinforces just how much we have been told we should believe in Syaoran and Kurogane’s abilities. Now please note that Syaoran and Kurogane (and Fai) are ALL IN THIS ROOM. They are all right here. Syaoran is right next to Sakura, defending her from the blast. But who is the first person to grab a weapon and stand in front of Sakura?

TOMOYO. Tomoyo beat them all to it. 

Even more specifically, with Kurogane, who’s life purpose is to defend Tomoyo, you’d expect him to be the one to get here first - if not to protect Tomoyo herself (because its not his Tomoyo, but also she’s already being guarded) then Sakura for sure. But still no. Piffle President Tomoyo beat Princess Guardian Kurogane hands down.

For a lot of reasons, the first part of Tsubasa had a significant lack of female characters who were active and battle worthy and able to defend themselves. I’m not going to go into the reasons why here, because hell this post long enough already, but it was undeniably a Thing. It got better over time, slowly and gradually if always slightly hesitantly, but now that we have TOMOYO WITH A GUN I think I can finally sit back, content that there is a world where TOMOYO, the most feminine of them all, is the one to finally be a shining example of the power of women. 

And I could not be happier.