An Open Message to Gerald Demers, Robert Demers & PME

Dear PME,

Let me make this very, very clear. Do not mess with any woman - or, really, ANYONE - who works under the Nerd Vice banner. You’re an elderly man who has consumed his life by tormenting and exploiting young adults. How pathetic is that? I’m still not entirely sure if you’re stalking my girls’ twitters to read about yourself or to lust over them. You’re a creeper, either way. 

You try to damage their reputations. You harass them with threats that someone with even the most cursory of knowledge of the law knows are bullshit. You’re not scaring anyone.

Go ahead. Sue me for “libel,” - I’ll own everything you have and then some. I’m a Jersey Italian. You think I don’t have some of the best lawyers in the country at my disposal? Please

OH! And we could always involve the ACLU and GLAAD because, let’s be honest, you used Diamanda and Omega’s sexual orientation as a way to fraud them. That falls under hate crime, if I’m not mistaken?

And the cancer? If you have it, I’m sorry;  but thus far it’s something that has not proof and is being used as a crutch. I have a neurological disease so horrible that I’m constantly at risk of spinal infection, blindness, or even death. There are numerous pictures of me out there with staples in my fucking head. And why? Because I’m honest. 

You couldn’t be honest if your life depended on it. You know, a lot of people don’t know this, but my schooling background isn’t in media management - it’s in psychology. And you? You’re a textbook narcissistic with an extra dose of pathological liar and psychopath. Get help for that - not your “cancer.”

I’m done speaking about you because, to be fair, you’re so far beneath me that you should be HONORED I even took time to address you and your “company.” Your son knows that because he’s come begging to me for help and promotion on numerous occasions.

So, basically -

tl;dr: PME, the last thing you want to do is lie about, harass, or even SPEAK to or about anyone who works at Nerd Vice. Capiche? 

Tropes to use

These are tropes that Exalted and That Guy with the Glasses have in common. They are also tropes I would want to use (as opposed to Jumping the Gender Barrier). Would need to look at the trope pages for different reviewer websites.

Berserk Button
The Exile
Ascend to Higher Plains of Existence
Hookers and Blow
Mr. Seahorse
God Emperor
Battle in the Center of the Mind
Cosmic Retcon
Schrodinger’s Gun
Mad Scientist
Reality Warper
Flat What
This Is Going to Suck
Back from the Dead
Morphic Resonance
Knell Before Zod
Fate Worse than Death
Alternate Universe
Gambit Roulette
Evil Overlord
Too Kinky to Torture
Gambit Pileup
What the Hell, Hero?
Memetic Sex God
A Wizard Did It
Contractual Genre Blindness
Unstoppable Rage
Pay Evil Unto Evil
Go Mad from the Revelation
Heroic BSOD
Screw This, I’m Out of Here
Tempting Fate
Older or Younger Than They Look
A Million is a Statistic
Ass Pull
Big Damn Heroes
Creepy Child
Designated Hero and Villain
Enemy Mine
Invincible Hero
Slasher Smile
Villain Ball
Why Don’t You Just Shoot Them?