A World Full of Broken People

I am a workaholic. I work nights. This is partly because that’s the schedule that works for me and the Minion (as evidenced by the fact me going into the actual office for a few hours today was greeted by her crying and locking the door) and partly because I’m antisocial. Working, being a single parent, and always being tired because of the hours I work is a natural deterrent to people. It’s kinda great actually.

But…the one night a week I don’t work is Friday night. So, I usually attempt to go to bed ridiculously early and sleep as much as I possibly can. That was my plan for tonight by the way. I’ve been looking forward to it all week but, here I am, one a.m. and unable to sleep. So, I’ve been catching up on blogs, reading more about the people I follow, and yes, reading a few episodes of The Big Bang Theory as well.

After reading a lot of stories, people’s daily lives as transcribed and entrusted to this digital world…I feel my heart aching inside of me. This is a world of broken people. Some of us started out with deep cracks, never standing a chance to live unscathed. Others were sculptures of perfectly crafted elegance, worthy of praise and admiration when the unthinkable happened…they fell and their exterior beauty was tarnished, those used to their perfection were unable to accept, embrace, and their bruises turned to breaks.

We live in a world full of broken people and I wish we would all realize that we walk around each day with a pocket full of band-aids. Yes, I get that this is a childlike analogy but I respect children for their ability to be simplistic…so, maybe a childlike analogy is something to strive for. We all have band-aids…we have words, hugs, and acts of kindness we could spread but we’re too busy. We’re too busy to notice and too scarred to care. I wish we weren’t.

I wonder how different the world would be if we realized we all have healing powers. We all have super powers. We have the ability to make someone fly, to make someone see, and to save someone from death. Even if it is just a death of spirit.

So, here are some of the people in this virtual world that I’m admiring at the moment…

#speakingofapplepie … for being patient in love and being rewarded with a beautiful wedding and what we all hope will be a blissful life together.

#momsstheword … for speaking well of others without diluting your own passions or opinions. For loving your son.

#jackmylove … for being a vibrantly beautiful woman who will pass that on to her son…a gentleman.

#discoballdad … for making me smile today…but mostly for choosing to be there for his son above all other relationships. For accepting his family the way it is, with all of its quirks, and teaching his son to accept and love others…whatever life may bring.

#nickthejem … for sharing photos like insights into not only his humor, but every once in a while something deeper than that.

#laughterinmysoul … for having a smile bright enough to light the darkness. You are such a strong, incredible woman and your son is going to be an amazing man because he has you to raise him.

#ghostspoons … for being a unique gem I look forward to seeing on my dashboard. For caring enough about her child to worry that she’s a bad parent (proof that she’s not).

#hereilayjustlikealways … for being strong enough to make the choices that are right for you, your husband, and your daughter regardless of the consequences. It takes little strength to disagree with an acquaintance but a great deal of might to stand firm in opposition to your own family and friends. I admire you for choosing for yourself.

#reviewasaparent … for being involved with his kids. Loving on them and sharing their stories.

#p30p73 … for being an odd duck in all the right ways.

These are just some of the people who are melting my heart right now. Not because I think they’re broken people, but because I think they are people who use their band-aids.